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  1. Get_Outside said: What page in Operation Zerograd references those two items? pg 15 - Aircraft activation 1. Declare Altitude 2. Resolve compulsory move 3. Declare actions 4. Resolve actions pg 18 - Carry Capacity (3rd bullet) When an aircraft unit is elimiated, any units embarked in it are also eliminated
  2. Get_Outside said: Hey guys, What happens to non-air calvary unit that crash in transport helo? Can aircraft be given an order to fire in the combat pahse without taking a compulsory move? Units without air-cav are destroyed with the Heli Aircraft must make the compulsory move before their normal 2 actions shooting / move etc. You could give them an order in the command phase which would technically allow them to shoot before their compulsory
  3. …to update, the main reason is for minefields… I don't see much point in either side scattering minefileds in their own deployment zones
  4. When using the 'secured area' option under conditions, each side gets 50AP for fortifications. Are they restricted to being deployed in the players deployment zone ? I notice in most of the scenarios that allow them they seem to be placed in no-mans land between deployments, or x distance from the table edges. What do you guys do ?
  5. maelstrom808 said: I understand the limitations of where you can place units when they come in from reserves, but am a little lost on what exactly can go into reserves, and when they come in. 1) Are you limited to only placing units in reserve that have the Reserved or Airdrop rule? 2) Do you choose what turn your reserves come in? Is there any turn in which they automatically come in? The reason I ask is the last couple games we've played, the scenarios (both out of Zervograd) both would be almost an auto win if the allied player reserved particular units via airdrop or otherwise. We feel like we are missing something with the reserve rules. 1 - Yes - only Reserve (scout) or airdrop can go into reserve. You can't choose to place a unit in reserve otherwise. 2 - You are free to bring your reserves in on any of your turns during the unit activation phase (as it takes both actions to bring them on) Unprepared scenario would change this slightly as it has set phases units come on the board
  6. Yes that is correct with the current rules… as long as you have range to someone in the unit you can assign the dmg to anyone in LoS regardless of range. I kind of wish they would FAQ this so you can only wound folks in range as well as LOS.
  7. Yeah throw an extra radio-man and a hero in your command group and you get lots of extra wounds to keep your team alive
  8. Tarus said: Last saturday we played our first game of DW and it was a blast. We didn't do everything right, of course, but we are learning from our mistakes. Next time will be glorious! Anyway, I have several doubts that I hope you can help me with: 1) An Axis' Command Section can "upgrade" with an additional Radioman. Does it mean that the Command Section can give an order to two out-of-range units in the Command Phase? 2) When a hero joins a unit and is deployed with an Air Drop "upgrade", both units are deployed at the same time? I think so because a hero can't join to a unit after deployment. 3) If two units have several of their miniatures in base contact at opposing sides of a low wall, can they fight ignoring cover? Not only in close combat but in range combat too. That's all for now. Thank you beforehand! 1 - Yes 2 - Yes the hero joins the unit, airdrop is shared 3 - no cover for close combat… whether cover is ignored would be determined by the position of the unit leaders… unit leaders ignore terrain they are in (or touching) for purposes of cover… if the unit leader(s) are both touching the wall then both sides would ignore cover to each other regardless of where the rest of the troops were… assuming they have line of sight to each other over the wall.
  9. Drag0n said: But, if unit have Fast and enter on table by Air Drop platoon upgrade (Allies) it can move after deploy I don't believe that would be accurate… it takes their march move to enter the board… whether they can move 12 or 18 due to fast wouldn't matter… it still takes their march action to enter…
  10. pick a scenario where having that many points tied up in 1 unit is a hinderance, key position maybe… for the allies jump troops and rocket punch make heavies cry… personally I tend to ignore heavies and focus on the other units… unless that rear side gets exposed
  11. Where does it say you can react to vehicles jumping ?
  12. My first 3 player game didn't seem that fair… we did the scenario with defender in the middle +100 points for defences and 2 attackers, one each table short edge… 3 terrain objectives, one in each area… Basically defending player (axis) took on SSU attacker head on and they just basicaly wiped each other out letting the Allies come in full force and mop up what was left… seems the deployment lets you put models very close to each other and as the axis player deployed last (as defender) he put all his army in one spot to gang up on the SSU players weaker area of deployment. I don't think the 100 points of defences makes up for being attacked from both sides… will have to try again and see how it goes.
  13. Farvo702 said: No just the first instance you move, and the instance you finish moving. Reacting to the move happens after the entire movement so a march would only be reacted to either once at the beginning or once at the end of the movement. Yeah I wasn't thinking about reacting to 3 moves, more 3 possible reactions against 3 actions you could take vs 2 for most other units… guess I worded it badly
  14. I was looking at this and think, RAW, the unit would not be able to react after the move if they received a supression from an overrun. The unit is not entitled to declare a reaction before you started moving and you have to finish your movement (which could caused supression) before they can declare a reaction.
  15. yeah 36" but gives 3 opportunities to be racted against
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