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  1. The issue of multi-ship warp travel is quite complicated, and it has been bothering me too since my Rogue Trader group had acquired a small fleet of support ships. From what I have seen, there are some really interesting ideas in this thread, so I would like to try breaking this all down into some useful house rules together with my own thoughts about the matter. Rules are mostly based on the warp travel rules from the Navis Primer book. Ultimately, I see three possible methods for a small fleet to do a concerted warp jump: the "pack" (overlapping Gellar fields), the "trail" (Navigators track a lead ship) and the "hopper" (a series of small jumps in order to reach the destination, giving slower ships time to synchronize with the others). The "pack" method, jumping together in one big Gellar bubble using manoeuvering thrusters to stay together, would be the most efficient way, however, besides it merits it carries some risks. Albeit, it may be the fastest method depending on the warp drive of the lead ship; if the leader has a "deep warp" drive like the Markov or Miloslav pattern installed, the other ships would benefit from the decreased travel time. Also, only the lead Navigator has to bother with finding a course through the warp, his colleagues on the other ships may focus fully on recognizing and avoiding possible hazards in the warp. In this case, I would allow a bonus on lead Navigator's Psyniscience rolls to detect hazards and warp travel encounters since his colleagues on the other ships may make him aware of potential threats. Rolls to avoid encounters are done by the lead Navigator, however, the Pilot (Spacecraft) roll to physically steer the ship away from the threat is at a -10 per ship in the convoy, since they have to keep a tight formation for the Gellar bubble to work. Also, if this roll is botched, the ships accidentially break formation, overstretching or even collapsing the mutual Gellar bubble; in this case, they not only suffer the effects of the encounter, but also count their Gellar fields as temporarily damaged or even destroyed (if the roll achieves 4 or more DoF). The "trail" method relies on a Navigator's ability to track ships by the warp trail their drives leave behind (the Tracks in the Stars Navigator power). The lead ship does a regular warp travel, the other ships follow behind (assuming that the NPC Navigators possess the ability to do so). In this case, every ship bears its own risks and perils of warp travel and under adverse conditions (if the leader suffers a warp travel encounter) there is a risk that the pursuing ships lose track of the lead ship. Maybe simply roll a d10 for the other ships every time the leader fails to avoid an encounter. On 7 to 9 on the d10, the following ship loses track of the leader and breaks away from the convoy (either to emerge with a hefty delay at the target destination or even reappearing in a totally wrong star system after a while). On a 10 on the d10, the ship may even blunder into the same encounter as the lead ship, also suffering from the encounter. I could imagine that the Astropathic choir of the lead ship may assist in this method by creating some kind of psychic beacon for the others to follow, decreasing the risk for the other ships to lose the leader (so only a 9 on the d10 makes them lose track). Still, this would require regular Focus power tests from the choir leader, maybe with increased risk for phenomena since they are deep in the warp. The "hopper" may be the least risky way. Every ship navigates on its own and the ships simply drop into real space on a regular basis, waiting there to allow stragglers to keep up with the others before they make the next jump. There is not much risk to this besides the regular dangers of warp travel but it takes much longer than the other two methods since at least one ship will surely be delayed in between each jump. I would simply increase all travel time by 1d5 days, weeks or month depending on the original duration of the journey.
  2. More lies... this time starring our Arch-Militant Drusus Dray, former Maccabian Janissary and nascent psyker, in the midst of an outbreak of the Fydae strain zombie plague. P.S.: ...this lie had about halve a bottle of eggnog in it... tasted wonderful! P.S.2: bleeding eyes due to psychic phenomena
  3. Proudly presenting: Lord-Commodore Pavel Andreijewitsch Tupolev, captain of the stalwart Red October Master Rysel, former Enginseer Prime of the Red October, now captain of the Explorator cruiser Noctis Madame Casiopeia of House Typhon, Void Mistress and Navigator Primaris of the Tupolev dynasty They are all edible, though nobody dared touching them yet... Imperium Dominatus!
  4. My group has chosen a rather unusual approach. They started with a Cobra Class (a frigate hull with more space might have been even better, however, they chose the Cobra for style and fluff reasons) kitted out with a Cypra Pattern stealth drive (Battlefleet Koronus) and an Empyrean Mantle, a combination which makes their ship almost undetectable to enemy sensors when on silent running unless their opponent has a really solid detection rating. Coupled with the Passive Augur Array from Hostile Acquisitions their ship may run full augur sweeps on silent running without giving away their position in turn. Consecutively, they crammed a prow Plasma Accelerated Torpedo Tube component, a dorsal best craftmanship Jovian Missile Battery and a Munitorium for increased battery damage and more torpedo storage into the ship. Now, with short-burn torpedoes and the initial speed boost from their tubes their torpedo salvos may hit targets within 19 VU in the same turn they have been fired. With the surprise round and to-hit bonus from attacking from silent running they usually hit with the full salvo, quick load their tubes, slow their ship with retros to stay more or less on the same spot and fire a second salvo on their target. They then close in on the target (usually some critical hit has taken out the enemy's shields) and proceed to pound it with their rocket batteries which are equivalent to a Mars macrocannon broadside with the damage boost from the Munitorium and best craftmanship. At first, I was really surprised how **** effective this build is if used properly. Oh and the best thing is the name their ship has been given... they havee christened her "Red October".
