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  1. The 1st link of the unveiled is the same as the CU5 Mythos 3. So 9 Tarot Cards for 9 Scenarios: We have 6 Agendas left (Deluxe 0, 1, 2 and Mythos 4, 5 and 6) and 6 Unveiled pictures... sounds about right! 😎 Hermit IX (M1) The Hanged Man XII (M2) The Hierophant V (M3) The Charriot VII The Lovers VI Wheel of Fortune X Justice IX Temperance XIV Judgement XX
  2. I've added the links to the respective quests, just click on their names. ? Also added a few more quests i found to the list including the part 2, 3 and 4 of the First Age - Doom Mastered Cycle. Eventually i'll add more info to each one as well (expansions needed, difficulty rating, etc). This list is over 2 years old, so i probably missed any recent fan-made quests if any new one was made in the meanwhile. (Hence the 1st age ones missing) There's an old list on BGG but terribly outdated, so let me know if you find any more custom content like these so we can add them to this list.
  3. Still no help? ? Me and a friend took a week of vacations and our main plan was to play as much of LotR LCG as we can. We already did many official adventures but want to do a bunch of fan-mades first. If possible quests that would use the Hobbit Saga encounters or would be in the same theme as Bilbo's journeys. Who here plays fan-made LotR quests? Heres the list of all Custom content (and respective makers) i found so far, if anyone knows more quests i can get please let me know:
  4. Heres the list of all Custom content (and respective makers) i found so far, if anyone knows more quests i can get please let me know: Troll Hunt! - Jrd23 Sarn Gorwing - Jrd23 Orcs! - Jrd23 Catch The Thief! - Jrd23 The Unruly Brood - EdgeMage Gandalf's Quest - Ikim Saving Frodo - Lebuk The Old Forest - NinjaDorg The Lost Road - NinjaDorg Forgotten Ruins - NinjaDorg The Elven Assembly - NinjaDorg Ungoliant's Lair - NinjaDorg Branching Paths - NinjaDorg Chasing The Orc Raiders - Candacis Helping Friends - Letsdance The Escape - Letsdance The Ruins Of Nan Wathren - Feonix The Bandits Of Chetwood North - Feonix The Culling At The Barrow-Downs - Feonix The Practice Grounds - JediZebra101 The Orcish Host - Troymk1 Four Seasons - Memetix Four Seasons (V.2. Without Rhosgobel) - Memetix The Temple Of Melkor - Memetix Dagro Dan In Yrch! - Cordeiro A Moment to Breathe - Cordeiro The Old Forest (Memetix) - Memetix Rhosgobel's Defense - Fryxen Storm on the Woodland Realm - Raketengetrieben The Abandoned Mine - Jrd23 Buried Alive - Memetix A Favour for Beorn - Jrd23 The Hunt For Gollum (alternative) - Jrd23 The Hills of Emyn Muil (Hunter's of Emyn Muil) - Jrd23 Orcs of Emyn Muil - Jrd23 Radagast's Peril - Jrd23 The Necromancer of Dol Guldur - Raven1015 Orc Hunt - Manu3212 Quest for Obscure Knowledge (The Trials of the Blue Wizard 1) - Cordeiro Quarrel in the Misty Mountains (The Trials of the Blue Wizard 2) - Cordeiro The Search for the Blue Wizard (The Trials of the Blue Wizard 3) - Cordeiro Shadows over Emyn Muil - Shelfwear Long Dark Foundations of Stone - Jrd23 Durin's Legacy - Jrd23 Caradhras the Cruel - Dor Cuarthol Angmar! - Jrd23 Shadows over Halifirien - Peskpesk Through the Folds - Mndela Web of Isengard - Shelfwear A New Power Is Rising - Shelfwear Mines of Moria - Filgonfin Raid on the River Carnen (Battle of Dale 1) - Feonix The Fall of Dale (Battle of Dale 2) - Feonix The Battle of Helm's Deep - Style75 Into Fangorn - Raven1015 The Giants of the Old Forest (An Entish kind of Hope 1) - Istarical The Anduin and the Pursuer (An Entish kind of Hope 2) - Istarical Making of a Fellowship (Rise of Orthanc 1) - Vardaen Blood in Breeland (Rise of Orthanc 2) - Vardaen ***** Folk About (Rise of Orthanc 3) - Vardaen Sack From Umbar - Cordeiro Save Arwen! - Jrd23 Terror from the North - Jrd23 Trouble with Trolls - Jrd23 The Defense of Bel-Edain (Troubled Waters 1) - Karagh War of the Last Alliance - Mndela The Isle of Werewolves (First Age 1) - Mndela / Raven1015 The Seat of Morgoth (First Age 2) - Mndela / Raven1015 Hunting of the Wolf (First Age 3) - Mndela / Raven1015 Trial Upon the Marshes (First Age - Doom Mastered 1) - Mndela / Raven1015 Among the Outlaws (First Age - Doom Mastered 2) - Mndela / Raven1015 The Betrayal of Mîm (First Age - Doom Mastered 3) - Mndela / Raven1015 The Fall of Nargothrond ( First Age - Doom Mastered 4) - Mndela / Raven1015 Fire Under Tree (The Great Wyrms 1) - Kjeld Into the Withered Heath (The Great Wyrms 2) - Kjeld The Hunt for Scatha (The Great Wyrms 3) - Kjeld Hobbit's Trek - Karagh Una Tertulia Inesperada - Filgonfin La Ciudad de los Trasgos - Filgonfin Los Valles del Anduin - Filgonfin Entrando en el Bosque - Filgonfin Prisioneros en el Reino del Bosque - Filgonfin La Montaña Solitaria - Filgonfin La Batalla de los Cinco Ejércitos - Filgonfin Through the Woods - Nohalalala Citadel of the Necromancer - Kuba Mak / Makulatura Drake Hunting - Vardaen Feel free to add more to the list! ?
