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  1. FFG, I own so many of your board games, card games and miniatures and now regret that I do. I thought you had a different approach to gaming and now you are like the crappy company that you partnered with in Games Workshop. There is an old saying, if you hang around with dogs then you are going to get fleas. At this point I am going to Cease and Desist buying anymore of your games until you clarify your position and listen to your fans. Signed.
  2. Hi Adam, This thread got lost in the system change. I live in Southern MS and could play on any weekday in New Orleans or Metairie. Jack
  3. Hi, Looking to play the game with anyone in Souther Louisiana or Southern Mississippi. Jack
  4. Hopefully I am not too late but how can I listen to this podcast?
  5. Thank you both for your explanations on Day/Night. I think I understand now. My son and I will now be able to use these cards for fun combinations and deckbuilding. Maybe if they reprint all of Dreamlands then we will get a chance to do some serious deckbuilding.
  6. So if you have a Night card out and your opponent plays a Day card, does it become Day or do they neutralize each other? Sorry for the basic questions. I am sure the new expansion will explain that but I did notice some of my other asylum packs had cards with Day or Night and I did not know what to do with them.
  7. Thanks to all for helping me with my questions. Being new to this game, I don't know all the mechanics such as Day/Night. So it is not Day or Night until a card says so, right? Was there combinations in the Dreamlands Asylum packs that were broken? Or do they just need to get the packs to the new 60 card standard now? I hope FFG sees that someone like me who purchases a lot of their games and now has take a strong interest in CoC will motivate them to continue this LCG. They have my business regardless but I will purchase anything they produce with CoC. But of course I love all the other LCGs as well.
  8. One more thing. I am a completely new player to Call of Cthulhu. I love this game and it has taken any addiction that I had for Magic the Gathering away. I feel that this is a much better game in every way. That being said, I would love to get every Asylum Pack available because it has better deck building possibilities. That is the source of my questions.
  9. "No less than twenty of the cards in Terror in Venice reinforce the Day and Night mechanic that originally appeared in Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game during the Dreamlands cycle of Asylum Packs." Above is a quote from the News about Terror in Venice Expansion that they are releasing in Quarter 3 of 2013. Do you think that this means that they will not reprint all the Asylum Packs from the Dreamlands cycle? I know they are scheduled to reprint Twilight Horror for Quarter 2 of 2013 but what about the other five Asylum Packs? Are they going to be reprined or is this new deluxe expansion going to replace any possible reprint? Any feedback or opinions would be appreciated. Thanks, Jack
  10. If there are any players in the Greater New Orleans area or Baton Rouge then my son and I would love to play some matches.
  11. Thank you. This is one terrific card game. I am glad I gave up Mtg for this game.
  12. So let me see if I understand two things. 1) Even if the runner's maximum hand size is some number, he or she can use actions to draw cards above that number but must discard down to the maximum card size at the end of the turn. 2) If the runner has a maximum hand size of -1 and has actions left to make a run and then is successful to steal an agenda to make it to 7 points then he or she wins before being flatlined at the end of the turn and losing. Is that correct?
  13. Let me know when the next tournament will take place. I work in New Orleans and will be willing to play at an agreed upon location.
  14. Looking for anyone in southern Louisiana or southern Mississippi to play.
  15. I live in the Picayune area and noticed you are closest one to play the game. I would be willing to try to come to Hattiesburg to play.
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