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  1. the full auto attack action has a chart table that tells you where each hit goes....I think it is in the "playing the game" or "combat" section. Sorry I do not have a page number for you as my book is on loan to a friend for the night. but it IS in the BC book.
  2. N0-1_H3r3 said: Rogzor said: When you create a character you can get extra equipment. You can't have more equipment then your Infamy(at the time of character creation) and it can't total more then -10 aqcuisition. I don't understand the total more then -10 aquisition part. Right, you get a number of 'free' acquisitions at character creation equal to your Infamy Bonus (typically 2 - it's rare to have a starting character with a starting Infamy Bonus higher than 2, simply because it would require that the character had increased his starting Infamy to greater than 30 - unlikely - and you can't start with less than 20) Those acquisitions can have a total modifier of no worse than -10. This is the same modifier you'd determine when trying to acquire an item normally using Infamy, but without the actual Infamy Test. The way to determine this modifier is explained on page 306 of the rulebook, specifically Table 9-11: Acquisition Test Modifiers. In summary, this means that each 'free' acquisition at the start can obtain a single Scarce item or 2-4 Average items of Best craftsmanship, a single Rare item or 2-4 Scarce items of Good craftsmanship, a single Very Rare item or 2-4 Rare items of Common craftsmanship, or a single Extremely Rare item or 2-4 Rare items of Poor craftsmanship. There are other combinations of availability, quantity and craftsmanship, but how many people are honestly going to want over a thousand cups of recaf as a starting acquisition? The way myself and my group of players have understood the way this works just like it says on the table chart. you get 2 items according to starting to starting infamy bonus. (as this variation has been discussed im using 2 as the normal example). you decide you want something that is at the -10 modifier, if they are 2 different items then yea you can wind up with 2 pieces of extra wargear/weps/whatever as long as it works fits on the chart. the way around this is that if you are rolling for a human power first at very rare (-20) (as if one isnt enough right?) quantity is one so you get a +10 to this aquisition test, and good craftsmanship is a +0.........BAM! you can roll out with two very rare items starting out of the gate. and this is not including anything like prides etc that modify this further... but this allows the players a little more variety than what they are sometimes offered and lets them put some pride into the fact that they got a _________ and its aaaaaaaall theirs.
  3. Reverend mort said: Why? Presuming it's within his carry limit and he has bulging bicep to negate the bracing penalty, is it any more improbable than a 200+kg brute in 200+kg armor wielding two +10 kg giant fists while jumping around? Or said brute firing off expert marskmanship pistol shots mid-air? No, if he's got the skills, let the guy rocket jump while rocket jumping! If nothing else, he's being more creative than the lightning claw raptor crowd! Plus, it's got a theme to it... ROKKITZ! Very true good sir, carrying limit is totally and easily calculated. course power armor with a black carapace does amazing things for said brutes. and yea my hats off for the creative mixings of the heavy gunner with the fast mover of a jump pack. I was simply pointing out that firing the thing should have some sort of negative outcome (to some degree) if the fellow was trying to fire a heavy weapon from mid air is all. now if hes doing the jump-fly-land shoot the tank, then jump-fly away tactics bravo!!!! oh yea...an if you paint dem rokkits red deys go fasta's ta get da Umies'!! >.<
  4. CorpseGod said: Modern? Mark VII was developed during the Heresy and if I recall correctly, the Horus Heresy novels covered your concern by saying that the initial production of the new armors were directed by Horus aligned forges to the traitor legions in the build up to Istvaan. The main difference between VII and VIII is just the higher collar/gorget and some additional plating as far as I know. of all the mentions of armor that I have seen in referring to the HH series....that was when the legions were getting the "new" maximus pattern MK IV stuff. As I read into the most recent book "Deliverance Lost" they talk about due to lack of material riveting he armor plates on...IE- Heresy pattern MK V armor. Also in a few places they talk about recently receiving the new tactical dreadnought armor IE- Termi armor.... but I honestly do not remember where they make ANY mention of MK VI corvus or MKVII Aquilla pattern stuff even being manufactured let alone on the drawing board. could you toss me a suspected book title and I will research that? That could be a good story hook too.
  5. what timezone? and is this the same one over AIM??? or a html type site?
  6. I would deffinitely like to see more classes, or rather specific types of classes.....there was no medic unless you are a heretek??? sorta...I dunno seemed like that part was rushed. Hopefully they do iron some stuff out but I totally cant wait until more of the story line stuff gets release. maybe some more descriptions of some of the planets and things notated on the inside cover maps but are lacking the description in the back section of the main book..
