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  1. I asume it's Task Force Organa, the hammerhead title.
  2. Is the damage from the minefield an attack, with a spend defence tokens step?
  3. I love this idea, for all of the reasons you gave. I'm already thinking how it could change the two recyclable TIE fighters in my SSD lists. Upgrade to interceptors? Expand to include some bombing threat? Squeeze in another ship upgrade or two? All of the above? My favourite aspect is the expectation that every fleet will have some squadrons. As you say, they do in Star Wars.
  4. At least it's a bit more specific than "not yet".
  5. The rules are vague about what constitutes a squadron beyond the "three models on a stand" part. I believe this is deliberate so you can decide the answer that's right for your game.
  6. They will probably try to use the station to obstruct your attack, so bring Remodi as your commander.
  7. You can't do that, and you're right that it would be silly. Karneck's point was that the Piett 'dial' isn't revealed so it doen't trigger the huge ship rule that gives a token in addition.
  8. It's the 'counts as a dial' that you resolve when you spend a command token and exhaust Admiral Piett.
  9. Oooh, that's a sneaky plan. I like it. 😁
  10. Also for consideration when choosing targets: how will it affect the activation advantage? Knocking out a cheap ship could stop that dreaded last/first, or give you that opportunity.
  11. I've laughed, cried and screamed at The Force Awakens too, but not for the reasons JJ intended.
  12. Absolutely. You can smooth out the randomness by adding more dice. Quantity has a quality all of it's own.
  13. My FLGS in Norwich, UK, has one each of the Chimera and original on the shelf.
  14. If only there was a way to have two bases separated by a gap, bridged by a single piece of cardboard. I guess 21st century technology just isn't up to the job. 🙄
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