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    17th Knight got a reaction from Ide Yoshiya in Relative Starting Strength of Clans   
    As a long-time Netrunner player, since day 1, let's remember that right out of the gate NBN was seen as exceptionally weak. And as any player can tell you, since the first cycle, they've been the dominant force in driving the game. So however strong or weak any core set faction is, don't count on that lasting past a couple card packs. 
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    17th Knight reacted to Ide Yoshiya in Relative Starting Strength of Clans   
    I'm very satisfied with the Unicorn so far. I like that the Aggressive Moto has zero glory: makes him less vulnerable to dishonor, and it's a flavorful choice given his gaijin ancestry. As for the Shinjo Outrider...well, let's just say that players new to L5R are gonna learn some hard lessons when they face a Unicorn deck for the first time.
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    17th Knight reacted to Ryric in Pinnacle of Perfection   
    Some of the province abilities are making me wonder if it's worth "feinting" with one weak character to scout a province before committing a lot of forces.
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    17th Knight reacted to profparm in Lack of other factions (Naga, Shadowlands)   
    Hello [thousand years of] Darkness my old friend....
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    17th Knight got a reaction from macdavilo in Nezumi/Ratlings   
    I am a die-hard honor/dishonor player. Crane duel/honor and Scorpion dishonor decks are all I have ever played........EXCEPT for the Nezumi. The Ratlings stole my heart and my money.... right up until they were wiped out, which knocked me out of the game for a good chunk of time. I was really sad.
    Hell yes bring the Nezumi back!!!!
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    17th Knight got a reaction from kpsmith in Dueling   
    I firmly agree. The first powerful deck I ever made was Crane dueling and it has a special place in my heart. It takes a lot of thought and design to properly hone one, and I'd love to see that extend to every clan (if possible). You could even have different kinds of duels that different clans focus on, or something like that. 
    Beating a cavalry deck with my dueling deck didn't feel "amazing". The first time I truly felt like I had arrived in L5R was when my Crane dueling deck went to a kotei and defeated another Crane dueling deck. That. Was. Intense! But I knew I'd only face 1 or 2 opponents like that, and I always knew what clan they'd be. If anyone could bring that to the table, or if it was more feasible to do in a "non-duel" deck, that would be fantastic. 
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    17th Knight reacted to Toqtamish in The Big Question - Which Clans Make The Cut?   
    Biggest thing to remember is right now a lot of these questions even FFG doesn't know the answer to yet. So even if they wanted to say clans X,Y,Z are cut or safe they don't know yet. This is just as new for a lot of them as it is for us. These decisions will likely occupy a lot of the next few months for them.
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    17th Knight got a reaction from OneThatFishes in Nezumi/Ratlings   
    I am a die-hard honor/dishonor player. Crane duel/honor and Scorpion dishonor decks are all I have ever played........EXCEPT for the Nezumi. The Ratlings stole my heart and my money.... right up until they were wiped out, which knocked me out of the game for a good chunk of time. I was really sad.
    Hell yes bring the Nezumi back!!!!
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    17th Knight got a reaction from Mirumoto Rinjin in The Big Question - Which Clans Make The Cut?   
    I sincerely hope that they all do. I know that's kind of nuts in an LCG format, but L5R without Lion, Crane, Scorpion, Crab, Dragon, Unicorn, etc. just wouldn't feel right. We know, because of Warhammer, that it's entirely possible to include 9 "clans" in an LCG. In fact, most of their games seem to have upwards of 7+ factions. But what if they can't? And what if they only release with 6 clans in the start? 
    So, let's say that they can only include 6 clans at the start of the game. Who makes the cut? Who would you cut out? Could we consolidate multiple clans into one single clan? What if they can't include all 9 in the course of the game's lifetime and one or two don't make it at all?
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    17th Knight reacted to kempy in Nezumi/Ratlings   
    Sharp-Sharp Stick into hearts of all who don't want Nezumi return to Rokugan.
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    17th Knight reacted to Mirumoto Tairu in The Big Question - Which Clans Make The Cut?   
    To my knowledge here there are 14 distinct factions that FFG has to consider here. 
    There are the 9 Great Clans as of this time frame
    Then there are 3 beloved factions that need to be addressed.
