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  1. I like how people say that the PDF is better for quick reference. If you do not know how to read an index, or glossary, then yes, it would be a lot faster, if you do have these elementary skills however, than you may be saving approximately 20 seconds. And the purpose of a GM screen is quick reference in addition to hiding dice rolls. I believe that the purpose of putting all that information in a searchable PDF is redundant.
  2. I too, am interested in performing the will of the dark gods. Who and how should I contact whoever is GMing? I ought to have my book this Friday and am certainly willing to play then. I could actually try and GM, forgive me if my GM skills are sub-par but it will give me a chance to get better. My AIM is Firebug21060 if anyone wants to contact me, I think you can send me a private message on here too, not positive on that as I am new to this site and fantasy flight games in general. Look forward to hearing from some folks interested in playing.
  3. SomVone said: Personally I think there is simply to much difference between the types of weapons, types of cover, and other effects to make a set of rules for damaging all cover. A Krak grenade will do a number on a door, probably making useless as cover. A heavy plasteel plate is worth a lot less if poorly anchored. Mostly, when I run games, I just describe the cover, and let it be damaged by what I think is right. With some player input of course. Just my two cents. Like what SomVone said (someone? /heh), I would go on a case by case basis. If someone is using a melta (ap 10ish), then I think if the AP exceeds the cover, and it is a burning weapon, then the cover is gone. Whereas a flamer has no pen. It would take a long time for an enormous amount of wood (AP 15 someone said) to completely turn to ash. However in that case I would like to see the cover catch the player on fire if they dont decide to move to less flaming cover. Also, why stop with weapons damaging cover? Add in weapons damaging a characters armour as well. Make the game feel a little more visceral if bolter rounds shred their armour with each impact. Weapons like a multi-melta would definitely need to be taken care of, and flashlights (lasguns) could be almost ignored by space marines in legion armour. This is what I plan on doing, also editing falling damage for people landing onto slopes, lots of things that just make sense and add a little realism, as there is already a lot of death.
  4. Hello fellow heretics! I am new to GMing and DMing, I have played D&D multiple times, always loved it and I am now looking to GM for Black Crusade. Problem is, I live out in the boondocks. I would like to know, if anyone else knows of some good online resources to find players in my area. My google skills are normally top-notch, but im not even sure what a service like that would be called, so I am at a loss for what to even search for. I am living in McHenry MD. if that helps at all. Actually very close to the college I am attending, next semester I will be posting some fliers on the bulletin boards advertising my game to see if anyone is interested. But with semester just ending I doubt I would get any replies right now. Oh yeah, and there are 0 gaming stores in my area. Actually one friend is taking out a loan to start a store in the next town over. The nearest comic/game shop is an hour away in any direction. *cry* Looking forward to hearing some helpful replies, and receiving my copy of Black Crusade in the mail this Friday!
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