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  1. Charles_Stampley

    Players in Austin, Tx?

    A couple of us that frequent Great Hall Games in N Austin love this game and want to start playing more. Is anyone interested in meeting at Great Hall to play? We had a 12 person tournament using the last kit that was released but that was a couple of years ago.
  2. Charles_Stampley

    Austin Area playera

    I am looking at getting back into LOTR LCG after a couple of years off. I have another gaming commitment on Thursdays. Are you guys meeting anywhere else at a different time? I think I talked to one of you last year at ET but it is so crowded in the evenings that I don't go as often as I used to.
  3. Charles_Stampley

    Need some help in creating a dwarf solo deck

    I use a deck very similar to Rich's deck--same heroes and most of the cards and can second that it is very good especially for the 3 Khazad--dum quests. I haven't used it for any of the dwarrowdelf cycle quests yet. Erebor Battle Master is one of the keys, however. It will be your primary creature control card so he is essential. Thalin's ability is great for clearing out goblin snipers and eastern crows. I also use fresh tracks to further clear out goblins with 2 hit points--they take a point of damage from Thalin and then fresh tracks will kill them. Let us know how you do.
  4. Charles_Stampley

    Conflict at the Carrock--Seriously?? Can this be soloed?

    Thanks for the help, I really mis-played the adders and didn't realize that if they are successfully blocked they are not causing damage so their special ability does not kick in. I don't have Loragon yet, but he is enroute. Its off to the Dead Marshes next.
  5. Charles_Stampley

    Conflict at the Carrock--Seriously?? Can this be soloed?

    I finally won this quest last night using a Dain-Thalin-Bifur deck, but I had good draws including two Gandalfs and Grimbeorn. Erebor Battle Master was a beast with all the dwarf allies, and I was able to forest snare one of the trolls. It was odd because I have not had much success with three sphere decks before, but Bifur's ability+Steward of Gondor+songs helped me get the cards out that I needed. Any hints on how to handle the mud adders? Automatically killing anything that blocks it is tough. If he goes unblocked and you assign his damage to a hero does the effect still kick in? I played that it does and lost Thalin because I didn't have an ally at the time to block. Thanks for the suggestions!
  6. I am fairly new to the game and can only play solo at the moment. I just tried Carrock for the first time tonight. I have no idea how to beat 4 trolls playing solo. I've tried a leadership/lore deck with Gloin, Bilfur, and Dain, and a spirit/tactics deck using Eowyn, Gimli, and Thalin. I have all the sets except foundations of stone, shadow and flame, redhorn gate, and road to rivendell. If my threat stays below 34 I could optionally engage one at a time but that takes forever and once threat hits 34 it is all over. Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks!