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  1. Nujabes DJ Okawari Kyo Itachi (Love Mugen, Love Mugen 2: Dream & Existence, Mugen Swords(Reissue)) Ta-Ku (Beat Sketches Vol 1) Various Artists (Tribute to Jun 1 & 2 (Nujabes tribute) Reki (Whispers (Reissue)
  2. Yes. Please do. With best regards, The rest of the community
  3. The card reads: Action: During a conflict at this province, choose 2 participating characters – honor one of those characters and dishonor the other. The text before the dash; "During a conflict at this province, choose 2 participating characters –" is the cost and that has to be able to be paid/resolved. The text after the dash "– honor one of those characters and dishonor the other." Is the effect which can either happen fully or partially. So you have to be able to choose 2 participating characters and they in part can be honored, ordinary or dishonored before you honor/dishonor them =) Also relevant: 7) Shameful Display – Can you trigger it with targeting such that your opponent’s character gets dishonored but your honored character has nothing happen to them? This “resolve as much as you are able” rule basically means that you cannot optionally pick and choose which parts of an effect resolve. So, you could choose to dishonor the ordinary character, and let the honor effect fail to resolve in your example. Once these choices are made, you resolve as much of the effect as you are able. If you had one honored and one dishonored character, you would have to choose in such a way that the resolution of the ability changes the game state. (i.e., you couldn’t choose to both honor the honored and dishonor the dishonored, as then the effect would have no potential to change the game state) (Nate French, 14/8/17).
  4. I would like to see a modular tournament card pool instead of a pure rotation, like seasons. for example: This coming season the cardpool consist of (Core set, these 3 dynasty cycles and these 3 deluxe boxes) and then that can shift every 6/12 months or so. I feel that could benefit the storylines and also some broken combinations that they could just put on ice until they figure it out.
  5. Kind of like how the Dark Side winning conditions are very passive and the Light Side winning conditions are very aggressive. Hrm.
  6. To radioactivemouse (i hate this forum sometimes…) Something to think about? From BGG; "As a follow-up, I emailed FFG customer service the other morning about the misprinted cardboard sheet. They responded in an apologetic way a few hours later and immediately shipped a replacement sheet. Kudos to the quick fix, FFG! "
  7. Bolfa Fluffbelly said: I'm not a big fan of moviestills but the overall card layout and design is so much better than the lcg imo. That has been a big factor to why i haven't bought the lcg though i have been intruiged by the mechanics. No offense to the artists, it's just that the HBO-show is more a song of ice and fire to me. More dark and gritty with a lot of neutral colours contra the colourfull "classic medieval fantasy" style of the lcg (and i actually read the two first books before watching the series). The ultimate would have been painted cards hbo-style ala the Star Wars LCG.
  8. Sounds like a great christmas present then! How textheavy/complicated are the cards compared to the lcg? I would love to see an expansion/stand alone game with two more houses and plot cards and the addition of multiplayer. They could even add a few stark/lannister cards for "mock" deckbuilding with the original, just to take the 'gateway to lcg' step a bit further. I know it wont happen but if the lcg got this treatment as a remake, design-wise, i would be very happy. I'm not a big fan of moviestills but the overall card layout and design is so much better than the lcg imo. That has been a big factor to why i haven't bought the lcg though i have been intruiged by the mechanics.
  9. I'm definitely gonna pick this up. I've been interested in aGot lcg a long time but the vast amount of cards/deckbuilding is kinda imtimidating. I also hate the card design and art of the lcg… I'm not a big fan of moviestills but hey, you can't get everything. So a lite version of aGot with sleek design and i can probably get to play it with my woman? Sign me up! i wouldn't mind a small expansion(s) in the future with multiplayer and one or three houses.
