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  1. I player in my campaign with his 28 strength was on the receiving end of an unnatural 55 strength ambull, before he even reacted i told him you can only dodge and not parry because y'know, LOGIC (an average man cannot stop the force of a 4metre tall insectoid's pincer aimed at his face with a hammer in one hand) of which he got mornge on because there's nothing in the rules about the logical limits parrying something far stronger than oneself and being a doing some form of martial arts started pulling out all this crap about ' it doesnt matter how strong you are, its how you direct the force of the incoming attack' of which i pointed out he's playing an adept with terrible weapon skill and this turned into a heated debate if you'd hadnt guessed already. In short, can anyone else suggest or may have been in a similar situation and thought of house rules for the the limits of parrying things far stronger than oneself or even side effects of being hit by a towering monstrosity like being knocked flying? I was thinking something like you can't parry opponents who's first digit on his strength stat is two above you're own (e.g someone with 33 strength cant parry someone with 52 strength). certain things may modify this such as having unnatural strength might mean you can parry someone with significantly higher strength or being a higher size category might mean that you'd count as having +10 to your strength for the purposes of parrying etc etc?
  2. This is my simplified take on what takes precedence in your monthly income at character creation. Class < Alt Rank/Background packages < Noble < Something like Mendicantine Missionary as it specifically stipulates a vow of poverty. You can always reject your noble income for whatever fluffy reason as well.
  3. Funnily enough a player's crimson guard in my campaign has just been sevitorised for trying to go toe to toe with a magos at trying to hack into said magos' computer network and attempted to duel an inquisitor one on one. Needless to say he got his rank 3 ass handed to him and he a paddy. That same player came in at rank 1 with a bunch of hard earned rank 4/5 characters with his snazzy things wading through hardbitten criminals merrily, mind unburdened by ammo consumption, bragging that at rank 3 he can automatically gain a 3000t jetpack cybernetic and we were disgusted. The Scum though took pride in the fact he had just a staff, stub revolver, a flak vest and a hole in his head because he spent what little stolen money he had on drugs instead of a flak helmet and flipped him the bird. Their starting gear, traits and advance list is gimped compared to a standard guardsman. They're hardly inflexible when as a guardsman you can to double as a tech priest with their potential +20 Tech-Use (I very much agree with FieserMoep's point that this is as sensible as a bag of weasels) and with free bionics every so often. Personally I liken their starting gear to be more similar to a storm trooper from ascension apart from crimson guard armour only weighs a kilogram more than a flak vest. Crimson Guard read as an elite fighting force above their fellow skitarii and are intensively equipped and trained so, just like a stormtrooper is to a standard guardsman. At the very least then they should have been made similar to the suffering marshal or bloodsworn, An alternate rank at 5+ with serious hoops to jump through to get. This is how I am treating it in my campaign subsequently after experience of GMing a player as a rank 1 one of these. To me it was the most disappointing thing to read in the lathe worlds book. Mainly because there wasnt a brilliantly simple, cute little all encompassingly named 'Skitarii' alternate rank 1, with advances (such as primitive weapon proficiencies) and maybe some starting talents/traits swapped out for a SMALL AMOUNT of mechanicus/tech flavoured stuff and maybe a bionic arm. Within the fluff just a nice little bit about how within the 'Skitarii' basic infantry are call 'Hyspasists' and heavy weapons operatives are called 'Sagitarii' etc and a lovely little sidebar that tells us that if you're a rank 6 'lieutenant' you'd instead be called 'Tribune' or something etc. It would have been sthuper amazing. It would be guardsman with a hint of AdMech just like how the penal legionnaire a guardsman with a hint of criminal. Nontheless safely in the realm of guardsman role. Instead, I saw this ill conceived, cheese slicked, faceless, red robot hybrid attempt that made all his fellow rank 1 tech priests weep sacred machine oil of sadness and jealousy and guardsmen weep normal human tears because they are just guardsmen.
  4. Indeed. Could even be really dirty and exploit Psychic Powers/Implants in this phase (Divine Shot/Weapon Jinx/logis Implant instantly springs to mind). Here's my stab at the actual fighting part that could be applied to not just shoot outs but duels in general. It also has scope for than just 2 combatants. Please by all means expand upon, change and take what you will from it as its a suggestion as apposed to a final proposal. THE DRAW (where abstractness and moving away from RAW is a tad more abundant). Before rolling initiative each duelist confidentially with the GM makes only a single action (regardless of whether it is a full or half). Only being able to make a single action represents the fact that you only have a split second to put your opening gambit into motion, not a full round in which you have a luxurious 6 seconds to do multiple things like take the time to aim(half action) and shoot(half action). A second half/full action (depending on whether you have Quick Draw Talent) can only be taken if the first action is drawing a weapon. Reactions can be employed as normal. Deciding what you're going to do before the initiative is rolled stops players from unrealistically, near precognitively, METAGAMINGLY, changing their action within a split second of gametime. E.g duelist 1 misses and the player of duelist 2 thinks 'aha he's missed, what i'll do is instead of shooting like I originally was going to do, I'm going to charge into combat with him because I'm actually a vastly inferior gunslinger but a melee monstrosity'. Everyone's action in the draw is considered to have happened at the same time therefore bonus/penalties of everyone's actions apply such as a Quick Drawing, Hipshooting Hard Target giving everyone a minus to hit him as he speedily dashes sideways and aims at his foe in his opening gambit even though he's gone last. You could rule that duelists with Rapid Reaction or that have employed certain precognitive psychic powers may be able overrule this and change their action accordingly. Roll Initiative. Players then reveal their gambit and are executed in initiative order. Although Technically happening simutaneously, If one duelist beats an opponent by more than the first digit of that opponent's agility stat then they have noticeably managed to draw before them (for determining first blood). Otherwise, the referees/audience must make a perception test to clearly discern who was quicker. This covers the possibility that two opposing Ace Gunslingers may have such fast reflexes that its hard for the average human eye to discern who shot first in such a miniscule space of time(Hive World Arenas may have motion cameras and action replay to remove human falliability). Likewise the reverse when two untrained civilians duel and everything is unimpressively slow and easy for the human eye to trace. After this, normal combat ensues and everyone rerolls initiative as possible initiative penalties incurred from the preduel psyche out (Discussed in my previous post) that only affected the First Shot/Draw. Although moving a wee bit off of RAW, hopefully this and the previous phase I posted should allow the GM and players fair way in which they can maximise and apply their talents/traits/implants/powers/skills in simple executed steps and without too much effort to learn both phases. May your Ace Gunslinger reduce his opponents to nervous wrecks with his dark stares and charismatic quips, rapidly crush multiple lesser duelists before they can blink, impressively duel with an equal or get caught offguard by an opponent with an unsanctioned ace up his sleeve.
