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  1. The game system looks fun, there's no doubt about it. However while I will make the final decision in the group since on the one running the campaign I'm trying to also kind of put it to a vote with the group. Everyone in the group except for maybe one is a veteran role player , But no one owns the game. Seeing as how we are going to have to all purchase it it has to be sold to them. Regardless of the group that I am gathering for my campaign I would personally still love to possibly find someone running Warhammer fantasy role-play get a hands-on experience with it possibly through fantasy Brow regardless of the group that I am gathering for my campaign I would personally still love to possibly find someone running Warhammer fantasy role-play get a hands-on experience with it possibly through fantasy grounds. Regardless of which system we go with I'm going to have to make an investment. As like I said at the beginning I've lost the majority of my books
  2. Yes someone actually did write a very nice looking mod. I've got it installed in the fantasy rounds now. Still trying to make a decision on what campaign world that I would like to run. It has to be affordable not only for myself but for everybody else as well
  3. Did one more shuffle. Even though I love Shadowrun I really want to run a fantasy setting. So my list of possibles have changed. WHFRP Iron Kingdoms And Dungeons and dragons dark sun. I also have another question as I'm running this online im planning on using fantasy grounds. Does anyone happen to have a link or know of any good rules modules for fantasy grounds using 3rd? I have downloaded for the iron kingdoms one and attempted unsuccessfully to parse 4th so if I go with dark sun I may be porting it to 5 th. But without a good rule set for WHRP it's going to make it a lot more complicated to run. Thanks
  4. Thank you. Will listen to their pod cast as I am driving this week. I watched a video last night. The dice pools look a bit cumbersome. I'm sure you get used to them. Shadowrun uses dice pools and it's probably my favorite system. But I have narrowed my list down to 3 if I can find players. 1.whrpg 2. Iron kingdoms rpg 3. Shadowrun I have DnD as a fallback as I know it's easiest to find players for. But I took deathwatch out, as I'm just 40kd out and need a change of pace.
  5. Lol. When I make that final decision or as I make it I will post back on here for ya!
  6. Anyway I've got a little bit of time to make a decision. Until the 40k narrative I'm hosting is over on July 23rd I can't really find time for another game until then. Here is a link to our 40k campaign Facebook page. Ohh and I'm open to online table tops. Just finding a consistent group with some flexibility is key. https://www.facebook.com/events/1125683067472609/?ti=icl
  7. Thank you for the responses. I have been watching some reviews on YouTube of 3rd and it looks a bit crazy. That doesn't mean it doesn't look fun, but do people play it as more of a board game or a role playing game? As for my history I've spent more time in DnD than any other system. I really got burned out on the constant power creep of 3 and 3.5. Which is funny because 4th I found to be a bit of fresh air. Granted when I ran I did house rule some of it such as how fast people recovered. My biggest issue with DnD has been the whole hit point system just was a bit to much for me. The whole "I'm a 10th level warrior with over 100 hit points RAAAAA" games got the point that players would always kick the door in and swing first with their feeling of invincibility. I mean I love getting those epic heroic moments in games. But I tend to prefer a bit more grit or realism thrown in. Probably why Shadowrun was always one of my favorites. Sigh anyway it's a big decision. Unless I go with deathwatch which is enjoyable, I'm going to have to completely re invest. I am open to trying something radically different with 3rd WHRP. But I'm not really interested in a board game. But I have narrowed my list down some. DnD 4th or 5th I enjoyed 4th and could pick it up cheap on eBay if I can find people who play who are actual role players and don't have the encounters mentality like my old group (who were role players) which means most likely 5th. Shadowrun it's been awhile and looks like 5th is getting a lot of great reviews. Deathwatch. I love the universe the system can be a blast even if it is clunky and the books are some of the worst formatted books I've ever seen. But I still have the books. WFRP: looks interesting but wish I could get a demo game in first. Iron Kingdoms. Love warmachine and hordes and their world. Plus their rules are fantastic but not to sure how well it ports to an rpg. I've narrowed Rifts out of the equation. I'm leaning to put DnD out of the equation as well but I'm sure it will be the easiest to find players for. Ohh and I have no interest in pathfinder aka 3.75 as I've said I was sick of 3.5 when I stopped playing it.