  7. Woops, sorry I missed the last line or two of your post. since you guys are planning on stealing the ship???? i take it after you get away from prying eyes or anyone who would care, you could have the group travel deeper into the ship to see what kind of cargo there is to go trade. A good place to trade could be the Hollows- theres 2 Forges that are continually at war , I dont think that any pirate like behavior close to there is going to really draw negative attention. Sacgrave is a place that you could take the ship, then run a shuttle craft to the surface to go to the townships to get supplies...honestly since some of the places so so inhospitable to any sort of landing I plan on taking my group out of the vortex, and somehow popping out in the hadex anomoly in the jericho reach since there is more (in my opnion) opportunity to have some creative thinking as to where to strike next at the imperium.
  8. theshadowduke said: Does anyone have a complete map of the areas covered in the four 40k books? I would like to have a map to figure out where all these places interact. We (the players) were able to sneak on board a transport ship we are planning on taking over somehow. The issue however is that we don't know where we need to go and what kind of route we need to get there. We have already convinced the captain to take us to a system we will tell him after he is done with his current trade stop, and we need to find a planet that is suitably distant to ensure we have enough time to corrupt crew and incite a mutiny. Are you just referring to like "the jericho reach" or the "calixis sector"???? I sort of dont follow what you mean. As far as not knowing where you NEED to go... thats the nice thing with BC, you as the group get to DECIDE where you go, what youre going to try to perform as a campaign of war in the glory of chaos. you guys can either focus with multiple missions on a single planet to try and soften it up for a larger invasion, go raiding ships and space stations, become slavers and traffic humans. (souls ARE a very useful currency in the vortex afterall). There is a huge variety of things you can do or places to go. What sort of intro did your group start with? the story in the back of the main book? and I think that in the....main? deathwatch book there is a map of the whole imperium that gives you a brif description of each major area covered in these rpg's. but unless you either go with the logic that the screaming vortex opens into the hadex anomoly, like 2 sides of the same piece of paper, then youre talking about 2 opposite corners of the imperium. Jericho reach is lower right of the map, and the calixix sector/koronus expanse/screaming vortex is in the upper left corner. .I will try to find you a page number...
  9. htsmithium said: @Adept Orcadius thanks for the advice. was going to go with only one pred, but seeing as how my renigade has a jump pack and a krak missle armed missile launcher did not want to run into the lucky insto-kill issue. a missle launcher wielding jump pack renegade???? 0.o? whats he got other n that fer armaments since a ML is a heavy weapon(?) and well......if someone in my group tried to wing shoot a heavy wep, in addition to the neg modifiers for not bracing and aiming Id imagine something nasty up like.....the recoil has bucked the barrel partially towards the group.....everyone infront of bob take a dodge and/or armor check.....something creative like that. I think the limiting on the armor will help keep youre players alive...what sort of toughness bonus were you thinking??? and you could always do the thing where the pred isnt as stealthy while moving, so it could only get a -10 for anyone trying to spot it since ther was a distortion to wherever it was standing. goodluck man, and Id like to see what having 2 hereteks would be like in my group....probably wind up with something along the lines of rockem-sockem robots....LOL
  10. bah sorry for the fat fingers: i meant MEDIC in the group.....
  11. Well part of me wants to go creepin through the jungle but then again.....I saw how that turned out for the other guy. LOL Something to consider: are ALL your players CSM's in power armor or better???? do you plan on having all three of these predator things run into the group at once??? is there a midc in the group whos REALLY good at keeping ppl alive?? something else I would be careful as to going to close to what the preds were like in the movies, seems if they are too beastly then you might wind up slaying your players in a round or two of combat. power blades might be a way to go since thats not so bad, the plasma guns, I would only use those on single shot since there was none (if any, i cant remember) burst shots or full auto spurts from the shoulder mounted cannon they had. for a template: try the kroot from Rogue Trader as a template. but to be fair for your players, consider possibly lowering the diff to spot the "pred" if hes cloaked and has fired as CSM's would be able to pick up the heat signature of the blast. or at least the residual from anything close by the barrel. so mebbe a -20 at that point ??? Mort or anyone else got any ideers?
  12. Morangias said: Oh, the game can totally be an exercise in rolling the dice if one is inclined to play it this way - it's just that it handles combat without kid's gloves or training wheels. "rubber ducky, youre the one.........you make combat so much fun.....rubber ducky youre the only weapon for me now.........doo...da doo da doo doo doo" hmm....rubber ducky: type-melee 4d10+4 E special rules: balanced devastating(2), felling: YES powerfield, tearing, and anything else to make youre deamon prince go 'wtf mate!?'
