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  1. What worries me about this is, to me, a sign that we will no longer see anything GeneSys related. Star Wars will continue as it is Star Wars, but classic FFG; Hype the community about a game, Don't support the game, cancel the game due to lack of support. I LOVE GeneSys. I want more stuff for it. Some will say that the homebrew community is well supported, but I want official books that I can be fairly sure are well written, playtested, and vetted. Either support the system, or at least open the system to an OGL like D&D has/had. At least then, I could see what is selling and know that the community could benefit from their hard work.
  2. Android is created by FFG, not licensed to them. They OWN it. They licensed the mechanisms to the card game from WotC. They can't reuse the card game mechanics but are fully free to still create things for the setting they created
  3. This is nothing. The new Star Wars books have been "on the boat" since Dec 21st
  4. Timerron

    Harry Potter

    When I go to the backer zone (I'm not yet paid for This year) I only see access to 2014 stuff. Didn't the GMs say stuff is released for free after a year?
  5. I know there are so many questions i want to ask that would be answered with, "I can't comment on that until a product is announced" (its like ive heard him a couple of times on Order 66 ?), but i would like to know if he can comment on the NUMBER of products they plan to release a year more than the leak of what's being worked on currently.
  6. As I'm planing to do a genre smash game, I want to use super characteristics but need some cost/balance factor. Not that every character should be micro managed into perfect power tier comparisons but at least something I can point to as "you paid X for Y, they paid X for Super Brawn" Any suggestions?
  7. If you just use Planetary scale as MDC, that should work. I love the Rifts setting and plan on running Genesys Rifts. I know my Star Wars players will drop their jaws when the gun in their hands reads "Dam: 3 Planetary" or "Armor: 5 soak Planetary"
  8. I know a place in Fullerton, but that's a touch of a drive. I know cause I drive to LA for school
  9. Timerron

    Genesys OGL?

    or Narrative Dice System, what Genesys is calling its core mechanics
  10. Tone may sound too vague but using its writing version (as appropriate for something called Narrative Dice System), it's the right term
  11. I'd love to see Tannhäuser revitalized in RPG format for Weird War, TI for a new Space Opera setting, Arkham Files if it wouldn't get Chaosium's knickers in a bunch, and lastly a Spycraft like game for modern with a sprinkle of Psychic powers.
  12. I know the answer is probably "I can't say", but did you just play test theme elements or a specific setting?
  13. Not really. He sees through the buttering up, being a sharp minded crime lord. (Using the threat on your roll, take a setback on the next social roll against him) If you can build up a great social speech against an NPC but can't fathom why they might not fall for it, study some psychology.
  14. I may be in the minority here, but I hope that they keep specializations. I know them, I like them, and it'll be one less thing to worry about using Star Wars stuff crossing over to other more unified Genesys material.
  15. And don't forget your Pew-ter minis
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