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  1. Mansions of Madness 03.03.2011 Season of the Witch 24.06.2011 Silver Tablet 24.08.2011 Til Death Do Us Part 17.10.2011 (Forbidden Alchemy 15.12.2011 - not really released here) House of Fears 04.05.2012 Forbidden Alchemy Revised 11.07.2012 The Yellow Sign 27.09.2012 Call of the Wild 01.02.2013 The Laboratory 19.11.2013
  2. Yes, you can send an investigator into another room.
  3. (this is from memory, so it might be slightly incorrect, but here goes...) 1) Monsters and investigators remove the stun token at the end of their turn. 2) Yes. 3) Monsters do not have any free movement, they do however, have a free attack during the attack step. 4) Monsters do not need to evade investigators. They are free to move past, or ignore, investigators.
  4. Looks like Arkham Nights will have a MoM "play with the designer". I think the last POD was announced during that event last year.
  5. As far as I know, investigators can have several side-effects. The rules doesn't say anything else. So far I've never had the issue come up, though.
  6. I think I've said this before, but I really hope they are trying to do a revision of the original game. Perhaps merge the base game and forbidden alchemy to make a more appealing experience. Left as it is, I have a feeling this franchise will not attract any new fans...
  7. I hope they haven't given up on mansions.
  8. The scenarios is the base game are a little lopsided in favor of the keeper - some objectives are really impossible to win with as investigators. So, playing the keeper to win does not always result in a fun session... Blood Ties and The Inner Sanctum are the best of the other scenarios, but each of them have some issues. Check here: http://boardgamegeek.com/thread/855701/objectives-to-embraceavoid This collects some fixes for the base scenarios: http://boardgamegeek.com/filepage/92877/mansions-base-scenarios-minimum-fixes
  9. 1. The Fall of House Lynch is a good introducary scenario. 4. I'd say "The Yellow Sign" Print on Demand is perhaps the best value for money. "Call of the Wild" if you want something larger. As for the "Forbidden Alchemy" expansion, some of the material (especially the combat cards) integrate very nicely with the base, but a lot of the other stuff is specific to that expansion - and the newly released "The Laboratory". ... 2 and 3 are harder to give a good answer to.
  10. Call of the Wild does this to some extent. Cards are mostly randomly seeded. If I remember correctly, some of the scenarios have divided the cards into two "power levels" before distributing them.
  11. No, not all scenarios are this broken, but the ones using Summon Worshipper usually are - since the cultists are just too cheap. The Yellow Sign POD uses a similar card where each cultist costs the same as the number of cultists on the board + 1, e.g. the first once costs 1, the second costs 2 etc. Some scenario/objective combinartions in the base game are really unbalanced, though. http://boardgamegeek.com/thread/728690 This is a fairly comprehensive discussion about the scenarios in the base game. I hope FFG revises the base game in a future edition. Mansions of Madness v1.5
  12. No, attacks do not end the investigators turn. It only uses the "action" step. So, in your example, the investigator has two movements steps left and can try to evade the monster.
  13. Yes, there is a problem here. It's possible to discard the journal and then be stuck.
  14. Yes, trauma will cost 1 threat. http://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/43732-sister-mary/
  15. Seems I based my answer on the change in Call of the Wild. Feature Marker Clarifications (CotW, page 10) Allies and investigators may move through a door that is covered by a barrier. To do so, simply remove the barrier from the door and place it in the space. Then move the ally through the door. Do not replace the barrier on the door after this movement.
  16. I don't have the rules in front of me now, but I think barriers are automatically removed when an investigator goes through a door. Only monsters are blocked by barriers...
  17. I really have no idea - perhaps you should ask Corey. (In the menu at the top of the page [more] -> [customer service] -> [rules questions]
  18. Yes. "When the Objective card is revealed, it is placed faceup on the table in front of the keeper. From this point on, all players are free to read this card at any time." (page 16)
  19. I don't have a heap of links, but one I found pointed me to a relevant part of the rules. Call of the Wild, page 9, under "Attacking Allies" Cards that specifically affect monsters or investigators cannot be used against allies. For example, the special Action of the “Lantern,” “Knife,” “Guitar,” “Holy Water,” “Dynamite,” and “Typewriter” cannot be used against allies because they specifically target monster figures (and are not attacks). The most relevant part to take from this is the last part; the card ability actions are not attacks.
  20. This has been discussed several times before, with either typewriter, holy water or brass knuckles. All of these have Card Ability actions which are _not_ attacks, and therefore should incur an evade test. However, Call of the Wild introduced an Attack-trait that specifically makes the card ability actions evade-free. Perhaps the knife and some other cards will get that trait in a revised version...
  21. There is nothing in the rules that indicate that movement is evade-free after an attack; an investigator must perform an evade test before any non-attack actions. "An investigator must make an evade test against every monster in his space before moving or performing non-attack actions" (page 14) "Attacking a monster does not require making an evade test." (page 15) When reading the rules, it's a good idea to focus on what they explicitly allow instead of looking for things that are not disallowed. You could easily ask "can I take three extra movement step after an evade test?" - there is nothing in the rules which explicitly prohibit this, but it's still not how you should play it
  22. Mythos and Trauma are kept hidden. "All Mythos and Trauma cards in the keeper’s hand are kept secret from the investigators." (page 10) "Mythos and Trauma Cards:Any cards in the keeper’s hand are secret and may not be seen by the investigators." (page 25) Keeper Action cards are visible, except for in Call of the Wild. I could not find anything directly in the rules, but Call of the Wild explicitly changes the behavoir. "Call of the Wild Keeper Action Cards are kept hiddenfrom investigators until used." (CotW, page 11)
  23. Well, at first, it is a luck test, so you cannot use a skill token to increase the chance. "A player may never spend a skill point to add his Luck to his Luck" ... and Kate can only READ the objective, not REVEAL it. This is actually a larger difference than it sounds like. It still feels broken, but not quite as bad as it could be.
  24. I'm kinda happy that there was anything at all, really
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