  5. For teleportation of atomics or other big big badda-booms (like Novacannon warheads) I have simply houseruled that it is not possible and I found a satisfying "techno-babble" explanation for my players why it is that way. Use of a teleportarium in 40k is usually described as producing a "teleportation flare" ... a burst of radiation, lightnings, the smell of ozone in the air. So the process of teleportation causes a lot of energetic interference which may destabilize things like huge plasma warheads or the densely packed plutonium of an atomic. Additionally, minute fluctuations of mass density in the teleported object may as well result in local critical mass and set off a catastrophic meltdown reaction of the atomic charge. This may emulate the intended effect of the teleportation attempt anyway if it happens inside the enemy's ship but the payload would also be subject to this energetic interference while still inside your teleportarium chamber. If asked to perform such a foolhardy attempt every sane Techpriest (and I know there are not many of this kind on Rogue Trader ships) would quite likely answer your request with a litany of binary curses and obscenities...
  6. My group has a heavily modified Cobra Class with Archeotech Cypra drive, Empyrean Mantle and Passive Augers, Plasma Accelerated Torpedo tubes and a dorsal Jovian Class missile battery... they christened her "Red October"
  7. My consideration in this case would be to let her play a Rogue Trader whose Warrant of Trade somehow binds her to the service of the Deathwatch. The Deathwatch is known to utilize the services of Rogue Traders to transport Kill Teams to their destination. However, maybe some clause in her particular warrant allows her to accompany the team on missions and since she is the kind of risc seeking, adventurous personality... A Rogue Trader on something like level 4 or 5 would sure be able to stand her ground in a Deathwatch game, especially if you use the rules for regular humans VS hordes from Black Crusade (only a certain amount of the horde's members attack the human character every round, exchanging the damage bonus for a bonus on BS/WS or something like that...). Sure, the many assets a Rogue Trader has access to may be either a boon or a curse, but handling this sensibly (eg. only allowing an orbital bombardement performed by the Rogue Trader's ship if the Kill Team uses reserve requisition on it) it may be a fun experience!
  8. - When your Guncutter is attacked in-atmosphere by Dark Eldar Razorwing Jetfighters, your creepy underdeck mutant Arch Militant suddenly chooses to become incorporeal and phases through the cockpit floor, plummets towards the ground in free-fall with one of the jets just passing by under the cutter, rematerializes INSIDE the Dark Eldar jet's cockpit, slits the pilot's throat with her combat knife and somehow manages to gain enough control of the machine to crash land it without breaking every Emperor forsaken bone in her body...
  9. It shouldn't be too hard to create such a character. You start with a Hive worlder and exchange the homeworld benefits for the ones given in the Inquisitor's Handbook for Gunmetal City. I would then remove the Basic Weapon Training (Universal) talent from the Arch Militant starting talents and instead give the character the Knave of Pistols trait for the Metallican Gunslinger. Finish this up with appropriate origin path options. I would then pick up the Manhunter alternate advance (Hostile Acquisitions) straight at level 1 which gives you some really good gun-related talents and a really nasty special talent. Maybe your GM even allows to exchange the more melee oriented talents in the alternate advance for talents like Independent Targeting etc. For the Wyrd psi powers, either take the Witch Born lineage option from Into the Storm or go for the Awakened Psyker advance later on.
  10. Kasatka said: What if the Rogue Trader found a genuine text chronicling the Horus Heresy as penned by one of the important Remembrancers. The ship carrying the remembrancer was lost in the warp and spat out thousands of lightyears of distance and millenia of time later into the Koronus Expanse. The crew all horrifically decayed from Warp exposure but the ship and its contents miraculously intact. Having verified the age of the ship and thus the text it carried, the Rogue Trader now has irrefutable evidence that the God Emperor is merely a mortal man that has been falsely worshipped for the last ten millenia… The text could incite a civil war in the Imperium on the scale of the Horus Heresy, it could lead to the Emperor being de-throned and science and logic ruling once again, or it could end in the Rogue Trader, his entire Dynasty and any contacts he has ever made being delcared Excomunicate Traitoris and hunted down by the Inquisition, Astartes, Arbites and Ecclesiarchy. You said you wanted a treasure so great… I once had a similar idea. The Rogue Trader finds a small, unadorned stasis casket which contains a standard data crystal… with an actual hololithic recording of the Emperor himself! It was taken in the beginning stages of the Great Crusade and the Emperor is holding a speech about the manifest destiny he envisions for humanity… but also about his philosophy of the Imperial Truth, the banishment of the old superstitions and gods. The rest of it goes along the line of what Kasatka has written.
  11. Lightbringer said: -Act as bait for pirate raids so the Navy can destroy particularly dangerous raiders Have sent my players on such a mission after they had managed to sligthly piss off a Fleet Admiral. Just their little Havoc Class raider and a freighter with a fighter squadron hidden in its cargo holds as bait. They felt quite confident since they had expected the pirates to just have a couple of raiders themselves. What they did not expect though was that their "target" was the Monarch of Whispers, an ancient Grand Cruiser. The plan would have been that they would dispatch a distress signal as soon as the Monarch was to emerge from the Warp, so the Navy could send in the big guns. Of course the plan failed and we had some really tense turns of space battle with a ship outclassing theirs several times in size and firepower. They even managed to put a decent amount of damage on the Monarch before deciding to do an emergency warp jump in order to save their skin. ^^
  12. If I remember correcty the Black Crusade rules say that the parts you require for building an item should be one step less rare than the item you want to create… so for building a Very Rare item you first have to acquire spare parts or ressources with an acquisition modifier of Rare
  13. Just prior to their first encounter with the Stryxis my players had boarded an Eldar frigate and had taken some prisoners in the process. Upon finding out that the Stryxis hate the Eldar they suddenly all had this crazy look on their faces. Yeah… they traded one of the captured Eldar for a Relic Boltgun, an Omni-Scope and some haywire grenades… guess what's gonna happen when the Twilight Swords find out about this…
  14. You could allow some of the Faith Powers from DH - Blood of Martyrs as Elite Advances for your Missionary …
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