    The Naga
    The Shadowlands 
    The Ratlings
    To round out the player base there would need to be 2 more factions added
    Imperial (Toturi's Army)
    This is where the crux of what to keep and what to cut comes into play. What I would like to see is the base set be a core group of cards that everyone needs aka the fate deck style stuff and then have a clan pack based on each faction so the purchase point for the reboot is more focused for the player getting into or back into the swing of L5R. From there the clan packs can focus on a particular style of game play for that clan. Dueling, Courtiers, Tattoos etc. I also would like to have the good people here at FFG give us a developers blog on the new card game to give those of us who are going to be without new L5R for two years something to look forward to.
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    17th Knight reacted to BayushiCroy in The Big Question - Which Clans Make The Cut?   
    Been playing for a while. 
    The story at AEG's side is going to finish the release of Evil Portents. They had been hinting at Onyx Edition where the Spider take over Rokugan. Though that will never be realized on AEG's side. It also may actually never happen but from what I understand is that FFG is picking it up in its current state and *seems* to be continuing the story.
    As far as Clans go, it would be easiest to cut the Spider and Mantis. The other have ALL been there since the start except the Scorpion but that requires some history. The Mantis came later and in the story will be destroyed by the Spider. It would also be easy to eliminate the Spider as a playable faction and just have them be the ruling class as they plummet the world into darkness.
    The rest of Clans, if they aren't represented, then it isn't L5R. Hell even getting rid of the Mantis is going to have a HUGE change on the setting. All the Clans are INCREDIBLY complex and reducing them to a couple words does each of them a disservice. At the same time, that is how people usually end up picking one. 
    Each Clan (except Mantis and Spider) has over 1000 years of history with each other. That means each clan has 1000 years of war, peace, trading, differences, and similarities in ideas and actions all relating to each other and how each other view each others perception of each other. It is very, very complex.
    tl;dr: cutting Mantis and Spider, I think would be easiest. However cutting any would dramatically change the setting and story.
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    17th Knight reacted to Grimwalker in Night's Watch Preview   
    Point of order: Steward, Builder, and Ranger are Traits, not keywords.
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    17th Knight got a reaction from Grimwalker in Stark Preview   
    Word, new edit to it too that makes it even better:
    1. Military challenge with all your characters except Grey Wind.
    2. Massacre the enemy.
    3. Kneel Grey Wind to kill your own weakest character.
    4. Stand your whole army with Robb.
    5. Win Domination.
    6. Play Summer next round to take dead character back to hand.
    7. Replay character.
    8. Repeat entire process.
    9. Laugh. 
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    17th Knight reacted to Khudzlin in Stark Preview   
    Add "except Grey Wind" in #1 and you're good to go.
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    17th Knight reacted to Hurdoc in OMG, cannot take the pressure...   
    Having missed out o the first iteration of this game, and then being too overwhelmed to start in the middle, this second version is what I'm waiting for... but these previews are killing me with anticipation.
    I just hope the local scene becomes really strong, I would love to have this be like MTG, at every corner store.
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    17th Knight reacted to Olorin93 in My Ring-Maker Cycle Deck - Idraen / Gandalf / Glorfindel   
    I would love to try this deck, but lack of Gandalf allies is crippling in multiplayer games. I'll still try it out solo, though! I have run Elrond/Idraen/Glorfindel before and it worked well. Loragorn is also a good option - with Wingfoot in there, locations going out and Light of Valinor on Glorfindel, I often had all three heroes ready in the combat phase!
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    17th Knight got a reaction from MarthWMaster in FFG video   
    I am really really REALLY pumped!!
    This looks so much better than the previous game. The artwork and card layouts are leaps and bounds ahead of the previous editions and the mechanics seem more streamlined from the barebones I know.
    I had bought the original core set and faction expansions for the previous game but was never able to get into it. The card pool was enormous, the rules all over the place, and I just couldn't must the gumption to go head-first with it like I did with every other LCG. 
    But that's all changed. Night's Watch and Martells. CANNOT WAIT!
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    17th Knight reacted to pbpanchotest in Phantoms just got nerfed, hardcore   
    Fel is FAR easier to block than Whisper or Echo under the old rules.  Block him, he's got no actions and is not that tough to kill.  Try and block Whisper?  Ok I'll just decloak a different direction.
