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  1. and how? the cards were already printed and trashing all of them ? and the "wider" is for me like half a milimeter, probably wasn't even recognized til then and now they stick with the new format. or is the wider a bigger difference in your region ?
  2. BigFest said: Hi all, So me and a friend just finished our first game, and we both really enjoyed it. While playing, we had to scribble down some rules queries we were not too sure on. If anyone could help out, I'd really appreciate it. Here are the questions. 1). What happens to assigned damage if a unit is sacrificed? Here was the scenario for some context. I was playing Dwarfs, my friend was playing Orcs. He had a Rock Lobber and a Squig Herders in play. I had a Troll Slayers. All cards were in the battlefield. His Squig Herders already had one damage on them. In my turn, I attacked with the troll slayers. He defended with his Squig Herders. Then, we came to the part of the turn between assigning damage, and applying damage. At this point, obviously, the point of damage from the Troll Slayers would kill the Squig Herders, once applied. The question we had was, in this situation, could he pay two resource, and sacrifice the Squig Herders to activate the Rock Lobbers ability? If he did, what would happen to the damage that had been applied to the Squig Herders? My take was, the ability would resolve, leaving the damage to be reassigned between any remaining defenders, or the capital, as the unit had left play before the damage was applied. Is this correct? Nope, it's not you apply the damage, then opens an action windows in which he sacrifices the unit. the damage then is simply lost and cannot be reassigned. Dark elves can make good use of that, blocking damage and then use slave pen to sacrifice the unit and get double benefit from it. BigFest said: 3). Just for clarification, cards action abilities and tactic cards work like instants in Magic the Gathering correct? They are the only things allowed to be played out of turn sequence? usually yes, some supply cards / unit cards can be played out of sequence, but just by some special card text, that explicitly tells you to otherwise you can only use action and tactics in your opponents turn (and all of your phases) a great read is the FAQ1.8 for this game, this explicitly tells you about the timing rules, that can be very tricky once you get very deep into this game. So if you plan to play this game more excessively you might wanna read the FAQ javascript:void(0);/*1348088969947*/ BigFest said: 4). Finally, just a little clarification really. When it comes to a point in the turn when we could both activate actions/tactics, who goes first? Is it whoever's turn it is? Sorry for the long post. Thanks very much for all your help guys. The active players goes first to decide if he wants to take an action or not. Then the opposing player can respond or pass. If he passes, the active player can pass as well (and close this action windows) or play another action to keep the chain going. If he plays another action, the opposing player can now go again. A Chain ends when both player pass. After the first chain is resolved, now the opposing player is allowed to start a new chain. if he passes. the active player can go again. and so on I don't get this forum's quote system, sorry my post is completely confusing and weird and I can't even delete what I wrote, it always sets it back to the original text…
  3. ive figured that problem as well because they are sleeved :x some cards go in the sleeves with ease, and others need really some effort to get them in the sleeves
  4. it's normal damage assigning. so church of sigma doesn't trigger and you can't play any actions to counter the dmg
  5. and thats why all brayherd decks play khorvak Grimbreath. if he's out early, then you gonna have a bad time
  6. No AlexFrost. you choose one from EACH payout! So if the Headline is for example: Left Side | Middle | Right Side Starplayer | Starplayer Starplayer | Starplayer Each player gets one Starplayer card and takes this one. The winner then takes 2 Starplayer Card and Chooses ONE to keep. SO the Loser gets 1 Starplayer and the Winner 2 Starplayers from just one Event. Then you go to the next Headline.
  7. that's the human's BBTM tactic get your team full with starplayers and get the staff upgrade card. and 8 to 14 points isn't that much cause if they got 7 starplayers and both team/staff upgrade cards, they obv didn't go for too many fans before the end of the game. My only balance concern is that some of the StarPlayers are by far weaker than others and drawing them actually hurts ;x
  8. your post is true for all teams. no team rushes for fans right away, everybody wants to replace their linemen and get staff or team upgrade cards, so you win in the long run -,-
  9. human has noone the grab the ball? the have the strongest ball getters in the game (besides star player). human blitzers tackle a SP2 ball carrier, ball is in the middle and grab it. I have my biggest wins always rushing for starplayers and team upgrades with Human. managed to break the 70 fans mark once in a 2 - player game
  10. the problems with goblins will be, that there is already a neutral star player who is goblin (one ear). kinda screws it up if they add goblins as a team now, but have a neutral goblin
  11. monk said: Hi, When you receive staff/team upgrades, if they don't say 'discard' or 'exhaust' do you keep them for the whole game or just one round. If a player commits one copy of the Morg star player to a matchup, can another player commit the other copy of the Morg card at a DIFFERENT match up? Cheers You keep staff and team upgrades for the whole game. Only exception is if you have to discard them (exhausted cards are turned back in the management phase). Yes, Morg can be presented at two different matchups.
