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  1. Hey there, I just started AGOT myself recently...still in the midst of collecting them. I'm looking for players or group to play with atm. Please do let me know. Thanks. And I am from KL area, so travelling within the Klang valley area shouldn't be a problem. you can email me here as well: evilrevenant@gmail.com
  2. I see, thanks for the reply. That pretty much clears our misunderstanding on the card effect.
  3. Thanks for the info man, do church actually effects cards in your hand as well? Since it actually made oopponent pays more in order to target the units in discard pile. Eg: Will it makes opponent pays more if say he wanted to discard a card in your hand via Caught the Scent?
  4. Hi all, I have a question regarding Iron Discipline (Sorry if its a silly question). Can we Iron Discipline a unit in discard pile? Example when it is being targeted by Manfred in order to force your opponent spend extra 4 resource? Or When your opponent plays stand your ground targeting a unit that just entered his ko pile, can you iron discipline it to make him pay the extra 4 resource? Thanks guys!
  5. I see, so thats how it works. Thanks for the clarification on the cancellation effect. So Dragonmage can be used as some sort of tanker as well hehehe...
  6. Maybe because all the damage on the can be removed or it can cancel certain effects which target them as a unit or even survive Verena? I definitely interested to know what is the Wood Elf potential as well
  7. Vermeulen said: Hi there, good folk of Warhammer Invasion. As the topic says, im a new player to Warhammer Invasion and in the need of some advice about my first deck. I have a bad habid in CCG´s to check webdecks, so it was natural for me to browse a bit in deckbox... I found this deck http://deckbox.org/sets/18069?s=e&o=a and it caught my eye. I went and bought these: Assault On Ulthuan Burning Of Derricksburg Fall Of Karak Grimaz Path Of Zealot The Core Set Warpstone Chronicles So, a nice to start for a newbie. Anyhow, from that deck i´m missing these cards: 2 Will of the Electors 1 Church of Sigmar 1 Forced March 1 Gold Wizard Acolyte 1 Runefang of Solland 1 Shrine to Taal 2 Sigmar's Blessed 1 Thyrus Gorman 2 Judgement of Verena I was hoping to get some advice on what to fill in the "void" that the deck has, from the cards i have. Or suggestions on what to do. Hi Vermeulen, I suggest you probably should get March of the Damned set since you can fill the void with Rodrik Raiders and Lizardmen cards. Redemption of a Mage (Friedrich Hemmler) can be a good addition later on since you want to play Empire. But you should really get another 2 core set if you really want to play with Judgement of Verena card as it is the only way to get all 3 copies of Verena, Will etc....I ended up getting 3 core set myself
  8. I will definitely play Warhammer 40k if FFG release it, just started with Warhammer Invasion and really love it
  9. Hi guys, I have a question concerning Dragonmage. In the scenario where Dragonmage is declared as a defender, if the total damage dealt by the attacker is 10, will Dragonmage prevent all the damage besides 1 to itself and prevent all the damage to the capital? or only the first 3 damage is assigned to it and another 7 damage will hits the capital this way? Thanks!
  10. Hi Guys, I'm from KL. Looking for Warhammer Invasion players around KL area and Selangor area. I usually play with my brother and friends.I'm also interested in buying sets of cards if they are available at your disposal. You can contact me at evilrevenant@gmail.com. Thanks!
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