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  1. Hi all, Is there any option to benefit from 2 cameras, 1 in each hand? They are not unique and, theorically, you could play both but, as it is written, it looks like only one would be 'active': the effect references to the card name and then, what would happen if 2 cameras are in the play area with different number of evidences? Thanks a lot!!
  2. Hi, Thanks for the response, Khudzlin. Let me try to use the Skill Test Timing to give a detailled sequence of actions and see if I can see your point: ******************************************************************************************** ST1: Determine skill of Test It is a investigate action. ~ player window ST2: Commit cards Double or nothing is commited. ~player window ST3: Reveal chaos token ST4: Resolve chaos symbol effect At this point, eldritch horror is played, following the "when" cause. If a special symbol is revealed, the `player can apply another time the effect, which would entail having 3 chosen locations. ST5: Determine difficulty At this point, the player selects one shroud value from the 3 selected locations. ST6: Determine success failure of the test Compare the investigate value of the investigator+1 from double or nothing and the token revealed from the chaos bag against 2*the selected shroud location ST7: Apply skill result If successful, take an additional clue (2) from all the 3 locations due to the double or nothing effect. ST8. Skill End. ******************************************************************************************** It seems less broken than my previous assumption, so thanks for your appreciation. Even though, the deck is fun to play, but eldritch is not so interesting now...
  3. Hi folks, I'd like to know exactly how these three cards interact: * Sixth Sense level 4 * Eldritch inspiration * Double or nothing I'd like to know if the following is the right ressolution in case a symbol is revealed, so sixth sense would let you chose another location. Playing eldritch inspiration, I guess you could add an extra location, being now 3 locations investigated and you may chose the most favourable shroud value. When double or nothing comes into play, how would you play it? If you double eldritch inspiration, it means you can choose 2 extra locations, being 4 locations investigated but, can you go even deeper and double the above ressolution up to 6 location? Is it even better, and, instead of taking one clue from each location, would it be possible to get 2 clues because of double or nothing doubling also the effect of investigating? Coming back to sixth sense, would it be then possible to chose the lowest shroud from the six locations? At which point can you choose the shroud level from the 3 card chain effect? Summary, is it "legal" to investigate 6 locations and get 2 clues from each location with this combo? 12 clues from 6 locations....who says Jim is "meh"? There are other combinations with eldrich inspiration and double or nothing around and if you add this combo to this amazing idea: https://riteofseeking.com/2019/04/17/big-relic-jim-a-unique-mystic-playstyle/ thanks for the post!!! you get a really nice and fun deck to play. Play it again, Jim ;)
  4. Hi investigators!! I'm looking for an specific rule regarding labyrinths and chaos bags. I haven't yet played and reading the rules I was unsure about the chaos bag. Is there a chaos bag for every group? Or all the groups share the same bag and Seal affects other groups' draws? Thanks!! F. Mateo
  5. Do you need a copy per each group? Or buying a single copy will allow to play several groups at the same time? Can't wait to get it!!!
  6. When you reveal a treachery, the exploration is unsuccessful and the exploration action ends. When you reveal a non-connected location, you reveal another card from the exploration deck until you find a connecting location or a treachery. In that case, the non-connected locations are reshuffled into the exploration deck at the end of the exploration action. I hope it make it clear, but since you reshuffle back the locations, the deck will only run out when you had find all the possible locations.
  7. Here's, mine: https://arkhamdb.com/deck/view/150511 The idea behind is to get as much extra actions as possibles by using skill cards( to gain resources and heal) and finishing enemies with the survival knife. Still to be tested since the skills cards may be still optimized a bit.
  8. I had read the advance condition as two sides with an OR in the middle: that is, you advance when you do clean Dunwich OR when there are no set aside Broods( all of them in the table). The second side is not according to the advance resolution but it can be understood from the wording of the sentence and the usual outcome is to have cleaned Dunwich. It's a bit weird but the sentence can lead to this conclusion, isn't it? Otherwise, do you have to keep waiting the Brood to be played into game to finish them?? Thanks!
  9. Hi all, It's great to follow everyones' experiences with the game and, since it's my first post, let me thank to the designers for this amazing mechanic and game. To the point: Dr. Hermitage's reaction hability can be used when drawing a weakness? I hadn't thought about this possibility but it just happened and didn't know what yo do. We thought it was too overpowered to ignore the weakness and draw 3 resources instead, so we let the weakness to affect the character... We kind of love this weakness idea... Thanks to everyone!!!
  10. The Holonet, as stated in the wookipedia, has repeaters in the hyperspace, so you can conclude that "information can travel faster than light". Systems separated few light years from each other can have almost real-time communication provided the information can travel the hyperspace fat enough. There are endless routes through the hyperspace, and the repeaters can be wherever you need as GM. Said this, it's impossible as the hyperspace distances are defined, to reach the center of the galaxy from the outer ring immediately, it would take the same order of magnitude as the hyperspace travel times....
  11. About the FOP's career hability, free disengage once per session I was wondering whether it is usefull at all or not….if the fop's player is being attacked, would the disengage avoid the attack somehow? At most it will force the attacker to engage again, isn't it?
  12. Hi masters! Recently we faced a situation were the group stacked with fatigue and stress in a combat (in fact it's quite common), After the combat, when entering in story mode, people started performing "Asses the Situation" to recover fatigue and stress. Since it has 0 recharge tokens, does it mean it can be done as many times as required to fully recovered after a combat? The main issue is that you can just get lots of fatigue and stress and fully recover afterwards in a "second". Any thoughts about limiting "asses the situation" during story mode so people get fatigued and stressed after the combat ends? Thanks in advance!
  13. Hi folks! I'm just a newbie and might happen that the question is rather silly so, please, apologies for it I was wondering whether cards such as the talent wealthy (gain 1 fortune to non-combat checks that target those of a lower social tier than you) is aplicable for checks done among players. Imagine a Gold tier character tries to perform the action card Exploit Openning (grants maneouvres to allies) or Inspiring Words (ally gains Inspired condition) and the target are his/her collegues, which happen not to be in gold tier but Brass or Silver. My question is: Does the Gold tier character gain the fortune point of the talent? Or are tiers not applicable among players? Thanks a lot for any suggestion!
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