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  1. Hpred

    Thunder Charge

    When I used T.C. our GM had it that if my opponent won the Strength Test (As unlikely as it would be verses a Khorne Marked Space Marine) they would get an attack of oppertunity as my character rushed by them.
  2. Tact Marines are able to take on a wide range of roles. So it really depends on what your team needs. They also work great as field commander NPC's when the kill teams are at lower levels. It really is in what you want to do with him.
  3. Lecram said: pg. 170 "Silencers lower the noise (and flash to a degree) from a weapon’s discharge, preventing detection of the shot. Awareness Tests to hear shots made with a silenced weapon suffer an additional –20 penalty and can only be attempted at half the normal distance for detecting gunshots*." 1. What is the "normal range for detecting gunshots"? 2. -20 awareness penalty applies to what? What would be the modifiers for a gunshot? I assume at least +30 (putting it in line with detecting the approach of a tank pg.96) minus the range of the shot. So assuming that every "X" meters you get a -10 penalty to awareness to notice something, what would be the value of "X"? Are there rules for this in any of the other books because it certainly isn't mentionned in BC? The only place I can find any similar rules in BC is under Stalker Bolt Rounds on pg. 173, "Designed for sniping these rounds make a bolt weapon almost completely silent as the round exits the weapon with only a hushed hiss. Awareness Tests to hear shots made with stalker rounds suffer an additional –30 penalty and can only be attempted within 30 metres of the firer*. However, reduce this weapon’s Damage by 2." *Emphasis mine The -20 is to opposed perception check based on sound. And the Range is I believe every 30 Meters.
  4. Kshatriya said: You don't need signature wargear to have a cybernetic arm, for one thing. Flesh is Weak 3 gives him persistent and permanent AP 3 to all parts of his body. The actual implants (legs and an arm) improve his effective TB by 2 on those particular parts of his body. I would not allow The Flesh Is Weak to give both AP and a TB bonus under the cybernetics rules, because that's really dumb. It's just an AP bonus. Arguably the hand should not give the TB bonus to the whole arm, since it's just a hand. Although arguably it might - metal filaments running inside the living arm to conenct the hand to nerves or whatever. This is totally a GM call. Replacing extremities should not give any total immunity to vacuum - just for those extremities and not the rest of the body. I would never allow a Techmarine to be immune to mind-affecting psychic effects unless he completely removed his brain, at which point, he's no longer alive and not a PC. Even the most inorganic Magos has a bit of gray matter in there, and that makes him susceptible to mind-affecting effects. Any workaround of that is BS - the brain encased in a shell might have the extra TB to the head, but it won't make his actual brain any more protected against psychic powers. What about Tech Marines who have their weak gray matter flesh stored away in a jar back on the ship, while it is connected to some kind of interface that allows it to interact with the Tech-Marine Body?
  5. Not when he has a follower of Khorne breathing down his neck with a Daemon Possessed weapon in his hands.
  6. Makes total sense to me. Just like your basic Algebra problem of doing Times & Divide before you Add or Subtract.
  7. I'm sorry to hear about your brother in arms. Unfortunately I am of the Adaptus Mechanicus so I do not know any of the Apothecary prayers for the healing of flesh.
  8. If the Tzeentch character has to do melee you have a lot more to worry about then just spending an extra carp load on feats.
  9. crisaron said: Lucious the Ethernal and there used to be a Slaanesh marine with a bike but can't remember is name. You are thinking of Doomrider. From the rumors that I am hearing he is actually coming back in the Legion's Codex for 40K 6th edition.
  10. Kshatriya said: I have a question. Why are Space Marines inspecting a Rogue Trader ship to begin with? That's hardly SOP for them, more in line with the Inquisition since Rogue Traders have a broad mandate. If the Rogue Trader's where passing threw Space Marine controlled areas then they would be inspected by Space Marines instead of the Inquisition. Kshatriya said: I also disagree that Astartes would kill on sight seeing Astarte stuff stored. They'd maybe be pissed and as questions, but if a RT found it on a dead ship and recovered it and was in transit (and the RT could convince them that he was going to turn it over to its owners once he figured out who they were) then that's an honorable act that Astartes would approve of. If I recall my fluff correctly it is actually a crime to possess Astartes technology by any member of the Imperium of Man besides a member of the Adeptus Astartes. Also, Space Marines have a special charge that they do not leave Adeptus Astartes technology behind when they leave a location. The only thing that I could think of is if said Rogue Trader had a writ or some other form or paperwork indicating that they where only a currier of said Adeptus Astartes property from on location to another. Funny thing is that the Adeptus Mechanicus would never allow it.
  11. BrotharTearer said: Cifer said: Which of course immediately begs the question on how Unnatural Strength (+2) stacks with already existing US. The + implies it's added, but the "if he does not already have them" speaks against it. The "if he does not already have them"-part mosty refers to othe two former ones being brutal charge trait and resistance psychic powers. All Unnatural Char stacks because its "+x". Sweet, thanks for the clarification. Good thing I did not buy that Nurgle trait. Now I get it without raising my Nurgle alignment.
  12. Kewl Imp said: I feel so stupid not knowing more about a system. Is auspex only a personal item or can it be a ship mounted to be able to scan another ship. Yes they can be mounted on ships. There are different level's of Auspex out of the core book; Auspex: +20 to Awareness tests. Can use Tech-Use to spot things normally not seen. (example: gases) Range 50M, threw 50cm thick walls. Auger Array: Cyber-implant, see Auspex. Bonus is re-roll perception test I only have the core book for Deathwatch on me, but I do know that the Seige Auger has better ranges. Just can't remember what they are.
  13. Kewl Imp said: The suit of power armor in question is hidden away towards the back of the ship away from everything else. I don't know all the fluff that well but so I figured I would ask others with better knowledge. Someone told me that any Space Marine chapter and he focused on Space Wolves saying they would be ruthless and use a skill I couldn't find in the books called Auspex and immediately find the armor on the ship. Auspex is not a Skill, it is a piece of equipment used for seeing threw objects or over great distances. Even if you where to bury the armor in a thickly armored box it would still be detectable as the Auspex might not see the armor itself, but the power plant would still be active to a small degree and be detected that way. Just pray that that armor is not Astartes Power Armor or all of your ship will be slain to reclaim it.
  14. bluntpencil2001 said: The soundtrack would be 'You Could Be Mine' by Guns n Roses, of course. The Rubric Marine would have to fight time travelling Necrons. You should also check out Hammerfalls "Any Mean's Necessary," really good for Space Marines mind set.
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