  8. So here is my tale. It's been about 2 1/2 years since I last role-played. About a year ago my wife and I lost everything we owned or almost everything in an apartment fire . Which included almost every single role-playing book I have collected in the last 34 years. I'm lucky I had my Warhammer 40k army out on the road with me and several of my deathwatch books. As my name implies I'm a truck driver long-haul. Anyway I've got the itch to run a fantasy game, but I'm torn. I haven't played Dungeons & Dragons fifth edition. The last edition I played was fourth edition which actually really enjoyed even though I know a lot of people did not. But I'm looking at the possibility of maybe looking into Warhammer fantasy role-play, it's one of the few role-playing games I've really never touched. Or I may attempt to find a group and invest back into Dungeons & Dragons or possibly even go the route of the iron kingdoms role-playing game. So anyway I come to this community asking. How do you like Warhammer fantasy? I really enjoyed deathwatch but I'm a little burnt out on 40 K. I realize that it would probably far easier to find a group for Dungeons & Dragons, as that was another thing that's changed is where I live I'm going to have to find an entirely new game with since we have moved cross country n But for any of you that might have experience with either of the other two Games alongside of Warhammer fantasy role-play I would love to hear some side-by-side comparison on which one you like more and why?
  9. I would never attempt to parry a blade... I would though move in to parry the arm that's wielding it.
  10. So has anyone here come up with rules concerning damage to armor over time? Like a staged penetration? Where over time the armor as it's breached becomes less effective and it's armor value goes down. I was thinking of tieing it into righteous Vengence. Where if an attack breaches armor and a nat 10 is rolled on the damage dice, and it breaches the armor. The locations armor value is reduced by one. Thoughts? Opinions?
  11. I personally hope that they are going to streamline the rules with a new edition. Now don't get me wrong. I love deathwatch however I would definately like a more universal system between the different campaign settings. As it stands now trying to bring characters over from the other settings is like creating a mosh pit where nothing really fits. It takes a lot of work. I get the fact that deathwatch is supposed to make the characters seem badass in comparison to the other campaign settings. However I see no reason they can't do that with a more streamlined system that applies to all the campaign settings. Also with all the errata that has been done, things within deathwatch alone don't always scale correctly. So a new edition IMHO is needed very badly. Just creating new rules as an addendum would just cause for rules bloat and more confusion.
  12. Against a trained combatant if you start firing off rounds during the scuffle and chaos of a melee engagement your just as likely to have a friendly fire accident as you are hit the enemy your engaging. There is a reason the military (US at least) still provide bayonet and unarmed combat training. Well at least for combat arms MOSs they do.
  13. I was a 19D CAV Scout in the army. I know full well how a trained operator would respond, and firing a hand weapon or weapon period while engaged in close combat is not something easily or for that matter safely done. So yes allowing someone to parry ie push the weapon away while it's being used makes perfect sense.
  14. So I said before when I had time I would talk a bit about the last mission. So here goes! Part 1 Planet Fall Upon reaching the surface of the planet our Arbitrator Proctor and her entourage was greeted by the 5 ruling noble lords of the world. Which she could tell not all of them were happy she was there, however she was invited to attend the next parliamentary meeting to be briefed on the situation of planetary security. Afterwards she was briefed by the arbite forces that were garrisoned, and began viewing all the footage that was available of the attack.. The attack took place during a public ceremony that was being held to commend the first recruits for arbite training that were native to the planet. During the attack 3 arbites were killed, as well as the current Procter who was the ranking Arbite. And 7 of the 10 recruits. Since the initial attack 8 more arbites have been targeted and killed in smaller attacks throughout the capital city. After the attack at the ceremony. The parliamentary council of lords issued an order to immediately cancel the training of the new remaining recruits. Without the command authority of having a high ranking arbite or imperial presence, and due to tense situation. The imperial arbiters surrendered to the commands. And at that point sent word to the crusade forces of the situation. The day after her arrival, and after a full briefing from the arbites now under her command. Our Arbite player ordered 2 ten man squads into full riot armor and weapons and proceeded to her parliment invitation to meet with the noble lords. Our marine players were tagging along with theirn alternate characters, one playing an imperial telepath, the other playing 2 gun servitors. Weapons by planetary law were not allowed within the capital capital building, and they were stopped by PDF as they approached, which she pushed aside and entered fully armed. At which point she strode to the center of the chamber, introduced herself and informed the council that training and recruiting would re commence immediately, and that those responsible for the attack would be brought to imperial justice...there was a lot of great ROLEPLAYING and tense moments when this happened. Afterwards the investigation began. More to come
  15. Ya I'm not allowing Xenos pcs into the game. As it stands so far. Deathwatch and dark heresy characters only. The player has an idea for a character. Which we have been fleshing out how to possibly do.
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