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  1. Hey there people, So a friend of mine in a game last night brought up an interesting use of the wording of this relic and i was wondering whether it was correct. So does the nameless blade allow you to reroll your enemies battledice?
  2. So in a game im running yesterday i had a player take crit 7 energy to the face from a pulse carbine, going down to really low fel (10 to be exact), i was just wondering whether anyone knew of a way asides from just going your face grows back while the apothecarys tend to you of him recovering his fellowship?
  3. Glad everyone likes the idea i dont think ill be running anything like this for a goodly while as i think it will require a lot of work for planning and such. i was thinking BC rather then DH or RT as the mutation mechanic would go lovely with the music all those tentacles to play more strings and appearance mutations for the cosmetics just seems to go well. i admit i did toy with the idea of a DW dance/ acapalla group campaign.
  4. not neccasarily you'd need vocals.... and they might want to appeal to audiences other then those noise marines would appeal to, maybe a round of soothing orchestral tunes. insert image of flaming skulled chosen playing harpsicord
  5. So i had an idea for a campaign where the party is a music band touring the galaxy possibly set Alt-40k unverse and was wondering what peoples thoughts were on such a things viablility.
  6. it probably would be quite close to magma as the world im using this for is a mechanicus research outpost on a extremly tectonically active mortuary world. that has tectonic upheavals in the areas away from the main safe cities every few hours. and their traveling that area. so if they got only caught with a bit of lava then what about the damage i said to that limb? or straight 1D10?
  7. huh... just did some research and according to the internet. lava is about the same temperature as a flamethrower. so im thinking 1D10+4E, Corrosive, ignores armour unless enviromentally sealed, flame anything you people think should be added? btw thanks Brother Orpheo for the corrosive, and im not sure if you were trolling with that one Tenebrae, lol
  8. Hey people, i was looking through the core book and i didnt find any rules for the damage of lava or severe corrisive rain. does anyone know whether its in one of the expansions and if so which one? otherwise any recommendations?
  9. erm i wasnt actually taking about throwing the Blood thirster i was just using it as a reference damage threshold, but thanks.
  10. ok so in the Dark heresy game im currently running i have a inquisitor with lift and im just wondering if im understanding this power correctly on Psy 6 with 2 power wells gives 6D10 +2 +WP of - i dont know what his WP is off the top of my head but for the sake of this calculation lets say 5- gives an average of 38? lift is threshold 14. so that is an average of 24 over bleed, which on the hurl sub-use of lift gives a bonus 12 damage and 2 additional attacks? with a WP50 and as an inquistor with Unatural WPX2 thats 100kg lifting capacity so throwing people as it doesnt say it cant be used on people only objects which could include people yes? that gives 2D10 +32 Pen0 so my question is is it supposed to be so high, even a blood thirster only has 31 damage reduction and this is on a Lv1 ascended power?
  11. i dont know if im missing something but when im following the link theres nothing there just the site home with the upload button in the middle
  12. ok now ive just started playing a Imperial Fist marine and looking at tactics on the IF chapter advances i was wondering does the any bit mean a.) i can pick any one tactic, or b.) i can pick all and buy them each individually?
  13. hmmm well my character in the game im currently in does have a full back pack of hallucinagen grenades might have to start using those thanks for the help guys.
  14. Just looking at the rules for Decieve and just how far actually counts as decieve? say for example you passed on your lie to convice someone they were a potted plant or hedgehog would that still count? according to the book a lie which contradicts what a person can see is a -30 test so in that case if i had Decieve +30 on my sheet id be making a straight check and seeing as most characters dont have scrutiny which is used for telling if someone is telling a lie this would seem to be absurdly ridiculous, so what would you say is actually allowable?
  15. what about Malal will he get a source book? i have a few people that want to be aligned to Malal. need rules for Malal
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