  5. Vedui’ I've been playing LotR: LCG for a long time and it's my #1 favorite game. Besides playing the official content i also love to play Fan Made Quests made by the community . I used to have a ton of fan made content on my previous computer before it broke down. Now i'm searching for some old content to play. I played many english quests already but would like to try some spannish ones in this site: http://susurrosdelbosqueviejo.blogspot.com/p/creaciones-propias_3818.html After playing the official Hobbit Saga (Over Hill and Under Hill + On the Doorstep) i would really love to try a fan-made version of Bilbo's story, sadly this 7-part saga seems to be broken on the 1st adventure. ( http://susurrosdelbosqueviejo.blogspot.com/2014/11/destellos-de-endor-hiv-i-una-tertulia.html ). I managed to get all other adventures (2nd through 7th on the dropbox) So i came here with a cry for help, has anyone previously played/downloaded this Saga? I'm looking for the 1st quest and the rules ( Reglas Historia de una Ida y una Vuelta ). The creator of these (and other) quests is known as "Filgonfin" (David), but i don't know how to contact him, i sent a mail to this Sussuros Del Bosque site owner, but got a reply from "Mndela" but he doesn't know how to contact Filgonfin/David. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Finally, i'm much more confortable with english than spannish, so if anyone ever translated these adventures that would be a great boon too. Is there any hero out there who will lend their hand in assisting me in finding this quest? ? Thank you very much in advance.
  6. So from the list above, which investigators are you looking forward to the most for AH:LCG? Personally i'm a Seeker and/or Mystic player, so besides my current favorites (Rex, Daisy, Agnes, Sefina, Norman*, Carolyn*, Ursula*) i'm eagerly awaiting a version of: Agatha Crane - i'm a Crane player in L5R and i love to play her in MoM2, she'll probably be my "main" character along with Rex Dexter Drake - he looks to be more of a real life magician/trickster/illusionist than a TRUE spellcaster like Witch Agnes or Shaman Akachi Diana Stanley - i'm sure she'll be a Mystic but i love the ideia of someone who had power and abandoned it, maybe a Mystic Lv0/Rogue Lv1-5? Vincent Lee - a dedicated healer, just like Carolyn/Ursula i love Guardian/Seeker cards that aren't about combat/clues but healing/movement Harvey Walters/Amanda Sharpe - more Miskatonic goodness please! * - haven't played with these yet, but looking very forward to! Once the investigator's pool is large enough, i would also like to see certain cards that can only be used by certain Traits. Heres some examples: A survival event "on the road" that could only be used by Drifter A religious item better than rosary (holy cross/water?) for Believers (Father Mateo, Sister Mary, Zoey Samaras) Some musical Spells that could only be used by a Performer More Illicit stuff just for Criminals, finally some Tome exclusive for people from Miskatonic (my dear Daisy is still crying for her lack of Tome support in first two cycles) Those are just some ideias, and would help characters be even mode distinct in deck building besides what color/factions they have access to. I'm sure you guys can come up with a lot more.
  7. I don't have the book about the investigators, and AH:LCG is my first main lovecraftian game (although i played a bit in a few others, specially MoM2) Is there any place where we can find a list of all FFG investigators so far? In an interview Matthew Newman said there were over 50 so far. I know they come from Arkham Horror: Board Game, Eldritch Horror, Mansions of Madness (1st and 2nd edition), Elder Sign.. any others?
  8. That DOES changes my take, that's what i was missing thank you for opening my eyes! Now Silas is a very interesting investigator based on skills but very different from Minh's Elder Sign thing which looked excessive if repeatable. He also fits even more the Survivor theme now with the whole "if you fail a skill test you can still get something out of it". Good job design team!