  5. I watched a wildwest film which i'm sadly unable to recall the title but it revolved around a 1v1 dueling tournament that occured publicly in a town centre. The competitors and the spectators would meet shortly before the duel would begin(on the hour). The Duelists would take their marks imminent to the hour and then wait till the clock struck. During this short space of time they would obviously exchange insults, psyche each other out etc. Just prior to the duel give them X amount of rounds each (a minute total worth?) in which they can take it in turns to exchange insults, psyche each other out etc to achieve certain things such as modify the stats an opponent or possibly themselves, for the first shot or the entirety of the duel. For example: Zuriel Xanthis attempts to use his intimidate skill against Barak Attelus by staring at him darkly. (Full Action) He gets a +10bonus for being a significantly more impressive physical specimen than his counterpart. He successfully passes his skill check. Barak Attelus is entitled to a willpower check to be unperturbed by Zuriel's stare. He fails his willpower check and takes a -5 penalty to his ballistic skill test on his first shot as his hands begin to shake from being unnerved by Zuriel's stare. Barak Attelus attempts a willpower check to regain composure and thus remove his current penalty (Full Action)…and so on If Barak had the 'fearless' talent the GM could rule that he is therefore immune to intimidate checks made against him etc etc. If Barak had critically failed his entitled willpower check this penalty could apply for the whole duel? etc etc If Zuriel had rolled a 01 or by X amount of degrees the penalty incurred is -10 instead of -5? etc etc I know it has willpower tests but it's simple in execution, it just depends how complicated or broad the choice of actions and their consequent effects you allow the duelists.
  6. If I cannot keep my valuable flock unsullied in my own eyes, then I shall atleast do it in my fellow inquisitors' eyes. 1) Interrogate said acolytes for information and heretical contamination 2) Have them mentally recalibrated accordingly, making them believe seeking for guidance was merely a cover to infiltrate and that you planned this all along, or just full-scale mindwiping. Either way they're reaffirmed with non heretical beliefs. 3) Mindwipe your trusted agents of the fact you didnt plan this all along. 4) With newly found information, very very well trusted agents on this delicate matter, newly reaffirmed acolytes and whatever resources needed/possessed (such as Adeptus Arbites and their Cult-hunters), investigate and purge the heretical cult. 5) After successful purging, tell peers and superiors it was planned this way all along thus acquiring even more prestige and standing while still possessing finely groomed excellent protegés. 6) More Mindwiping, probably someone here or there that needs it to keep all shiny in the eyes of fellow inquisitors.
  7. A character of mine got killed by the other players…..or so they thought after GM proposed the idea about collaborating on him becoming a villain instead of burning my last fate point. While it seems initially an interesting twist thinking of really juicy, dramatic scenarios to reappear and a series of outcomes, others' will inevitably think of an absurdly impossible death trap of which all/most PCs die in sweet revenge, both of which may contradict your opinions and ideas. The player like I did will most likely still view the character as THEIR character and if no feedback in terms of yes, no, maybe, yes but with a chance that the PCs won't automatically die a gruesome death, time for some rolling to see how well your plans are coming to fruition or just a lot of NOs or ideas of your own perceived as contradicting they'll get annoyed that THEIR character isn't being allowed to attempt/achieve what they want as I did and thought it a waste of an enjoyable character dying. In hindsight of this I'd suggest if you're going to bring an acolyte back as villain, Its better to give them as little or no power or say possible and altogether leave them in the dark about it or if discussed with the player initially on seeming death with their view on it, treat it like they're signing away the rights to their character. State that you are the GM and that the character is essentially under your control and express to them that while they may suggest ideas to you, it wont actually be discussed and there will be no feedback and they may not even come back for one reason or another (i.e dont pester me about it). This simply saves you disappointing the player and the player annoying you.
  8. Been searching around on various 40k wikis as well the DH rulebooks and so far I havent been able locate any concrete sources on Adeptus Arbite recruitment other than the book of judgment stating they're progena groomed for the role. Just wondered if anyone can recall or even link material confirming other recruitment channels besides progena? Whether it be another official route established in the imperium or a novel in which a character is offered it for whatever reason. This for me specifically concerns things such as the Chastener's various required careers, the idea of a mutant arbitrator (as subtle or useful as mutations may be I dont think they wouldn't picked up by or tolerated by mega stringent recruitment tests) and just generally the possibility of an arbitrator acolyte background to not be of progena stock or an acolyte earning/being offered the role throughout his adventures? I know people could suggest passable backstories or eventual situations made up to cover these concerns however, I'm only interested in people replying with official material (or informing me there isn't any other) detailing non progena recruitment channels for the Adeptus Arbites. Many Thanks, Ordo Neriman
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