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  1. Just to be sure, if I am reading this right, the special effect happens before it’s own damage is applied? I, and my group, have been playing that you allocate damage, then flip one, but rereading the card has me thinking we have been wrong.
  2. Either way, I am glad I brought this up. Hope it means somebody official noticed this thread.
  3. Had a chance to talk to Zahn for a few minutes at Pensacon. He said that the first novel covered several years. They second, a few weeks. This one, a few days. He predicts that the 4th novel will cover a late afternoon. And the book covers why he wasn’t around those few episodes before the finale of Rebels.
  4. Thanks. Was looking at that path.
  5. After my participation in my LGS’s Hyperspace Trials, I was looking at the range rulers, and I noticed that the full sized one was misprinted, the marks are about 1mm off. You can also see that the bottom of the (19) symbol was cut off, indicating that this was just a misalignment during printing. I went to the ‘damaged components’ page, but found no entry for prize support items. Any advice on getting this fixed outside of eBay?
  6. But, this is not an action, and it does not say ‘failed’ or such. Also, unlike the action phase, if I’m not mistaken, you can do multiple systems phase things, such as uncloaking and deploying a device.
  7. @Kleeg005, yeah that is something that was in the first 2e RR, but most missed since it wasn’t something they thought to look for.
  8. As per the Rules Reference: Based on that last line, I interpret this to mean that I may chose to try to deploy that device again, assuming I can use a different template (Nimble Bomber, Skilled Bombardier, et al), or switch directions (drop/launch), or just not to do so. Would this also allow me to choose another device, such as my mine template went over the edge, but a bomb template is fine? Thanks for any feedback.
  9. I tend to keep mine on my map edge, but I also mark the center rivet with numbers matching the ship ID, tell my opponent that, and will put them by the ship if requested.
  10. That’s what the TO said last night. With forgotten, others debated that it would have to be a repeat of the previously set maneuver.
  11. Reading the card again, RZ-2s also can’t utilize Outmaneuver to, if I remember the turret ruling, right? It’s turret pointed forward isn’t a front arc.
  12. Okay, I know in the rules ref that it lays out what happens if you set a red maneuver for a stressed ship, but yesterday we were trying to resolve another issue, and trying to find the 2e rules for things like: Forgotten Dial: (what happened yesterday) A player simply forgets to set a dial for a ship. Mismatched Dial: Assigned dial is not the dial for that ship type. Especially when the used dial is one for a ship no longer in play. For example, using a U-wing dial for a B-wing.
  13. Delta-7 Aethersprite - •Mace Windu - 68 •Mace Windu - Harsh Traditionalist (46) R3 Astromech (3) Heightened Perception (3) Delta-7B (16) Delta-7 Aethersprite - •Luminara Unduli - 66 •Luminara Unduli - Wise Protector (44) R3 Astromech (3) Heightened Perception (3) Delta-7B (16) Delta-7 Aethersprite - •Saesee Tiin - 66 •Saesee Tiin - Prophetic Pilot (44) R3 Astromech (3) Heightened Perception (3) Delta-7B (16) Total: 200/200 View in the X-Wing Squad Builder Been flying this list for the past few weeks, and doing alright, especially given I’m a mediocre player. Yesterday, it almost put me in the final 8 at the Mobile, AL Hyperspace Trials, coming in at 9th (the guy who stopped me got 2nd). To be totally honest, almost never remember to use Lumi’s or Saesee’s abilities, but they are Init 4 with 2 Force. Originally had Barris in there for flavor, but she only has one Force point. R3s work well for me in that they allow me to designate a secondary target without much effort in case the primary arc dodges or is blown up. Heightened for ace hunting. Strategy is simple, formation flying, and concentrate fire. I have taken out B-Wings in a single attack, and with Heightened Perception, denied them return fire. Downside, if I am forced to break up my formation, or get double stressed, my options get restricted. Or, if RNG saves the target of my focused shot. But, when it works, 9-12 dice on a target with decent dice manipulation options.
  14. Also, while he can’t duplicate an action, the actions on damage cards are considered unique, even if they are duplicates of the same crit.
  15. Okay, so if I am reading this right, you chose to use her ability after any effect dice are rolled? This was only a minor issue with bomblets, but with the new bomb, I might decide if or which token to use based on what effects they suffer from the bomb. Also, if multiple ships are hit by a single bomb, can I wait to see what all affected have happen, then use her ability, or do I have to when the controlling player does each ship?
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