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  1. Ravenhull

    E-Wing vs Dutch Vander

    On a similar note, I assume that having Bohdi in his U-Wing doesn’t bypass the E-Wing’s limitation either. Going with ‘the most limiting factor’ doctrine,
  2. Ravenhull

    Emperor & Fifth Brother tag team.

    But I can’t have Palp modify another ships dice twice in one instance. I can live with that, and he can still do it twice in a turn.
  3. Okay, I have a Decimator with Palpatine & The Fifth Brother. Now, I know that they eachcan use both available Force points. But, looking at the wording, can the Fifth Brother use both in a single attack? Or can Palp modify 2 dice in a single roll? (Both assuming 2 points are active.) the cards say use 1, but don’t say “once per” or such.
  4. Ravenhull

    Heavy Weapon Turret Tie/SF Fighter

    I think they decided to call it a ‘heavy weapon turret’ (not heavy laser) because it can have the missile launcher in it.
  5. Ravenhull

    When does a barrel roll fail?

    Well, you know some will grasp at any straw available. that said, he was right to question how I was using BB-8 last night. Was using it when I was stressed. Will have to apologize about that one. Lost anyway.
  6. Ravenhull

    When does a barrel roll fail?

    That’s how I read it. There was an argument last night. He was citing how you must Lock something if able before it fails.
  7. Does it fail when the ship cannot succeed in the first chosen direction, or does it get the chance to try rolling in the opposite before failing?
  8. Okay, you have Sabine, and you haven’t used your tractor token. You dropped two bombs in the system phase. After movement, an enemy (small base, or larger that has enough already that it can be moved) ship is in range of one, but just outside the second. Can I detonate the first, apply the tractor token, do the barrel roll/boost to put it in range of the second bomb, then resolve that one? Also, are we allowed to pre-measure bomb effect zones before choosing which to resolve?
  9. Ravenhull

    Purple Actions

    #2 was my first thought, but the lack of evade tokens in the Delta-7 spread makes me think it’s an instant use thing.
  10. Ravenhull

    Purple Actions

    In the Wave 3 preview there are some purple actions, the same shade as force points. The Delta-7s get a purple evade, but don’t come with evade tokens. And there are three upgrades (Palp, Sidious, and one more I’m guessing is a force ability) with purple coordinate. The evade I am guessing means you can spend a Force point to get an evade result even on a blank. The coordinate, I don’t know. Coordinate outside the action window? Longer range? Coordinate 2 ships? Lots of time for baseless speculation...
  11. Ravenhull

    Can a ship be tractored more than once?

    Part of me wanted to be wrong just so I could juggle the enemy, but alas. On the other hand, looking at the 2e Quad, it just says ‘choose a ship’, so I could use one of tugs to shift a friendly, though at the cost of the defense dice reduction.
  12. I made a joke 4 tug list, and was wondering. Tug A flies up, uses its action to tractor a ship and barrel rolls it. Tug B then flies up and uses its tractor ability. I assume all this does is add another tractor token, but does not allow it to also move the target. Am I getting this right? Yes, I am aware that it is valid for multiple tugs to work together to tractor a medium or large ship.
  13. Ravenhull

    Cluster Missiles

    That’s my thought, but fighting the crowd...
  14. Ravenhull

    Cluster Missiles

    I hope they officially state the range rules on this. Our local store ruled that the bonus works out past range 2 if it’s 0-1 of the original.
  15. Ravenhull

    iOS Squadbuilder App is live

    Anybody know if the available PDF output is valid for use as a turn in before a tourney?