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  1. Under equipped is usually a case of more challenges that they don't have the tools for than when they do. A player need not buy or earn everything they have to use, but sometimes their enemies or resources might be nearby if they are just given the chance to procure them for personal use later on. This allows proactive and thoughtfully prepaired players to do something about their needs and gives a great sense of personal accomplishemnt and accolades to the thinking person. Especially if you act on their collections and give them opportunities to find satisfaction in progressing past a barrier due to that preparation, because a wall to climb over when they have a rope, is no worse than a door they have a key to, yet it's far more satisfying in the end.
  2. Also, try some stealth options too, providing small groups in a series of encounters. Making it so that failed stealth results in the more interesting encounters, but not necessarily breaking the need for stealth through the next set of challenges. That way, they remain able to continue to skirt danger or engage it when they feel confident. The first time they fail a stealth check, don't increase the number of enemies more than by 1, and increase it again the next time to 2, they will get the hint of increasing danger without actually having to be overun in the end or even having to fight those enemies.
  3. Doubly stolen plot device. Brilliant!
  4. Correct, you ignore 1 Corruption Point down to 0 Corruption Points, in every case possible.
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