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  1. I don't treat the specs as in-game widgets, with the exception maybe of certain lightsaber-oriented specs in F&D - if you want to become an Ataru Striker, for example, you probably need a good training montage on learning Ataru and sparring with experts in it. Otherwise, nope, I don't think it needs a lot of "justification." You can "justify" starting into Pilot by saying you spend a few hyperspace jumps in the flight simulator or whatever.
  2. The more important question is "how do I get whafrog to run One Ring for me?"
  3. Yeah, I consider it a positive point of the system to encourage players to plan ahead and spent XP toward a goal, whether that is Dedication or another really cool 25-point talent, rather than hoard XP for a single stat boost, which while it could make them more effective, is also somewhat boring and makes advancement feel very slow.
  4. It's an intentional design decision. I wouldn't call it hobbling. Every character is going to want to buy more Specs than your one starting Spec sooner or later...usually sooner. Really the raw Characteristic/Skill quickly becomes MUCH less valuable than what you can add to rolls via Talents. Getting 1 more AGI might upgrade your attack roll with a blaster rifle...or you get a couple points of Deadly Accuracy and True Aim...I'll tell you what's better, it's the latter. YYG is not sufficiently worse than YYY to make the additional Characteristic that worth it in a lot of cases.
  5. Oh what I meant is that you can totally shut it off. I mean unless being overwhelmed by hearing thoughts is part of the roleplay. If so sorry for my mistake!
  6. I was going to say, exploding inside the ship could certainly cause a good degree of system strain as consoles and tubing is shredded. I might make it a flat 1-2 system strain per exploded grenade and 1 Hull Trauma, but would consider the remaining crew's ability to remove the system strain - don't want to make it too easy.
  7. I would absolutely roll dice to determine outcomes. This is less telling a PC how to behave, and more showing PCs what the character is presenting. Conveying more "this guy is very earnest and believeable" rather than "you believe him and cannot not believe him." By that same token, I wouldn't interpret a PC roll as telling an NPC how to behave either. The world breaks down in weird ways when the mechanics become the setting.
  8. Uh, what? That's not true at all. Also there is no reason to think that the OOC game mechanics perfectly model the experience of having Sense in-setting. Force users aren't aware of their quantitative Force Rating, for instance.
  9. Having a the narrative of master and apprentice doesn't justify large XP disparities. Your last line is the Stormwind Fallacy and it's 100% BS.
  10. I'm about to play a Weequay character who is Force-sensitive, but his use of the Force is in many ways "passive" (FS Exile Talents, Sense left-side branch, and maybe Enhance or Misdirect). He feels that he has honed his skills as a warrior, hunter, and bodyguard and thus he just notices things quicker and responds due to his training and experience. The Force is helping him with this, obviously, but in-character he doesn't have a reason to know or think that, and he's not going to be delving into "active" powers like Move.
  11. This isn't problematic narrative, the problem is the player expecting a hit to the head to per se have some additional mechanical debuff or be an insta-gib simply because it's a hit to the head.
  12. This is so easy to do I would never allow it. It's too much of a gimme and, guess, what, now this becomes the action norm. Called Shots to the head could provide Setbacks or even difficulty Upgrades when the target attempts to act for the rest of the encounter. But I absolutely would not give the attack a damage boost. The point is that there is no difference between shooting someone in the head and just shooting someone with four+ successes. There is no exploit, it's just using the rules as they are. Trying to hurt someone as much as possible is already covered by the base attack. Called shots are for when you want to do something other than that. Ah, sorry, my misreading!
  13. I think the best interpretation of this is that Luke is a rural rube who doesn't know how much any hyper-capable ship actually costs, let alone a good, fast ship.
  14. Okay maybe not broken, but baseline Auto-Fire is the most effective combat action in the game right now. I agree it could have been written better. Jury-Rigged autofire, however, is broken.
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