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  1. em_en_oh_pee said: In 40K and other games, longer ranges make more sense. Back in WW2, people often just shot to keep the other guy down until they got close enough to capture/kill them. Think of the mechanics in the game to basically reflect that concept, imo. I think the rules are **** good and the shorter ranges are suitable and give the game a good variation without making it a shooting gallery. Shooting doesnt have to guarantee kill effectiveness at longer ranges, there could be penalties in place that lessens the chance of the game being a shooting gallery … But if i want to take the chance, id like to be able to do that and still be in cover, instead of having to run up and press a gun barrel up someones nose. Sure, quick and effective rules work well for game flow, but sometimes a game can be made really interesting with mechanics nodding towards some realism. Why are reactions only allowed at 12" for example? all of a sudden my already gimped weapon can only fire 12" instead of 16", for no reason even attempted to be explained in the rule book. Balance and fun is great, but sometimes this game just feels too much like only a "game" , imo there should be a nice balance between logical mechanics, balance and fun. I would like to be able to play the game in all possible ww2 scenarios if i want to. I think there is much more potential in these rules, if not in the rules then for the Dust setting and characters … it just deserves more than what it got, imo.
  2. jb11 said: I'd suggest playing in another scale then. All 28mm games with gunfire have ludicrously short ranges. 16" in 1:48 is about 20 metres in real scale. However if you were to make it more realistic then you would need huge tables for anything to be out of range. One f those realism vs practicality ones. So asking for just a little bit of realism automatically means i have to use HUGE tables? there is no middle ground? I have never played a 28 mm game where a standard assault rifle fires 16", i think 40k has this down better with 24". It doesnt feel as gimped. There is also the option to make rules that have guns fire longer but with penalties at longer ranges (AT-43 for example). Infinity is also 28mm, without the feel of shooting paintballs at eachother. As for the play on a different scale comment; FFG should have made the game at a smaller scale with the BB-gun ranges they went for. It would look less stupid for sure. If melee units wants to get close then have rules in place to allow use of cover and special movement to do it … dont gimp weapon ranges to balance it. I hope FFG giving up Dust means better rules as well
  3. Those zombies and aliens wouldnt be nearly as cool without an element of realism .. imo zombies and aliens dont justify my axis and allies carrying BB guns to war.
  4. Id just like the option to have longer than 16" infantry combat. Especially if im using a large table. Im sure ww2 was more than short range combat, but how am i supposed to get any realism into the combat with range like that? Id just like the option to have the guns feel more real. Probably works in tactics, but looks stupid on the tabletop. Dont think ill ever get over it sadly ..
  5. I would like to be able to play the game on a larger scale, meaning also longer ranges for infantry weapons. Will this ever happen or will it always be a short range game set in an epic alternate timeline? Does anyone have ideas on other games to use Dust minis in? I have alot of allies and axis, walkers and infantry … would like to put them to use under rules that are actually well written.
  6. with the miniatures becoming cooler and cooler looking i think its safe to say the game deserves to become just a bit more realistic and have some rules that just doesnt make sense straightened out. I for one wont buy any expansions or campaign books until the core rules have been given a pass by someone more experienced in writing wargame rules … As i understand it alot of Andy Chambers vision didnt make it into the final product.
  7. short range in this game being around 1"-2" and long being 12" … watch out for those really long range wpns @ a whooping 16"
  8. When the rules get better ill make sure to post a bunch of these … any word on when the core rules will get a pass?
  9. Hatamoto


    DoomOnYou72 said: So far the only thing that has ever been shown for the Vril modelwise was an earlier model designed by Kalamity. Its called the Hecaton. It was an earlier design done a few years ago but Im hoping they stay close to the aesthetics. There was also a pic of the one captured by the Germans in Antartica that appeared in the Dust Comic Sourcebook. Parente already stated they wont stay close to that look, he wants more pulp … that one up there reminds him far too much of the awesome Therians
  10. a new vision for the rules would be awesome
  11. i still dont understand the range value they put on infantry weapons.. especially not 12" for freakin lasers
  12. Too bad things didnt work out with AT-43 …
  13. simply amazing love the stuff you model/paint … any chance you would put up a tutorial on terrain modelling sometime?
  14. hey thats a nice chart think ill borrow that if you dont mind
  15. So has anyone started using house rules to tweak/improve the game of warfare yet? Id be interested in knowing what you people might have come up with
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