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  1. I do miss the opportunity to add the heroes and monsters from Descent 1.0 to the App. They already converted them when 2.0 came out, so it should not be a problem. As it stands, i can only use a small part of the heroes and monsters i own, which is kinda sad.
  2. Hi all, I've just completed my Tannhäuser collection by receiving my Oksana Character Pack. After some advice from the experienced players here i've been really getting into the game. Thanks again for your advice, guys. Well, my question: After reading the rules for Oksana i'm not sure wether only the Voivodes give each other bonus die oder if Oksana also profits from this and can attack with more die when around the Voivodes? From reading the forum i gathered that i can use four Voivodes as i could with Zorka. Are the other two identical to those in Oksanas Pack? Would they give each other three bonus die when placed correctly? Thanks in advance
  3. I just finished two rounds of objective mode and i really like it. It plays a lot more tactical than deathmatch. Only thing i wondered about: do you take the objective-based abilities into account when playing objective mode? I did so for the Castle-Map and that kinda forced me to take Eva Krämer as a character for my reich team which didnt play out that well. Another problem with that map are the entry points. My friend played matriarchy and his voivodes had nearly reached two objectives when my guys just managed to get down those stupid stairs. I worked wonders (killed Zor'ka with one Hoss attack just before she could finish his last objective) but to no avail. I kinda thought that the Gevaudon-Map played a lot better for that mode. But nonetheless it was a lot more fun than deathmatch and the games were quite even. So with those Trooper Packs i can use two troopers of the same type for my team?
  4. I just tried to use some of the ideas i read on here and a few more questions popped up: How do the Schocktruppen get a command pack? There is no mention of one in the revised rulebook. Same for the Stosstruppen. The ability to heal themselves is not mentioned in the rulebook. Where do i get them? And how would Zor'ka get the electric truncheon? I thought she was not be able to drop any of her equipment and as a result can not receive equipment from other characters? Thanks again
  5. Thanks for your thoughts. I havent played the game often enough to be able to say, wether Asteros is unbalanced or if i made some newbie mistake that kept me from damaging him. But judging from the comments so far, i guess there is enough tactical depth in the game without that guy. I guess he will stay in the box for the next few games. Are there other characters to avoid? I just bought a few, so there was some variety when building a team. So far i own Yula, Wolf, Hoax, Georgei and Hoss. What other game mode would you suggest for a new player? We started with deathmatch because it seemed like an easy way to start the game. I really appreciate the discussion with other players. So far i havent been able to get a lot of people to try that game with me.
  6. Hi all, I recently dug out my old Tannhauser game und bought the revised rules and a few of the new characters. At first i thought the revised rules changed the game for the better. The overpowered guns are gone etc. But i find i very problematic how hard it is to kill some of the characters. We played a game were my opponent played Asteros with matriarchy and i played a combination of reich and shogunate. It was simply impossible to even damage the minotaur. I mean, you dont even need to be lucky when rolling the dice. The chance to fail Asteros shock roll against a standard attack with four die is very low. Even if you throw everything you have at him, each individual attack is not powerful enough to even damage him. Is he simply too overpowered or is there a way to kill this beast?
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