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  1. Greyjoy has 2 adventage with boat: they start with 2 boat, and can have a devastative attack. One thing I've seem is the Lannister securing a defensive position on land, build 2 ships and attacks the greyjoy fleet if there is no muster, cutting of Pyke from the mainland and leaving it very easy to take (in fact you could probably take it the same turn.) I've though about the 3 castle + pyke move and even if I think it's quite good and will probably try it next time I play Pyke I there is no freaking way it is unstopable… you have no support at all… if stark as a +1 move on winterfell he can retake moat calin and kill your unit or decide where it retreats. If you spread instead on seagart and riverun and lannister happens to have a move +1 on lannisport or Stony sept he could retake riverun. Also i'd tell you that Cersei is a really good card seriously you just have to know how to bargain with it, it's the only way to remove a march token… and I've used it every game, and it was very usefull for me or for my ally. I like the lannister in the game Gregor can litteraly wipe out an army, Kevan can make a footman the strongest army ever if you have enough supply for shitloads of footman. Their starting position is difficult when the tyrel are there but if you manage to make a alliance with either tyrel, stark or better greyjoy you can do great deeds… without any alliance well… how much time do you think the starks can hold to a baratheon greyjoy attack? Or the Baratheon to a Martell Stark attack of the Greyjoy to a Lannister Stark attack? Or the Tyrel to a Lannister Martel attack ? Not long. Every faction is stuck in this game the lannister are not worst then any other.
  2. I think Celeborn, Galadriel + Elrond in SaF ahah !
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