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  1. Hey all, question for ya. Are you able to make an orbital strike after you take over a planet that had an opponent's factory, but had no units to defend it? The rules state that you can't make it if there was a contested area and combat. My thinking is no, but I am looking for clarification, since there wasn't a combat round performed during the Advance Order. Thanks!
  2. Put it in again. That seems ridiculous. From what I understand, they have always taken care of the customer.
  3. The reason I don't think A Burning Brand is overpowered is that there are shadow effects that can quite literally end the game or be very close to ending the game in favor of the encounter deck. Defending a very benign enemy with a hero can turn into a slaughter fest if you get a 10-15 card shadow chain. Or how about discarding your entire hand? Or how about discarding all exhausted characters? Or discarding all of your resources? If the encounter deck has these powerful cards at it's disposal, then I think that the player should have a powerful countermeasure against those cards. Aside from A Burning Brand, I agree with a lot of the ideas in this thread. One card not mentioned in this thread is Hama. If you start recycling Thicket of Spears or Feint, you can lockdown enemies quite effectively, getting rid of the combat component of the game entirely.
  4. This is an interesting thread, as I think that mono-Lore is the only viable solo mono sphere archetype in the meta right now. With the addition of Elf-Stone, the resource issues that these decks face is almost non-existent if you use scrying from Denethor or Henamarth to plan your turns.
  5. I've used Hidden Cache to great effect in a mono-Spirit Caldara deck that I built. The deck is basically built around discarding your deck using Emery and Zigil Miner, and Hidden Cache fits really well into that strategy. Even outside of that deck, it combos well with A Very Good Tale and Ered Nimrais Prospector.
  6. How does the Map of Earnil make events cheaper? The card text reads "as if the card were played from your hand", which means that you have to pay the cost of the card. What is good about those event recycling cards is that you get to play the event again and the event goes back into your deck, potentially letting you draw and play that event one more time. I think it is useful. And you get three copies from the AP it came in. There is only one copy of Dwarven Tomb in the Core Set.
  7. What sphere got the best cards? Tactics. The assumption is that this cycle would make Tactics more relevant, and it didn't disappoint. What sphere got the short stick? Lore. Yeah, it got Ranger Spikes. That's pretty much it. The Ranger deck is meant to be played mono-Lore, and the one card that it needed to help with resources, Master of Lore, got hit with the most controversial errata in the game. What was the best deck archetype to come out of this cycle? I am taking this as most powerful archetype, so Outlands takes the cake there. Did you like the focus on mono-sphere decks? No. I think FFG added some interesting cards, but obviously the focus was on Outlands, a trait. Before that, it was the Dwarves. Before that, it was Rohan and Eagles. In the Black Riders, it was Hobbits. As much as I appreciate FFG giving us different options for deckbuilding, the synergies from the beginning have been built around traits, not spheres. Awards: 1.The Chuck Norris Exhaust to Win Award (best player card): Right now, it is Ranger Spikes. When Voice of Isengard comes out, Mutual Accord. There is going to be a ridiculous amount of synergy going on there. 2.The Fatty: When He Exhausts, Discard Him Award (worst player card): Gondorian Lampwright. The only redeeming quality is that he can chump block. Pretty useless ability. Why not just cancel the surge outright? 3.Angry Bear Swings Twice Award (most thematic player card): Palantir. 4.Haldir is a Boy Award (best player card art): The Hammer-stroke. 5.Boromir Ringbearer Award (most overpowered player card): Forlong. This card should cost 6. 6.Bill the Pony Award (card that seems innocent, but is very powerful): Caldara/Emery. Okay, I am cheating here, but hear me out. You get a free ally that indirectly feeds the ability of a hero that everyone has overlooked. Couple these two cards with Hidden Cache and Zigil/Stargazer, and you have a pretty potent deck that can flood the table with allies fairly quickly. 7.Hail of Apples Award (cool but useless player card): Faramir. Too high threat, wasted stats, but an iconic character with great art. 8.It’s a B+ (not the best player card, but you’ll use it a lot): Silvan Refugee. 1 cost, 2 WP ally. I think that is a huge bargain, especially if she can stick around for a couple of rounds. 9.Gimli and Legolas Superfriends Award (best co-op player card): The Hammer-stroke. This is the ultimate bail-out card for this cycle. Your support deck gets swamped by a Mumak, Morgul Spider, Lieutenant of Mordor, etc. This card with Thicket of Spears is money. 10.Tom Bombadil is the Witch King Award (most controversial player card): Théoden. The King of Rohan that provides little to no synergy to the Rohan trait? C'mon man!
  8. A question regarding more than one trap in the staging area: When an enemy is revealed from the encounter deck, do the traps stack, or can I pick and choose which trap will trigger? I am leaning towards the former, but I would like to get some feedback regarding this.
  9. One card that hasn't been mentioned yet for Lore is Elf-Stone. I have yet to get my hands on The Black Riders, but this is a great card for Lore, putting any ally into play for 1 just for performing an action that you were going to do in the game anyway.
  10. I still think Erebor Hammersmith is an extremely strong card in this type of deck, especially if you want to get some more uses out of your attachments. Out of Sight could be a useful card as well, lending to the control aspect of the game and getting rid of those nasty treacheries and enemies that you don't want to deal with. It is an expensive card, but with the resources you will be saving with Elf-stone, it could be feasible. If you do decide to run Bifur, you could also include Ancestral Knowledge. That could help with clearing those active locations that have Elf-stone attached. Just some thoughts...
  11. AM - Aragorn (Lore)-This should have been the final. The two best heroes in the game. AN - Legolas - Not close. AO - Sam Gamgee - Surprised that Boromir made it this far. AP - Beregond - I have never used Elrond in a deck. Ever. When he was spoiled, I was shocked. His role in the books was more of an advisor than an adventurer or warrior. On the other hand, Beregond is a stud.
  12. You may have to figure out something else with Palantir, because that can only go on a Noble hero. It sucks, because I had the same thought as you, but attaching it Lore Aragorn (mind boggling that this version isn't Noble, by the way).
  13. Yeah, please do. There are going to be many versions of the Ranger/Trap deck, and I am fascinated to see what the community comes up with. As for my suggestions, I completely skipped over the fact that you were playing multiplayer. I think Bifur is definitely the stronger choice than Pippin. The issue I see with Pippin is that his card draw ability will be extremely hard to trigger, as most enemies in the game have a lower engagement cost than the 28 (taking into account Pippin's ability). Also, one card that you are missing (that I am really surprised about) is Advanced Warning.
  14. This is a similar deck to the one I am running right now, but with Mirlonde in place of Pippin. With the amount of card draw you have, I would suggest a copy or two of Protector of Lorien for those cards that you may not need/want to play, but need to find a use for. I have also toyed around with Master of Lore in a mono-Lore deck, but I don't think that it is worth the cost anymore. I agree with your assessment about Elf-Stone; that card is going to be a 3x copy per deck for me when I get BR. Some other suggestions for the deck would be Ithilien Tracker, Daeron's Runes, Radagast's Cunning, and Secret Paths.
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