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  1. Updated! I'm hoping to expand the Adversaries list when I get some time. If anyone wants to suggest ideas I'd be happy to work them in. Thanks all!
  2. That's kinda where I was heading. Thanks for the second opinion!
  3. I'd assume techniques you get as part of your school starting package can't be counted towards the requirements of titles, (since XP wasn't spent), but is this stated one way or the other anywhere? For example, a Yogo starts with Shallow Waters, so if they become a Yoriki, can they buy it or count it?
  4. Medicine, a Transformer doctor would call what he does medicine since it's healing his patient. You can also, still keep mechanics for spaceships and larger projects.
  5. Sure! I made this using gmbinder.com There's a genesys template on there that's great for learning the system
  6. Updated for the new year! Slowly chipping away at the the to-do list If anyone tries it out, I'd love to hear how it goes. Transformers Genesys Mod VERSION HISTORY • 0.4 - removed vehicle numbers to better focus on the characters being their alt mode • 0.6 - Updated and added Outlier abilites • 1.0 - Release • 1.1 - Weapons & Armor added • 1.2 - moved Combiner to Tier 2; fixed Air form Brawn; raised sword crit from 2 to 3; IDW comics continue to be a source of awesome art and if you haven't read More Than Meets the Eye & Lost Light please do. • 1.3 - Various cleanups. Changed Forcefield Outlier ability to grant bonus soak.
  7. I like what I've read so far. I might not have hit this yet, but how will you account for a very lethall system like l5r in a pretty hard to die system like genesys?
  8. In the sub roll for Ruthless Victor 5 is assigned twice:
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