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  1. I have a player in my group who brought up a question about Called Shot, more specifically he called the validity of Called Shot as an action into question. His point is that there is no real advantage to choosing a Called Shot over a Semi Auto Burst as targeting individual body parts has no real effect. I pointed out that it allows the picking out of less armoured areas of an enemy, to which he argued that most enemies tend to have the same armour all over (Hordes are a good example of this). More specifically, he believes there should be some bonus for shooting an opponent in the head. I've gone through the rulebook with a fine tooth comb and have been unable to find anything along these lines. I came up with a House rule that if a shot hits an opponent in the head and deals enough damage (after TB and Armour) to equal TB, the opponent is stunned for 1 round. Is this fair and have I simply missed something in the book?
  2. Ahhh, many thanks. I agree, suitably expensive but available to all through the General Advancement tables. I'll post again if I have any further enquiries,
  3. Hey fellow Battle-Brothers, I've just begun GMing for my group. So far so good, as we're working though any problems we have with the FAQ and good old common sense. One thing I've noticed however, is that with the increase in Rank and Renown, Health remains the same. However in the Experience section of the main rulebook, it specifically states that Wounds can be increased by spending XP. These are supposedly specified in the Specialities section. However I can't find said details. Can anyone help?
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