  13. And while this is a BC forum just to help add to the list of intricate, yet fun once they are learned is the solo:squad mode stuff form the Deathwatch branch of FFG's 40K rpgs. Yea I totally agree with what was said though, this game is so loosely collared with XP and whatnot that it really is a ROLE playing game vs ROLL playing game until you hit combat, wich, depending on the scenario presented to the group, could avtually be a while. I still find the interactions of shopkeepers n repair shops with the groups always fun plus it helps get past the monotamy of "ok i got _________xp, gimme this gun" type repetiveness.. btw CONGRATULATIONS on being a new dad!!
  14. Morangias said: Grey Knights willing to go Xanthite are imaginable. A letdown for many, but it can make sense. Grey Knights going full Xanthite yet remaining incorruptible make no sense at all. You dabble in Chaos, Chaos dabbles in you. Wasn't there a part in the Gre Knights Codex about them annointing themselves in the blood of the Sisters of Battle they butchered because they claimed that the Sisters were "tainted by Chaos"???? hmmmmm......seems pretty khornite to me..
  15. Blood Pact said: I'm not saying there isn't bad fluff, but when we look at something we should do it with a more critical eye than simply saying it sucks because, "Matt Ward wrote this". Just for the record that -IS- a totally legit arguement strategy and point. but I will agree with you that the Word Bearers can lick smeg as I too have grown to loath them from reading the HH series.
  16. Stuntie said: I brought the ship out very badly damaged and battered but near the forge world of the Hollows. They have a ship that need repairs badly - it will only just make the hollows, but have no coin or resources to batter for the items they need to get it repaired. However... the Forgeworld is split into two factions, with the, most useful right now, Ship repairing one of them being the disgruntled underdog. Now if some outsider, deniable and expendable resource was to help them rectify this position, or just inconvenience the other side - then who knows, ship repairs may just be on the house... I am working on a campaign for them to perform tasks in exchange for repairs to get the ship up and running. However intervening in grudges and rivalries is not only risky, but politics and alliances can change . Never more so when the Gods of Chaos are watching.... I'll provide more details in a thread once my Group has been through the adventures ahead. So orginanlly I worked up a stop to "The Hollows" and had similar intentions, but with a darker twist to it. Seems my players decided that they wished to return the ship to its glory days in the service of Chaos. How to effect repairs of this magnitude???? well aside from running those "inconveniencing" the other side missions to help aid their fight, they traded the 7,000 or whatever you decide the # of feral humans would probably tally up to to the Forge Magos to get turned into his next wave of battle servitors or whatever. as a replacement though you will obviously need enough slaved servitors and deck hands to keep this ship functioning. But the best part is now the group has an established ally and commerce partner to start cutting their territory out . I find this can lead to a well laid out web of interactions that will not always result in an hour of dice slinging and horde slaying (fun but repetative sometimes). plus if you have devious players you can RP out the manipulation (or rather the ATTEMPTED) of BOTH factions to gain access to both types of services and or gear.....dangerous path to walk that one. good luck.
  17. Hey thanks again to everyone that added to this discussion. Part of my problem was that yes, I did feel sorta swamped with the "holy **** a PC an DO that??!!"...and trying to think of a way to handle it like i said had driven me almost to ebay to sell my books... its over now. That player basically decided before I could actually approach him for some sort of resolution to just not play in BC. but since I dont want to lose someone who is a friend outside this quabble in the rpg world. I plan to set up a small DW game for him n 2 other ppl, I think 6 is my cap for trying to keep players involved and trying to balance giving them each a chance to interact with npc's n whatnot.
  18. Oh yea, the reason this PC even got close enough to filay this thing like freddy kruger was because the tomb stalker ound up having a slightly lower INIT. than them. partly due to the roll of the dice and also cus I figured, well, might let at least some damage to get slung his way before he ***** them all into tomorrow.... As for the size issues.....i understand that the word "STRIKE" Could indicate a projectile striking it, but seems nowdays and even in the 40K fluff that the only strikes are from missles, torpedoes, and lances.....everything else is from a "chainsword striking against an enemies armor and eating through it in a shower of sparks..."or what have you. I agree totally though that there are some definite grey areas and non-clarity in some of the rules and the interpretation of them. I blame that on the fact that these games are all derived from Games Workshop stuff. HAHA YES I SAID IT MATT WARD YOU ****!!! *hides from the lawyers* uhm......yea pretty much I think this has turned into a bit of a dead horse... hahahaha btw, a friend told me about his bat **** crazy human psyker, as a joker character basically: pushed alot and basically had his psy rating high enuff to avg. a near 50% perils got almost through the first session of that story before he rolled a 100 on the perils table and POOF out flops a happy teddy bear swining bloodthirster. it was pretty **** funny cus the group had JUST finished slaying this dumbed down version of a juggernaut too...... "RAWR YOU KICKED MA BLOOD DOG!!"