  12. Starplayers without Freebooter ability are put on TOP of your teamdeck after everybody showed his new improvement pile (so you definitely will have them in the next week) Starplayers with Freebooter ability replace on other player in your team (in our case we always remove Lineman and put the Freebooter in the team deck instead). After replacing you shuffle your teamdeck again (so it's not guaranteed you will have the Freebooter starplayer in the next week, but you replaced a bad player, so still pretty good). The Starplayers without Freebooter are put on the deck AFTER shuffling of course if you gained starplayers with freebooter as well. All starplayers you've played during a week are then put on the discard pile as any other player in your team as well. So the next time you shuffle your teamdeck they stay in your team (until the final end of the game). €: sorry, if it's hard to understand. I can rephrase it (put more effort in writing it in proper english ) or go more into detail if questions remain
  13. The tournament is treated like a normal highlight (with the exception that it is not limited to 2 players fighting over the win). This means: To win / participate at the Tournament you actually have to place units there (and a ball at the beginning on the tournament card.) So for 2 players you always fight at 3 highlights. the 2 drawn ones (plus the 2 you discard) AND the tournament
  14. in my edition of the game, every player gets a little sheet with all characters and all their abilities. I own the very first version (if there is any other version around) Germany though just a very small picture i found with google now: the cards next to the two gold tokens for each player
  15. haha, quite funny i see this thread now. I used to play Citadels a lot (a game I could even convince my sisters to play with me) and wished for a new game on christmas (cause my sisters never know what to get me) and I chose Dominion, as I explained it to them, one said: it sounds like Citadels. And I strongly disagreed cause I don't see any similarities (besides the medieval time of course): but she said Cards, Gold, You Buy Cards and Take them in your "deck". I know you can't compare them but for a person being not into games too much, they might sound similar She will probably completely disagree after we played Dominion I guess
  16. hours, days, weekends. i lose track of time playing this game
  17. on 1 we rotate between witch and assassin 2 is always the thief 3 mostly the magician 4 intrigeur, cause it's boring if the king blocks his spot for the whole game 5 the new priest (don't know his english name) 6 merchant 7 bob, the builder (don't know his real name either (original game) 8 soldier of fortune 9 usually the queen cause she is fun but the artist is fun too so we mostly play the old champs, but some of the new ones are fun too at the end it's personal preference anyway
  18. I'm glad I'm one of the first buyers of this game and all expansions. Reading this thread makes me kinda sad and happy. Happy seeing so many people like the game I love to play (but only can convince two other people around here ). And Sad it's not being sold anymore, I didn't even know that. I would support a reprint and even buy it, just to support this awesome game!
  19. okay, I've just reread the rules and the cards and you are right. opponent isn't exactly defined in any section, which would make this discussion redundant. The only point I can make now that it says Your Opponent and not your opponents. So if you consider other match ups you aren't part of, you don't have an opponent but two different opponent-S. So this card would only trigger at match ups you are part of if you follow the instructions word by word. Sadly it doesn't work on tournaments anymore then, if there are more players involved. So yeah, I would say logic dictates that you are part of the match up to trigger the effect, but it's not clearly stated in the rules.
  20. BrandonCarpenter said: I looked in the rulebook and didn't see this clearly stated. Do you have to be at a matchup to trigger actions? Using this card as an example and assuming nothing else is written on the card (I don't have the game nearby to look it up right now), Can you benefit from a highlight where two other managers have committed players? Do you count as having zero downed players at this highlight? no, you have to be part of the matchup.
  21. yes. as they are matchup action and played after using all the skills already. So the skills of the committed player don't matter anymore
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