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  1. Situational i know, but would they not be good for a wardancer? Some of their career specific action cards gain "buffs" from changing between stances and dependant on depth into a stance.
  2. I can't wait for this! Great idea for POD =]
  3. I can't say i have played much with the system but: why not have monsters groups with their own ranged units to combat PC ranged players? or small groups using stealth checks to get behind the archer / ranged characters? Also can't Chaos stars be used to damage bows? that would encourage them getting a bit closer where the chance to hit is higher. then you know…. have monsters rush the poor bugger as for priest vs wizards. Am i right in believeing gms can deny those characters piety if they haven't been the stricktest of discipels? so if they failed to vist a recent towns local temple deny them some points at a crucial moment? guess the thing i enjoy about the system is that some of the balancing is in the roleplay, not just for the characters but the GM as well. but then like i said i haven't played a large amount and i do like to be a punishing GM
  4. How can a character take make more than 1 action in a turn? I think i have missed something, is it fatigue/stress or additional challange die on each addition action?
  5. **** you all, my wallet hates you! So i ordered Player guide, creature vault, Lure of powe, Omens of War & Back Fire Pass Thank's a lot guys hearing from people who have and are playing has been so much more helpful than there vague descriptions or "well see" reviews =] You should all get commission.
  6. I think they touch on this in the Tome of adventure in the Corebox set. There's a reference in the fluff about a wizard hinting at the differences or similarities between religion and the winds of power being similar but not daring to mention it to others. This coupled with wizards being forbidden to access more than one flavour magic. There is also a very famous example of why priests shouldn't/wouldnt be allowed to dabble in magic and vise versa. Nagash. A Priest before a sorcerer and the novels point at his priest hood rituals heavily influencing his magic. dark in practice and intent but there is corruption everywhere.
  7. The Social Action cards that Lure provides, how are they used is this during combat or socially some how? The idea of support/defend actions sounds good specially in a group that love cloth wearing characters.
  8. I'm surprised! lure of power looked the least interesting! Does it have that much to offer? I think knowing my group a few other expansions will be required but patients wont be an issue. We've been messing with and adding to an ancient system for years! This seems to have everything we want, even if it is a little bit stretched apart and makes you scratch your head. What of black fire pass? I think the dwarf lovers in the group will drool a little ...
  9. Thanks all for taking the time to reply You are all right i should play through a few more games grab the Players guide and settle in for the long run I and my group really enjoy the mechanics and I guess we were just disappointed with the limited content of the box set after some had read online of other career options and rules. With hind sight having a Troll Slayer sprint across a vast distance only to trip over his beard on the first swing was nothing short of hillarious Thanks again! I plan on being a lot more helpfull and less ranty on the forum from now on =]
  10. Is this game scattered to a degree that makes it difficult to pickup? I have been playing warhammer quest/Hero quest for years and recently looked into finding something of the same lore. After seeing the dice mechanic of wfrp 3ed and the action cards and though this is it. awesome. First of all the Corebox set feels like nothing more than an expensive tease. Honestly felt like i paid for a 5 minuet hand job. No where near enough to get finished. half the BASIC careers are missing, advanced careers are only advanced in name. Would that not be the ideal time to upgrade some stats? rather than the hideously expensive upgrades during career advancement. The beastiery is more like a pet store unless you purches a whole box set and even then basic things are missed out. Vampires and the undead are fine with sun light these days? just as well Nagash hasn't found out yet old world would be a grave yard. Though maybe that's what's happening, we wouldn't know as were stuck in a corner of the empire. Just as well we aren't the adventuring types... basic mechanics are poorly explained! movement for example; using fatigue you can cross an extreme range in a turn and still make an attack? while small monsters half murder them selves doing that. Other mechanics like corruption, disease and riding are all extras? I've barely spent a month and £60 and i already feel cheated. After working out what is needed just to get 4 characters past their first career is daunting specially when considering that is but step 1 of 5. Plus there's no content for any of the other parts of the empire let alone the darker and more exotic areas (araby, southlands, wastlands, of the dead, skaven underworld) Why wasn't the box set filled with All rules and careers and then subsequent box sets filled with the fluff, campaigns, local disease', cults exotic actions and reward items. waist of some fantastic mechanics... and now I just fill like an old man ranting & raving under the strain of his insanity cards.
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