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  1. Recently my small group of gaming friends and I have played through all the arkham horror LCG Arcs (except the one that just finished) and they are really interested in the Lord of the Rings LCG , We played each ark with the pre arranged decks for the investigators on FFG site. Has anyone made deck lists for each Arc for the lcg like that? Not looking for amazing decks just ones that use cards from that arc and the core (or all cards through that arc) that when played with 4 players has like a 40-50% chance of beating the scenarios?
  2. There is definitely dice the last Building on the encounter card tells you to roll 2 dice
  3. I have heard that some of the missions from 2nd edition reference 1st edition missions, as I do not have 1st edition is this true and is it worth tracking down a copy ?
  4. SO I am really close to going all in on this, but what are the chances we will get Ewoks?
  5. Thank you looks like I missed a few, Going to see what i can come up with!
  6. Just updating this here in case any one else was wondering . This is all i could find if any knows of any others or if this is incorrect please feel free to correct it Mirlonde (lore) Rossiel (Lore) Amarthiul (leadership) Thalin (tactics) Eleanor (spirit) Idraen (spirit) Caldara (spirit)
  7. Was thinking of making a new deck for the next story arc but wanted to make it kinda themed, so with that in mind does anyone have a list of all the Hero cards featuring characters Made up by fantasy flight?
  8. Ah ok, had not picked up the new packs yet was trying to figure out how many to order, thank you for clearing that up guys.
  9. What about the expansion ally packs Like Hired Guns?
  10. How many copy's of each deployment card can be used for each model in campaign? I know about the 1 per named 2 per elite and 4 per grey for Skirmish but i cant find any totals like that for campaign play.
  11. Ok cool thank you, if it was a common issue Id just except it, ill message them though to see what they can do.
  12. I was very impressed with the Age of Rebellion starter. Today I picked up the Force of Destiny Beginner box and ended up with a miscut token sheet? like some of them only have 2/3rds or less of the picture on them, any suggestions or is this a known issue with this starter (mistake with the whole run when they got them from the printer)
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