    The issue is not the green dice, it's the inability to ever get to roll red OR green dice unless you have higher PS, preferably with boost or barrel roll.  If you move, Whisper decloaks whichever way she wants and is out of arc, the green dice are never a factor unless you brought a turret.
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    17th Knight reacted to entMoot in Legolas-Eowyn-Glorfindel Aggro   
    Hey everyone, I thought I'd share one of my favorite decks.
    3 Heroes Legolas Eowyn Glorfindel (Foundations of Stone)   12 Allies 3 Silvan Refugee 3 Vassal of the Windlord 3 Escort from Edoras 3 Bofur   13 Attachments 1 Black Arrow 3 Dagger of Westernesse 3 Light of Valinor 3 Miruvor 3 Rivendell Blade   25 Events 2 A Good Harvest 1 Close Call 3 Elrond's Counsel 3 Goblin-Cleaver 1 Power of Orthanc 3 The Seeing-Stone 1 The Wizards's Voice 3 Unseen Strike 3 Courage Awakened 3 Hands Upon the Bow 2 Quick Strike   Strategy: I built this deck specifically to lower my score against Passage Through Mirkwood, and I have not been disappointed with the results. You may notice that the deck is loaded with one-shot effects that boost attack and willpower, but not too much else. The deck's goal is to start with a hand that will let you quest with Glorfindel + Eowyn for at least 11 WP and then have Legolas kill an enemy in the first round. Against Passage Through Mirkwood, this means we are trying to clear the first 2 stages of the quest on round 1 and follow that up with a quick slaying of Ungoliant's Spawn or another questing surge to clear out Beorn's Path.   I played a quick few games to the following results:   Passage Through Mirkwood 38 (2 rounds + 22 threat + 1 dmg - 5 Hummerhorns VP) - Beorn's Path 35 (1 round + 26 threat - 1 Black Arrow VP) - Don't Leave the Path! 87 (4 rounds + 34 threat + 4 dmg + 9 Legolas dead)   As you can see, there's going to be some big variance in how smoothly the game goes, but I enjoy the deck's reckless play style and risks that sometimes pay off big -- or blow up in my face like that last game where Legolas got eaten by a King Spider+Shadow Effect.   I'm curious if anyone has thoughts on how to make this deck even more consistent or cards that should be replaced?
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    17th Knight got a reaction from joezim007 in My Ring-Maker Cycle Deck - Idraen / Gandalf / Glorfindel   
    You're very welcome, I'm glad it worked for you! I really appreciate the compliments, I've struggled mightily to make a deck that worked for multiple scenarios in this game (rather than just maximizing a deck to each scenario) and this is my pride and joy so far. 
    And yes, killing Bill Ferny ASAP is a must in Knife in the Dark, I find. And with this deck, you can handle a lot of threat without worries. Taking Ringwraiths is suicide in that scenario, I think (though I'd love to see someone prove me wrong!)
    If you're interested, I've discovered that pulling out 3 of anything you don't need and putting in 3 x Ride them Down can be quite the game-changer as well. You can quest, kill something in the staging area, and (in the right situation) have all your heroes ready at the combat phase. It turns all the throw-away questers (like silvan refugee) into killers!
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    17th Knight reacted to joezim007 in My Ring-Maker Cycle Deck - Idraen / Gandalf / Glorfindel   
    Thanks for this deck. It beat Knife in the Dark for me. I've only played this a few times but lost each time, so it was nice to see a deck that could handle it. I lost the first time with this deck because I didn't play with the right strategy. Once I decided to NOT play ANY threat reduction until I got high enough and take out Bill Ferny ASAP, I was able to stop worrying about his ability, and then lower my threat a ton before stage 3B so I didn't have to deal with all of the baddies at once. I always took the threat increase rather than sticking a Ringwraith in the deck so stage 3 wouldn't be so killer and filled with enemies. Decked out in 11 rounds.
    Overall, very nice deck. Against a quest that you want to do a lot of questing, especially with allies, I like this Gandalf deck better than the Gandalf/Elrond/Galadriel (or Glorfindel) deck with a ton of eagles. It was very exciting and without Vilya, it's not quite as complicated.
    Thanks for sharing.
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