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  1. Need some help with this please... In a two player game, it seems simple. But when you have more opponents, it doesn't seem clear. Scoreboard Phase: For each matchup where your opponent has more downed players that you do, gain [1 fan]. The debate is raging about whether 1) You gain 1 flag for every opponent that has more downed players (possible max. of 3). 2) You gain 1 flag regardless of whether a single opponent, or multiple opponents, have more downed players. 3) You gain 1 flag only if every opponent has more downed players that you. The argument revolves around whether each tournament is a single matchup, or if the highlight reel is a series of matchups. The rules refer to playing a card to a matchup so I think the latter. The second point of debate is whether you can only get one fan or multiple fans with this card. (I assume that the phrase 'each matchup' would mean you could get more than one.) Thanks in advance.
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