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  1. I have no way to print things - especially not in a way that I could use them in a game :(. add this to the Daisy Walker sadness.
  2. i have 3 of these in play, does that mean i can discard all 3 and draw 6 cards when I get a surge?
  3. I was doubting all reality for a minute there! lol
  4. wait have i been playing wrong all this time? i thought you only draw an extra encounter card for going through your deck, and acceleration tokens were only when the villain goes through their deck?
  5. ditto on marvelcdb.com - i pretty much just use decks created by other players still
  6. where's the best place to see all the cards while we anxiously await for our june deliveries lol
  7. so jelly!!!! I'm convinced she's gonna be my favorite
  8. I was thinking Nightcrawler, Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, Shadowcat. Because I'm desperate for XMen.
  9. I'm so lost on the silhouettes - I'm 'hoping' that second one is nightcrawler and we're getting xmen though lol
  10. has there been any new news about thor pack shipping, similar to the post above about cool stuff, miniature market still hasn't received their shipment and no word about it. Are the thor packs just not going out to retailers at all and we should be cancelling our pre-orders and waiting for reprints?
  11. Any other advice for someone who really thought they had pre-ordered it but it just seems to be missing from their list of pre-orders?
  12. Maybe it is just extremely late at night, but while prepping for the Yellow Matter scenario it seems like there should be two altars but I only see one on the map. I checked through all of the event cards just to make sure one doesn't appear elsewhere and from what I can tell that is it. I'm assuming (and we all know what happens when one assumes) that the 2nd would be in the greenhouse?
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