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  1. As a long-time Netrunner player, since day 1, let's remember that right out of the gate NBN was seen as exceptionally weak. And as any player can tell you, since the first cycle, they've been the dominant force in driving the game. So however strong or weak any core set faction is, don't count on that lasting past a couple card packs.
  2. Here's a thought: In Star Wars and now Netrunner they've released a "campaign" style event, and in Star Wars it's everyone vs. 1 player. What if they did the same here, releasing a Shadowlands box set where the Shadowlands player gets a massive ton of cards and plays against 1-4 other players, adjusting the strength of the Shadowlands player as necessary? Then, as a big event, you have people representing their favorite clans at official tournaments vs. Shadowlands players, and the clans with the most victories get something big in the story. If the Shadlowands win the most, however, something really bad happens in the story.
  3. Crane and Scorpion. But I would LOVE to see the Ratlings/Nezumi again.
  4. I firmly agree. The first powerful deck I ever made was Crane dueling and it has a special place in my heart. It takes a lot of thought and design to properly hone one, and I'd love to see that extend to every clan (if possible). You could even have different kinds of duels that different clans focus on, or something like that. Beating a cavalry deck with my dueling deck didn't feel "amazing". The first time I truly felt like I had arrived in L5R was when my Crane dueling deck went to a kotei and defeated another Crane dueling deck. That. Was. Intense! But I knew I'd only face 1 or 2 opponents like that, and I always knew what clan they'd be. If anyone could bring that to the table, or if it was more feasible to do in a "non-duel" deck, that would be fantastic.
  5. I am a die-hard honor/dishonor player. Crane duel/honor and Scorpion dishonor decks are all I have ever played........EXCEPT for the Nezumi. The Ratlings stole my heart and my money.... right up until they were wiped out, which knocked me out of the game for a good chunk of time. I was really sad. Hell yes bring the Nezumi back!!!!
  6. You have a great point, without Scorpion or Crane and the honor/dishonor victory conditions i would be hard-pressed to care about the game. BUT!!!! AEG was happy to wipe people out in the past. Shadowlands: Gone. Ratlings: Gone (that knocked me out of playing the game for 2 years) Naga: Gone I know those aren't "clans", but they may as well have been. Clan loyalty is everything in L5R...but that's also what makes their rise and fall so powerful in the game.
  7. Currently Follow: Doomtown Reloaded Netrunner LOTR AGoT 2.0 (I know it's not out, but I will be buying it) L5R (same as above) Call of Cthulhu Have a small collection but don't keep up: Warhammer Warhammer 40K Star Wars Would LOVE to play if they ever come out: 7th Sea Dune
  8. I would love to see Naga and Ratlings return. LOVE it!!!!! Naga + Ratlings + Shadowlands
  9. I sincerely hope that they all do. I know that's kind of nuts in an LCG format, but L5R without Lion, Crane, Scorpion, Crab, Dragon, Unicorn, etc. just wouldn't feel right. We know, because of Warhammer, that it's entirely possible to include 9 "clans" in an LCG. In fact, most of their games seem to have upwards of 7+ factions. But what if they can't? And what if they only release with 6 clans in the start? So, let's say that they can only include 6 clans at the start of the game. Who makes the cut? Who would you cut out? Could we consolidate multiple clans into one single clan? What if they can't include all 9 in the course of the game's lifetime and one or two don't make it at all?
  10. I cannot wait to write a lovely poem about my Crane Clan beautifully eviscerating you all.
  11. So not only does this look really promising, but so does the first expansion pack they released today. I've been very excited to play as the Night's Watch and was hoping they would have an interesting theme and I really like their subverting of the other person's challenges. Cards like For The Watch (from the chapter pack preview https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2015/6/16/taking-the-black/)seem incredibly powerful and really build on that theme, but even more I like how thematic it is. It makes sense that it's going to be hard (almost fruitless) for the other Houses to move against the Watch. The Builders, Stewards, and Rangers are great and I like the fact that they are immediately building off of those keywords with the ability to draw what you're missing. However, the clear weakness of the Night's Watch is they get wrecked if they lose unopposed challenges. So they need to be the jack-of-all-trades during each game, which (again) is thematic, but always seems dangerous in card games. I dont' have enough experience with the game, but they feel like the late-game power that is going to be very difficult to stop once they've gotten rolling and will simply sit there, gathering power, winning dominance, using The Wall, and shrugging of challenges. Overall, as someone who was really excited to play as the Night's Watch, I love how they're building them up. Interesting theme, will require thought in deck-building, already have their own keywords, very nice.
  12. Word, new edit to it too that makes it even better: 1. Military challenge with all your characters except Grey Wind. 2. Massacre the enemy. 3. Kneel Grey Wind to kill your own weakest character. 4. Stand your whole army with Robb. 5. Win Domination. 6. Play Summer next round to take dead character back to hand. 7. Replay character. 8. Repeat entire process. 9. Laugh.
  13. I'm the EXACT same way. The game even looks more beautiful than the original. I am going to go crazy as I count the days until my Night's Watch and Dorne decks are out reeking havoc.
  14. Check it: 1. Military challenge with all your characters. 2. Massacre the enemy. 3. Kneel Grey Wind to kill your own weakest character. 4. Stand your whole army with Robb. 5. Win Domination. 6. Laugh.
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