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  1. In a game with nemeses if a character ends his movement phase on a space with a nemesis he can initiate a battle. After the battle does the character go straight to the experience phase?
  2. Enjoyed your show immensely. Please keep it up.
  3. I can't quite decide from the rules whether embattled disks deal damage as both an attacker and a defender. On page 20 of the rule book in the example of a scrum the River Troll doesn't deal damage as an attacker. However, on page 10 it says an embattled disk is both an attacker and a defender in separate engagements. Could anyone help me please?
  4. Thanks for quick reply and merry Xmas.
  5. From reading the rules it seems that two disks can pin each other with neither doing enough damage to kill each other. Since damage is removed in the end phase the disks will permanently pin each other. Am I understanding correctly?
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