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  1. I did a search for any post with 'psychic power' in it, and saw a lot of discussions but none that spoke on this request. (also, I could only read them through the search display, it wouldn't let me go back to the posts and read through their entirety) I was wondering if anyone has come across a cheat sheet for using psychic powers. Maybe in Excel format? Something that takes your psy rating and willpower into affect, and breaks down what you need to roll when using the power fettered/unfettered/pushed. Then, even more helpfully, has similar charts for when you start using multiple powers and sustain them. I'd like to get one over to my astropath because he's become fond of dominating multiple folks and then throwing out random compels while sustaining the others. I'd have thought this would be a fairly challenging thing to do at Rank 3, but he has great success with it.
  2. So - I've spent the morning searching the forums and getting tips on things, but have gotten no reassurance yet that I can pull this off yet, or any idea on how to truly start dreaming up the idea. A quick background on me: I've been playing with my gaming group for about 4-5 years now. I totally <3 them! My GM is probably the best I've ever seen and on three occasions now, he's talked me into a system, world or setting I was reluctant to try… only to have me fall so in love with it that am contributing background stories, legends, rumors and whipping up websites and forums for our games. This in turn has given him the idea that he'd really like me to try RUNNING a game… I suppose it makes sense. For as much as I can dream up on characters and extra tidbits, I can see the connection he'd make on wondering how I'd do at GM'ing. Plus - he so wants a chance to /play/ every once in a while. Over the last year, we've been playing Deathwatch and Rogue Trader, the latter of which I have been absolutely addicted to, so I want to keep the general setting the same since it is what I am most currently involved with. The idea of Only War was brought up - but I am more interested in investigations and character-driven story components than a setting made primarily for … well Only War. Dark Heresy was my first choice - but in reading the suggestion of taking existing adventures to use for a first time GM --- well I can't. My GM has all of them and has read all of them. I know I could weave in a lot of detailed stuff to mess(ahem I meant interact) with the characters on personal/bg related things - but I am totally stumped on how to come up with an overall plot or agenda. This past year was my first delving into the WH40K universe, so I've picked up bits of lore but am nowhere NEAR solid on it. My GM is a good guy, and the rest of the players have promised to behave for me if I attempt this (hee, and they chivalry is dead!) so I know I'll get some help -- but admittedly, being used to his games, I feel so very very small trying to come up with something here. What might you suggest for a good, simple, but interesting idea to get me started.
  3. Thanks for all the replies and advice everyone, it's been really helpful. I think I am going to end up just giving the space marine a shot. I told the GM that if I end up really really hating it and have to bear through it until the game ends, that in return for my faithful duty - he should then run an ascended DH game for me to satisfy my cravings for all the juicy neato stuff I found while trying to make a compatible character the first time around! LOL ^.^ Thanks again.
  4. Long time gamer but very new to the WH40K universe and looking for some advice. My group is about to start a new campaign and chose Deathwatch as the system. I am curious what alternatives there are to playing a typical space marine -- I know that the Astartes can only be male and I'd prefer playing something female. (Not quite ready to take a stab at playing a gender opposite of my own. Someday though! It's on my bucket list, honest.) I'm not looking for ways to manipulate story or background, or go against canon. I'm just wondering what, in your experiences, has done best at keeping the disparity between power levels to the most helpful minimum. The original thought was to ascend an Adeptus Sororitas; but to what? Which ascended career stands the strongest in situations where marines would be sent? And how did you build those characters to give them the best chance of surviving alongside the space marines? It seems that the big hiccup to overcome is the difference in ability to soak damage vs. damage output. Marines soak incredibly well and have weapons that deal a lot of damage at high penetration. Whereas the ascended careers soak far less and put out far less damage. I also apologize if this has been discussed at length in another thread, I tried a several search attempts and mostly found ideas for bending story and background to accommodate the desire for a female character. Would rather see what career/build/set up works best as is, and just give it try. Thanks!
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