  9. Am i missing something about Silas or am i the only one who think he may be a bit over the top? With a single "Unexpected Courage" in hand, he's basically: "Once per turn, gain +2 to ANY skill test" at no cost! You lose no resources and no cards in hand, since the skill returns even if you draw the tentacles and fail. This allows him to make a combat or evade test at 6 or willpower/intellect check at 4 since turn one. Sure once per turn, but still looks better than any previous investigator. If you use "Overpower" instead, he can attack with 6 once and draw an extra card if successful EVERY TURN, if not, well he can just try again next turn. With "Resourceful", he can get one lucky (or any other card) from discard pile every single turn as long as he succeeds a non-willpower test with a +1 bonus. And that's on top of his extra recursion if he draws an Elder Sign. I like the ideia of Investigators based on Skill (Minh Thi Phan) cards instead of Assets (Pete) or Events (Sefina), but his base ability is basically Minh Thi Phan's ELDER SIGN ability (That you have an average 1/16 chance of triggering)...every turn for sure! How's that not power-creep? What do you think?
  10. I haven't seen this discussed so far, but full spoilers for The Pallid Mask are here: http://www.cardgamedb.com/index.php/arkhamhorror/arkham-horror-the-card-game/_/the-path-to-carcosa-cycle/the-pallid-mask/ I noticed something weird though, this pack includes a Lvl 3 version of "Scrying": http://www.cardgamedb.com/index.php/arkhamhorror/arkham-horror-the-card-game/_/the-path-to-carcosa-cycle/the-pallid-mask/scrying-r821 For comparison, here's the Lvl 0 version from the core set: http://www.cardgamedb.com/index.php/arkhamhorror/arkham-horror-the-card-game/_/core/scrying-r126 Same cost(1), same nº of charges(3), same scrying(3 cards), it has an extra Intellect icon to commit it to a skill test, and it's activation it's now "fast" instead of a regular action, BUT it comes with a drawback, is it really worth 3XPs? The only upside is if you're using Agnes Baker you can suffer 1 horror to deal 1 damage, but Agnes already has plenty of ways to gain horror without needing to spend 3XPs. I love to see upgrade versions of already existing cards in AH like ".41 Derringer" or "Shortcut" in this same pack, but this "Scrying" one seems to be a huge disappointment. Thoughts?
  11. Hey there, i recently started a Dunwich Legacy Campaign using your maps and we're enjoying them very much (i also used your maps for the core set triology and for Curse of Rougarou(sp?) and Carnival of Horrors. At the time i printed them, you only had 5 out of 6 packs for the Dunwich campaign (or 7 out of the 8 maps). Did you ever made the last one (Lost in Time and Space)? I couldn't find it... Keep up the good work!
  12. Hello Mr.Bear! Big LOTR Fan here, i live in Portugal (Lisbon) but sadly i'm leaving tomorrow on vacations to northern Portugal regions. (Curiously enough to play LotR LCG with some friends up north! ) When will you be visiting our country? And what cities are you visiting? Hope you enjoy it here.
  13. Yup! That's why i said above: Maybe i wasn't clear enough, i'll put a tiny piece paper to mark inside the sleeve of Indebted on the back of the card, and fan the weaknesses out for my friends to take them randomly if they pull out Indebted, i'll notice it and place it face up on the corresponding Investigator. If it's not marked (Indebted), then we'll shuffle it in our decks without looking it.
  14. Yes, i read that hence my list of 16 cards above to confirm if i understood it correctly. What confused me was the fact that there are some basic weakness x2 while others are x1. I Don't see any reason why Amnesia or Chronophobia should be more common than Hypochondria for example.
  15. Hello there, after 5 months waiting for my 3 boxes (2 Core Sets + Dunwich expansion), i'm finally going to play this game with 4 players. So far i only played the game 2-player with 1 Core Set and premade decks (only "the Gathering" Scenario) Me and 3 friends are all going to play with my 3 boxes, but i have a question about the basic weakness pool for a 4 players game. I know we should just use the 10 basic weaknesses from 1 Core Set, but having 2 of each Amnesia/Paranoia in 1 Core Set and 2 of copies of each in Dunwich Expansion confused me about how to set the pool for the 4 players to draw randomly from. Does this mean that Amesia/Paranoia/Dunwich weaknesses are the ones that can be repeated (2x copies) among the 4 players? But only 1x Mob Enforcer/ Silver Twilight Recruiter, etc? If correct then the Basic Weakness Pool should be 16 cards: 2x Amnesia 2x Chronophobia 1x Haunted 1x Hypochondria 2x Indebted 2x Internal Injury 1x Mob Enforcer 2x Paranoia 1x Psychosis 1x Silver Twilight Acolyte 1x Stubborn Detective We'll be drawing blind random weaknesses without looking at them to put in our decks (i'll use a tiny slip of paper inside the sleeve to "mark" Indebted since it's permanent). I like the ideia of having the exact same chance of EVERY basic weakness and that among the 4 investigators every weakness can exist up to 2 times, so that if YOU draw a "Mob Enforcer" during the game now i know that one isn't my weakness. So what are your thoughts about using the 2nd core set + Dunwich to have exactly 2 of each basic weakness? (22 cards total). Thanks in advance
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