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  1. The wording on the preorder bonuses is really double-speaky and ambiguous (emphasis mine): "If you pre-order Twilight Imperium Fourth Edition, you’ll have the opportunity to receive the Twilight Imperium Fourth Edition rulebooks bound together in a single volume hardback book. ... Additionally, you’ll have a chance to receive two beautiful limited edition 11 x 17 art prints with special commemorative branding" Does this mean these bonuses are selected randomly among the group of people who preorder? Something that people who preorder will need to pay more to obtain? Or what? Dear companies: you'd build a lot more trust if you just said what you mean instead of acting all sketchy and hedging your language for no obvious reason.
  2. Some thoughts: - I wouldn't trash/trade cards if I were you, even if they're for factions that you aren't interested in at the moment. You never know when a new warlord might come out that will make you love the faction (for instance, I generally don't like AM, but Coteaz and Worr are both really interesting warlords who I'd be willing to play if I weren't currently still in love with Tyranids). Splitting with friends is also problematic, particularly since most decks need at least a few of the neutrals. - Buying packs piecemeal is fine if they have cards you really want; if there aren't any stand-outs, though, it's often best to wait for the whole cycle to decide if you want to buy into it or not. It's pretty common for the bulk of the cycle to be interrelated thematically (planet icons, for the Planetfall cycle), and sometimes packs that look terrible end up being important if you want to leverage that theme (or vice versa; packs that have a card you want might be totally useless aside from the one card you like, so you can then decide if that card is worth the cost of the pack). - Tyranids are a great place for new players to start from an economic standpoint, because you only need one core and the Tyranid box to have basically a full set (you can forego the neutrals and just get the Tyranids box if your opponent provides the tokens, but Fall Back and No Mercy in particular are really amazing with Tyranids). However, Tyranids in general are a little trickier to get into because they play very differently from the other races (it's possible to all but ignore the command phase as Tyranids, for instance, depending on your deck composition). Personally I love them and am enjoying the challenge of figuring out how to play them effectively, but YMMV. The Planetfall stuff for Tyranids has been pretty so-so, Subject-Omega and possibly Soaring Gargoyles aside. Welcome to the addiction!
  3. Good deal; looks like I will in fact be able to contribute to those potentially greater numbers!
  4. Is it still starting at noon? About how long do you expect the tournament to run? I contacted you guys through your web form a week or two ago, but never heard back, and am trying to figure out if I can attend (have to line up babysitting and so forth, if so).
  5. Thanks for the advice! I have absolutely nothing against playing against people who are in it to win; it's just when the majority of people are so focused on winning that they're jerks about it that I don't see the point in participating. Being friends between games is fine by me. Looks like I'll be playing at the Evergreen Tabletop Expo, then! If you're a Pacific Northwestian perhaps I'll see you there.
  6. I don't have a lot of opportunities to play Conquest thanks to time limitations and not having anyone else on hand who likes it. Do you think I would still have fun playing in a regional tournament? I'm knowledgable about the rules and decent at deckbuilding, but I'm unsure how competitive regionals tend to get (never having had a chance to go to an LCG tournament before). Not sure if attending the regional would be jumping into the deep end in a bad way, or if it would be a positive experience; if anyone else has experience with FFG regionals, I'd love to hear your opinions.
  7. Me: Checks homepage for news. Checks upcoming page for status changes. Waits five minutes. Checks homepage for news... Seriously, this is killing my productivity. I really hope the game arrives soon so I can kill my productivity playing and deckbuilding instead. That said, when it arrives is pretty much out of FFG's hands at this point. We really should be bugging whoever's captaining the container ship and the customs folks...
  8. And then there are those who play with the power of their imagination! But yeah, mostly GenCon and OCTGN.
  9. I'm curious: what made the order player's decide to mulligan significant in those 10? You don't get to see what was in your opponent's opening hand or anything, so I would have thought that choosing to mulligan or not would be pretty much a personal decision based on whether you got an acceptable spread of cards to make your deck work.
  10. If memory serves, OCTGN image packs typically are published a few months (six?) after the physical cards are released (less, if you can find someone who doesn't care, but those links are often hidden away on the internet somewhere rather than in the OCTGN client).
  11. This. Particularly when you're all starting the game and no one has a great handle on strategy/tactics, anyway, I doubt the imbalance inherent in the available cardset is going to make a huge difference. Plus, if you can convince them to play the game and they like it, they'll probably want to try constructing their own decks, at which point they may well have a "oh man, if only I could include X card" moment, in which case it is quite possible they might change their mind on how strictly they want to interpret their fluff. And even if some factions end up being stronger mono-faction than others, with just four players you can probably construct a mono-faction deck for each faction and just restrict some matchups (or handicap yourself with the weaker deck, since you'll probably be the person with the best handle on the game).
  12. Me math good math. You are of course correct. Actual cost range: FIRST YEAR: $241 to $360 FOLLOWING YEARS: $160 to $240
  13. I agree that the core boxes were way too big for what's in them ("four inches of cards in all this?!"), but the benefit was that you could easily fit several cycles of deluxe and small pack expansions in them (I was constructing simple three lane card stock dividers for quite a while, and only recently invested in wood for the LCGs I'm seriously collecting). Now we're stuck with no option but to find a non-box-related method of card storage immediately, even if we aren't sure if we'll be expanding the game much. :-\
  14. Do note that CSI's pricing is indicative of typical massive online retailer pricing, but that means that it's the lowest you're likely to spend (and if you're buying things piecemeal, you'll likely be paying for shipping, too, unless you buy everything in a chunk to get free shipping). If you are purchasing at MSRP, your yearly cost in USD breaks down as follows: Core set $40 x 3 = $120 Monthly packs $15 x 12 = $144 Deluxe packs $30 x 2 = $60 ($204 yearly) To sum up: FIRST YEAR: between $241 to $324 FOLLOWING YEARS: between $160 to $204 Cost in Euros should be comparable, depending on the conversion and how steep your preferred retailer discounts stuff (or doesn't).
  15. That's a huge disappointment. I was hoping to be able to use another Go7Gaming insert or similar like I am with Netrunner and LoTR. Now I'm torn between using a binder and finding a storage solution that just lets me sleeve all the cards and leave them that way. I went with "sleeve everything" for the hero cards in LoTR, and I certainly do enjoy being able to throw together a new deck or tweak an old one without needing to waste a bunch of time sleeving everything. Takes up a lot more space, though (and the sleeves get expensive). I typically sort things by faction, type, and cost, so I don't really mind not being able to see all the cards at one go since finding what I need/want is just a matter of quickly leafing through a section (although seeing everything at once would make coming up with new deck ideas a lot quicker).
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