  19. Morangias said: By the way, did the Tomb Stalker try to dodge him? Because even with his untrained Dodge, he can still negate up to four hits from one of those attacks. EDIT: Oh, and sorry if my tone seemed dismissive and/or judgmental at any moment. I try to be brief and informative when discussing rules on the web, but sometimes it just comes off as me being a dismissive jerk instead. No such thing was intended, I assure you. Mor- I was using the tomb stalker as just some big scary beasty thing to help introduce 2 late comers to the game due to school scheduling. Basically, the 4 or so PC's are were travelling across no mans land in "The Hollows" and are on a mission for Forge Polix. They hear a motor at high rpm's coming their way fast so they all hide, and see this rhino come darting out of the smokey haze. this being of course chased by the "tomb stalker". I was using the profile for that to represent a generic NASTY war machine construct from the opposing forge. tomb stalker blasts the rhino, out of the top hatch flies the raptor player, the noise marine jumps out the rear hatch. My Havoc, wich was just there as a means to aid the group incase they hit a sticky spot...he was just a pair of legs with a lovely reaper auto cannon. I dropped the TS from 90-50wounds...noisemarine did about 12 or so. .then the raptor killed it the one n a half times over. (this was all according to my/our understanding of damage n armor etc...) and then at the end of all the dice rolling and EVERYONE watching this player roll dice for what seemed like forever he announced the 140 something damage....which obviously got the job done. I never really intended them to stay and fight, or have him one man show it as that was pretty much THE combat for that part of the session. Honestly I was at first worried about someone dying on me so thats why I "softened" it up with the reaper. and also didnt have it dodge since well, I dont recall if a tomb stalker even has the dodge skill....that might have been why I just made the **** thing soak it all up...either that or I failed the roll. meh. Naw I didnt take it like a dismissive. I just wanted to show how (according to my grasp of the rules at that time) yea it did AMAZINGLY happen and unless you want to play or run a tumbler of slaying dice watch out for it. Have a safe n great new years all.
  20. Adept Orcadius said: well i dunno if this is going to go straight to you or repost on the board but sorry, I didnt know that you did each hit seperately. My apologies. had this damage distrobution been the other way though....wow.....appeared quite broken and OP from my point of view eh? this was to Morangias sorry all.
  21. well i dunno if this is going to go straight to you or repost on the board but sorry, I didnt know that you did each hit seperately. My apologies. had this damage distrobution been the other way though....wow.....appeared quite broken and OP from my point of view eh?
  22. Reverend mort said: if you charge then immediately right after that you can pull a lightening attack..... No you can't. First of all, charging is a full action, so no half action left to lightning attack with. Secondly, if he's already delivered two sets of swift attack via the charge, he's used both of his dual-wield attacks, thus he's out of attacks. Third, that's performing two separate actions with the attack subtype, which is prohibited. BTW- Like ive said before, im new and I wasnt trying to sound snippy about the "yea you can actually"....this was me simply relaying my experience with a somewhat similar situation and what happened. whether i got a fast one pulled on me Im not fully sure. So I apologize if any readers thought i was trying to be an A-hole to them. REV-This was my understanding but i asked multiple ppl locally and (yes i will go back n thoroughly re-read this) there was something that since charging is consided a standard action (or something of that nature) even though it is a full action something in there allowed a "free half action"......I agree it does sound not right but.....appearantly I have gamers n friends that sit up at night trying to dream ways to OP the hell outta combat. Also, with a WS of 40ish (judging by the damage from Crippling strike, which is half of his WS bonus) he's capped at 4 attacks per swift attack, which would require 8 DoS. While he might score more with enough bonuses, he can't get more hits in. Multiple hits from both Lightning and Swift attack is capped at your WS bonus. Thus, two-weapon wielding with Lightning claws would score him a maximum of 8 hits. He had a WS of 50-62...not in the 40's so if you are doing the X2 method fer 2 wep weilder then he coulda had 12 hits possible... come to think of it- what does the "special" special rule say? I cant seem to find it in my book..... It's listed under the Lightning Claw entry. Basically, when wielding one, each DoS adds +1 to the damage. When wielding two, it adds +2 per DoS. How this combines with Lightning attack is unknown IIRC. Certainly not clear from