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  1. You could save yourself some work an use this one: http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Setting:Tiji_Sector
  2. One thing that you should know about Rogue Trader(s). "Money if for poor people." is a pretty good saying for most RT Characters.
  3. In the game I ran we played with the BFG Miniatures one of the players owned and used the conversion of 1 VU = 1 Inch. Worked out really well.
  4. Is there a consensus on what rules should be applied to make Lances more useful compared to combined salvos? Wether or not it would be a good idea to make a google doc and link it in this thread since posts can't be edited after a while which would make maintaining a consistent house rule document in the forums themselves complicated.
  5. It multiplied your clip size by five. Essentially instead of being a piece of gear the backpack is a weapon upgrade that increase your effective clip five times but you can't reload in combat. If the weapon jams you lose your clip size in ammo (that is your normal clip size).
  6. Well if you HAVE to fight them I would advice melee combat. The Necrons have mastered ranged combat even more so than melee combat. Their ranged weaponry can tear through the toughest armour, depending on the mechanical representation that includes tank for even their most basic weapon. So if you want to fight them try not to get shot. Since they are machines flames won't do a lot to them but meltas might. I'd recommend power weapons and maybe inferno pistols. Try to have something that stops them from shooting you such as Smoke Grenades, Chameleoline Cloaks or other Soldiers. That isn't to say that every necron is best approached in melee combat but Warriors and Immortals will just out-shoot you so don't even try to win on that front.
  7. I haven't run into this problem as of yet however I think there's a pretty easy solution for that. Before deciding on a map scale look at all the units that will participate in this war. You'll probably have some infantry, some vehicles and some aircraft. Probably the vehicles and infanty will move at roughly the same speed (with maybe the vehicles moving up to 2-5 times the speed of infantry) while aircraft are very very fast to say the least. I'd then just use a scale so that vehicles and infantry movement can easily be represented on a map. Then decide where the aircraft are stationed (for example X kilometers off of that border of the map). Then you can use the aircrafts movement speed to determine their operational range / how long it takes for them to arrive from.
  8. I haven't actually used fatigue that much but I like the idea. However I think it's important to remember that -10 to all rolls isn't very interesting by itself. I'm not sure if you already have this planned but I think you should give them access to Stimm, either from their own supplies or from looting it. This is important I feel because you can use Stimm to ward off fatigue long enough to finish a fight without that nasty -10 to all rolls however use it more then once per day and you risk addiction. (See rules for adiction to drugs).
  9. I always argued that an accurate weapon firing on vehicles targets weakpoints in the vehicle such as viewing slits, external fuel tanks and similiar stuff but really this situation only came up once at that wa with a Hellhound flame tank.
  10. I'd argue it goes like this: If you sucessfully parry a power weapon you didn't "block" the weapon with your hand but rather countered the attack by stopping the weapon at the hilt or deflecting the swordarm / mechadendrite that swung the weapon. Now if you want to be a little more lethal maybe you could roll a d5 minicrit on top of that but really the difficulties of fighting a weapon wielded while being unarmed is already represented by another mechanic in the book. (I forgot what exactly that is called and what it does exactly but I think it's a +20 to WS in favour of the attacker or something like that.)
  11. Wow, excellent tool. Now if there's one thing I'd like to change it's the ability to move nodes around. For example after generating a system, a few ships and maybe a primitive xeno species it would be good to have the option to move the xenos into a child node of the primary biosphere and the ships into the outer reaches of the system.
  12. Plasmafest said: I'd question the 'realism' of Concussive weapons affecting the crew; I've read plenty of accounts from WWII tank crews who survived their tanks being knocked out by 88mm AT rounds and exploding 6 seconds later. For that matter, I've seen the frame-by-frame footage of a Panther crew bailing out within 5 seconds of their tank being knocked out - it bursts into flames at 6 seconds. While they would certainly be in shock, they clearly weren't Stunned. I say no to Concussive carrying through; RF already handles such affects handily, and it underscores the toughness of the tank and the importance of keeping it in one piece. Open-Topped vehicles are another matter. Well just because a weapon is concussive doesn't meant that it will stun. That Panther crew just made their toughness saves. I'm having conflicting opinions about concussive vs. RF. With the Only War rules you can only get the RF minicrit if you actually deal damage to the vehicle but at the same time I could imagine a hit that shakes the tank around which might cause some of the crew to be stunned without causing any significant damage to the vehicle itself.
  13. So: If an attack with concussive(x) damages a vehicle everyone inside the vehicle needs to test toughness as per the normal Concussive rules. Maybe with a bonus to the test based on the vehicle armour. This might work. Please post how it turns out in the end and if you notice more stuns than you expected or less.
  14. I'm not sure if Concussive is supposed to affect the crew. Though I also thought about this. My solution would be to add the armour value (after penetration) as a bonus to the toughness test. Though the real question is if concussive should apply to tank crew. After all there's critical damage results that reflect the crew being stunned and if you allow Concussive to work against tanks equiping your infantry with Power Mauls would be a great way of dealing with tanks. Just run up and bash the tank to stun the crew.
  15. That's pretty nice. Would love to see that painted.
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