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  1. I'm more concern about Winnu Flagship interaction with Necro's Flagship. So if Necro's Flagship say the they are all "SHIPS", does that mean that Winnu's Flagship also get additional dices for every of those Ground Units counted as "SHIPS"
  2. I also agree that Winnu is one of weak,if not the weakest, race in the game. The problem for me is that...aside from there's ability to take Rex without any cost...they are totaly bland...sad but true. One of my innitial suggeston is to give them some additional passive ability that is also somehow connected to Mecatol Rex. Here is my suggest: (Name of ability) Whenever some other player gain control of Mecatol Rex,you gain (let's say) 3 TG OR one thechnology controled by that player for which you have prereq. What do you think guys?
  3. Vidim da je tvoj "post" sveze postavljen pa reko da se oglasim dok se na njega nije zaboravilo Nisam iz Hrvatske ali sam tu iz komsiluka tacnije iz Srbije (Novi Sad). Drago mi je da vidim da cak i na ovim nasim prostorima ima aktivnih igraca sto nazalost za ovakvu drustvenu igru,OGROMNIH propocija jako retko tesko ih naci isto toliko videti da neko igra Twilight Imperium
  4. Xxcha - Diplomats: During the Strategy Phase, you may choose a Law or an Elect Player in play. Until the next Strategy Phase, ignore this Law or copy the effects of an Elect Player. cost +4 Sardak - Valktrie Armor: During each round of Invasion Combat, if your opponent inflicts more hits then you do, you gain 1 more hit and you may apply it at any enemy unit at the end of the round. Cost +3 Sol - Special Ops Training: During the first round of Invasion Combat, your Shocktroops do not have to be taken as casualties first. After Invasion Combat ends,if you have one or less Shocktroop unit present, you gain one free Shocktroop. cost +4 Yin - Archangel class Destroyers: Your Destroyers may participate in Invasion Combat and gain +1 to hit. Surviving Destroyers are returned to space after the combat and can never establish control of a planet Cost +4 L1Z1X - Hyperjump Drives: Once per round after activating a system, if at the end of the movement step you have one or more Dreadnoughts in that system, you can move any number of your Dreadnoughts from other systems to that system, even if the others systems are already activated. Cost +5 Saar - Floating Factory: Spacedocks gain +1 move, 5 production capacity & 5 fighter capacity,and can Withdraw or Retreat from Space Battle. Cost +3 resources Yssaril - Masterful Counterintelligence Once per round at any time, you may discard two Action Cards to move up to two of your units with combined cost of up to 3 resources from any system to a system you control.Non-Fighters ships can't exceeds its fleet supply limit and ground units can only be placed on planets. Cost +3 OR Stealthed Infiltrators - Once per round at any time, you may discard two Action Cards to stop one enemy ship to fire at you in a first round of Space Battle Cost +4 From my experience addition to already Saar Space Dock (able them to retreat) is a nice ADD-ON,cause last night i play with them. You still need to have some ships with space docks but they aren't vulnerable that much now cause they can RETREAT. I'm open for any critics,suggestion,anything.
  5. For some time we use this alternative tech tree (more than a year or two). And after so much testing and twiking finally we get, let's say, the ideal variant branching technology tree using this already so well-known alternative. Number one - with so much experience, I can say with certainty that some races, although they have a choice of two types of starting technologies, in 95 percent of cases will always take the same ... eg Hacan will always take Neural Motivator, Yssaril I will not even mention that, Letnev too (Duranium Armor) , Yin same and so on... Number two - Some starting technology of some races are situational or are totally useless. For example Creuss will never take Transfabrication, Letnev will not skip Duranium Armor which then continues to the Hylar V assault laser, Yin will not skip Transit Diodes that are free skip turn and certainly lead to the same Daxive animators, Jol-Nar ... Neural Computing ... really? And so on ... Number three - Based on some of the starting technology and further extensions of some...it happened to some extensions of the branching technology,no matter how eloquently just sounded logical, so much in the connection does not make sense. This a link that I already posted on this site: http://www.ti3pbf.com/board/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=1159 It is all explained in detail, except that it is already after so many tests and twiking been a few other small but significant changes. Such as Transfabrication herself is isolated technologies, such as it was, Sarween Tools is one of the initial technology in yellow branch, Automated Defense Turrets has continued to Hylar V Assault Laser and of course the War Sun researched the same as in the original tech tree. Except that it was the same number of technologies leading to the War Sun, but it is irrelevant which of the two yellow and two red technology. I can't find the way to attach picture of that Alt Tech Tree,so here's a link: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1379370/alternative-tech-tree
  6. Just wanted your opinion on this one D'Anna Biers version. Couse we all now that original version is worst cyclon leader of all. Look at the link below for complite revised character. https://boardgamegeek.com/image/719453/battlestar-galactica-pegasus-expansion?size=large
  7. Finally a best solution for Daybreak Treachery deck. As for my group...we pref Base Game + Pegasus + Daybreak, we don't like CFB at all. And what all this three together misses is that sometimes game feel so empty without a fighting the basestars,raiders,considering that the original BAIT card is...nah...can't say its "pointless",but its worst of all in Treachery deck. We came with this solution...Its practically same card as original Broadcast Location Treachery card (from Pegasus) with minor "tweak".We all know that "old" Reckless skill check maybe never happened in one game,and that every treachery card from Daybreak expansion resolve every time they came into a skill check...so we thought that this may be the perfect card balance replacement for BAIT card (from Daybreak). Broadcast Location Treachery - 0 Skill check: Place one basestar in front of Galactica and 1 civilian ship behind Galactica. If there is already a basestar on the board do not place an additional one. [if a human player discards this, they draw a mutiny card.] You can look at the actual image of a card at Board Game Geek site. Last weekend, we tried a new tab above that is homemade made. As we all already know less of a problem BSG have is that Cyclon Attack Cards (shorted - CAC) do not come so often. Someone is already on these forums has calculated that there is a constant 15% chance to be the next CAC Crisis Card that will be drawn. After last weekend, when we tested the new BROADCAST LOCATION card, we concluded that the new replacement card instead BAIT Treachery card is much better than the original. In two games this effect is triggered only 3-4 times. Now ... imagine that the new cards as a form of "small" settings (CAC) and that no matter how many times appears in the skill check it is still the same as the original BAIT card as long as there is at least one basestar. If there is no basestar on the board simply card then serves as, as I mentioned previously, as a small setting (CAC) + original BAIT. From now on the original card will take place in the box of Daybreak,and the new one will take place instead
  8. Just played a game over VASSAL and in one situation a Caprica Six player used his possitive ability (Intimate - movement) on himself. Is this lega,really??? For me it's look like that Doc Cottle can also use his TREATMENT - ACTION skill on himsefl. Can someone clarify this?
  9. Guys you all get this wrong. YES YOU CAN "IGNORE" any tech prerequisiteS ! Witch means is that u can,at additional cost of 2 resources,buy ANY TECH IN THE TECHNOLOGY DECK. It may sound OP race tech,but if you don't get this tech in first 2 turns….later is a waste of Strategy Card,Resources,and your overall strategy for that turn (believe me,i tried to get this tech later in game…never payed off). And 1 more thing…it's not "like" Focused Research…it's much better So guys… now enjoy in playing L1Z1X knowing that any tech in Technology Deck is in your grasp Have fun!
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