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  1. Hi everyone, I have a similar question: I was playing the "Dearly Departed" map and the app spawned an angry mob; in every Mythos Phase the app kept saying "the mob moves towards the closest detective", but didn't specified if the detective had to be inside or outside. What should I do in that case? If the closest detective is inside a building, does the mob move towards him/her? Thanks for the help!
  2. Hi, thank you very much for the answer.
  3. Hi, I have a doubt and I didn't find anything of help on the reference guide. My questin is: how many event cards can be played by Dracula player and the Hunters during their respective turns? Obviously I'm not talking about the "play immediately" kind of cards but all the other ones. If a Hunter has, let's say, 3 cards that can be only played at dawn, does the player have to choose a single card that he will play during the next dawn? Or can he play all of them? And what about Dracula? How many event cards can he play during his turn? Just one or as much as he wants (as long as he meets the cards' requirements)? Thanks for the help!
  4. Hi everyone, I'm a bit confused on this topic but I'm sure you can help me. Let's say that an investigator and a monster are on the same space and the investigator decides to attack the monster but he doesn't kill it. At this point the investigator turn comes to an end? Or can he decide to evade the monster? If that's the case, will the investigator have two movements and one action? Thanks!
  5. Hi everyone, I have a doubt: since "The Inner Sanctum" objective 1A states that the Keeper MAY choose to reveal it at any time, can he throw the die to convert an insane investigator without revealing the objective? Or he has to reveal the objective in order to try and convert an insane investigator? Thanks!
  6. Thanks a lot ladY and gentlemen, nice and helpful as always! I think I'll try a couple of times more extending Tsath Malaise to Falcon Point. If the games is unbearable that way, I'll bend the rules just like Julia suggested. At least now I know that there's not an official way to apply that rule (my ego is safe!!). Thanks again. Federico
  7. Hi everyone, I recently bought "Innsmouth Horror" and I was wondering: is it possible to use Innsmouth having Tsathoggua as the Great Old One? I ask this because Tsathoggua card says: "While Tsathoggua stirs in his slumber, investigators cannot use the special ability of any locations other than the Arkham Asylum, Curiositie Shoppe, General Store, Ye Olde Magick Shoppe, and St. Mary's Hospital." What about Falcon Point and Innsmouth Jail? Can players still use these locations' abilities? Or those who end up on Devil Reef cannot be rescued by other investigators? Thanks!
  8. Remember that Monsters are always removed from the board at the end of a fight, even if they are not defeated. That said I think that in the next turn the combat phase cannot be done because that phase is triggered when a "Hero enters a new location", but I think that the second Monster/Minion can ambush the Hero.
  9. Hi everyone, I have some doubts regarding the above mentioned Quest Card. I hope someone can clarify the situation to me. Thanks to this Card Eleanor can obtain 1 strenght point. She can choose to combat (not defeat) the Black Snake or to Explore Near Harad. And here my problems start: - if she chooses to explore Near Harad, should Boromir be removed from that place? (Otherwise she could just re-explore that place and gain another strenght point using Boromir's ability). - and if she chooses to fight the Black Serpent? She gains 1 strenght point of course, but...what about Boromir? Does he remain on the game board? Thus Eleanor could still talk to him and gain another strenght point. It seems a bit to powerfull for a starting quest card to me. But let's say that Boromir stays where he is and Eleanor can gain up to 2 strenght points. At this point why should Sauron leave the Black Serpent on Near Harad? I mean, if the Black Serpents starts running far away from that place every Hero will decide to complete that quest the "easy" way, and that is by exploring the location and talk to Boromir. This way though, the next time Eleanor will fight against the Serpent she will not gain any strenght point because the Quest is closed. I apologize if I messed this up, the topic is a bit complicated but I hope someone will be able to help me. Thanks!!
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