the text itself. Well from that just off the lightening claws he was getting 4-6 DoS per attack....so.....??? what is that like 8 extra dam???? something close probably... real fast since I missed it: does the AP and TB actually get applied to each HIT or per attack? or totalled up at the end? Per hit. So of those 24 damage hits, it would have soaked up 14 points from each. Furthermore, while it lacks the skill, if it had a reaction it could have either dodged or parried at -20 for being untrained (or -30, too tired to check). Which, since both characteristics are at 55, might have removed a hit or two. Remember, it's not a true opposed test, but rather one where each DoS negates one hit. okay so I learned something new.....so we were doing it wrong more than likely...good to know thanks. Also @Adept Orcadius in the previous editions of 40k melee attacks weren't affected by size modifiers, so thats -40 from your example case, I think that is still true in BC but might want to check. The BC rules do not, as far as I can see, make any mention of the to-hit bonus/penalty from size only applying to Ranged weapons. Which, considering the general unification of the ranged and melee rules, I'd probably call an intended change. under the profile for the tomb stalker it says size: 6 (i think) plus the picture shows it about to death blow a rhino apc.... we went to the chart under the minion creation area to see what a 6 was and listed Enormous, and had a +20 or +40 to hit. it did not specify if ranged or melee were excluded but basically if you had a WS of 40 you could hit it on a 60. I know some of you all go backwards on the 0-100 scale so Im just going by what my group uses which is the roll at or under method. Again, I am NOT trying to prove or disprove anyone, just simply lay out what was noticed by myself other players with sharp memories and what I witnessed. either way though Lightening Claws are (in my opnion and short of deamon weps) the best friggin weapon in the BC game. cus you can still take a jump pack n with the right perks drop around 88 damage (total) in a single round....wich - the 22 from TB an APwould only really amount to about....around 4-10 dam per attack that got thru...but this was a MASTER enemy I had them encounter. Thank you all for the illumination on combat.
  23. real fast since I missed it: does the AP and TB actually get applied to each HIT or per attack? or totalled up at the end?
  24. MOR- He rolled out with 2 attacks with L claws and since he was blowing the DoS out of the water he was compounding the raptor attacks on, for another possible 4 attacks (each attack can be used twice for a max of 2d10 dam)...... EACH lightening claw: 1d10+6 E pen 8 power field, proven (4), special....come to think of it- what does the "special" special rule say? I cant seem to find it in my book..... so he has high WS, modifiers in his favor to basically make it where he CANT miss..he almost aways is getting at least 2 degrees of success, so he charges with 2 attacks(not sure If I listed the talent that did that or not but he was making a big deal about having it so I know he was rolling with that.) 16+8 str mod for 24 dam per atack, say....4 DoS..(now with his bonus's and high WS that coulda been more.another 20 dam (potentially)).... 42 dam just off one attack including raptor. +2 dam for crip strike= 44 per atack 88dam at pen 8? might not add up to what he rolled out with but still thats **** high if you charge then immediately right after that you can pull a lightening attack..... with a +40 to hit JUST from attacking the tomb stalker cus of its sizend a WS of 50-60ish +perks from modifires/other talents, he practically couldnt miss and could roll out with potentially another 6 attacks each at a possible total of 44dameach....that in itself is a possible 264 damage, then add the other 88 onto that and now chew into the TB14 and armor 8. yup its possible. but the bottom line is, I screwed up and started a game with the PC's getting 2000xp outta the gait to blow and all this player did was dump stuff into making him a slaying machine. the part where he did cheat (i dare say the word) is that like i said: you cant buy lightening claws as a pair according to the BC book unlike DW and with their rating of (i think) extremely rare...thats where he should have been shut down. even with one claw, he could still stack enough stuff to pretty much one hit most elites and anything else I could reasonably toss at the group. btw he did a roll after the session was over against another melee focused PC: killed him in one turn. and quite a few times on the crit scale...
  25. oh yea almost forgot: they do make mention that certain circles inside the screaming vortex do actually make use of (probably) defaced Thrones as currency. It all depends on what youre trying to get, whos selling it, and what they see is an acceptable currency. Thrones, ore, promethium by the barrel, human trade, weapons, etc. have a great new year.
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