  10. spalanzani said: I do hope the objective cards become something more than they are currently. This has been hashed out already, of course, but having objectives that you can complete would be a major step forward in my view, and I do have some hope that the game will evolve to include this soon. Quests in Warhammer Invasion were pretty bland things at first, but have since evolved to be cards that you want to interact with etc, so I don't think it's beyond the realms of possibility for the future. I just think FFG are making this a straightforward game to appeal to the widest demographic possible. And they'd be stupid not to, really. Well, at least someone agrees with something i think. That was how my probelm started with the dial, besides me not being a dial-person. I just thought it was unnecessary, ugly and i couldn't understand why it wasn't incorporated into the objectives. i would rather have different game-winning objectives than one single ds-dial. But it is what it is. I will probably use a proxy instead of the dial. Just because.
  11. Budgernaut said: You're not the first one I've heard complain about the objectives being stale, resource-generators, but I disagree. From the cards previewed at GenCon, it seems that most of the objectives have some kind of ability attached to them and they can be pretty powerful. Mission Briefing lets you draw a card at the end of your turn, which is great since your hand will be smaller at the end of your turn if you chose to battle and played a lot of cards in the edge battle. Mission Briefing will give you an extra card that may or may not have a lot of force icons, but it will make your opponent think twice about what to commit to the edge battle on their turn. Mobilize the Squadrons is a great card for resource acceleration since it lets you remove a focus token from an objective or enhancement. Say you focused a 2-resource objective, (if I remember correctly) it takes two focus tokens, so you can't focus it again for 2 rounds. If Mobilize the Squadrons is in play, you cut that down to one turn. What's even cooler to me is that because your objectives are random, each time you play the same deck, it could be completely different because of the choices you make based on your objectives' effects. For example, if you got Mobilize the Squadrons, you may play more toward getting units on the table because you can afford them, whereas if you had Mission Briefing, you may play more to maximizing the attack power of the few units you have by trying harder to win the edge battles. It's so exciting!!!! FFG… is that you?
  12. gokubb said: I wouldn't call focus vs tap a 'pretty big' difference. They've just spiced it up a little, but the core concept is identical. The game timer can't be an objective, because the objectives are how you build your decks and collect resources. If you made the game timer one of those, then every dark side deck would have to choose it. Or, if they didn't have to choose that objective when creating a deck, then you eliminate the built in time stop that they're going for. I'm not saying that they couldn't have found a different mechanic other than the dial, but I don't think mixing it with objectives would work well. Sure it can, just make it an obligatory objective that you have to start with. Make it powerful with some less powerful cards that go with it. I would have prefered that the objectives themself were more dynamic instead of the stale resource-cards we got now. Mixing in winning conditions with the objectives would make more sense.
  13. houjix1138 said: Its a game timer. They want the game to conclude within a reasonable amount of time. With no impetus, games can devolve into stalemates, where players are either unwilling, or unable to do anything. Does this provide any unfair advantage to the Dark side, perhaps. However, since we hardly know any of the cards, it's hard to discern how much of an advantage this really is. I'm willing to see more on how the game plays before I declare the DSD as the worst idea in the history of card games. Maybe i'm not making myself clear but how does making the dial into an objective take away the gametimer aspect? It's the concept of the dial i'm against, not what it represent.
  14. AshesFall said: These are some good points I think. I believe that we will stay with the "original triology" for quite a long time in this game, with the different episodes being the "main release sets". For the first triology, I think the death star dial itself will work well. For an episode IV theme the trench run attack card works well, for an epidode five theme they may do something different with the dial, other cards and so on. Perhaps they will introduce entirely other mechanics and alternatives with later sets, when moving beyond the original triology? We'll just have to wait and see. For now however, I am conviced that the basic set (I.e. episode IV, with the coming monthly packs to flesh out the episode IV block) is very nicely done theme wise. I'll definetly support the game through this first cycle and have fun with it with my friends. After this cycle, we'll see what they come up with and reevaluate. Perhaps it's best to approach this game on a "per cycle" basis? Just thinking out loud here. Yes… But why have the dial in the first place? If you would replace the dial with an objective that works like the dial you would still have the same mechanic but could choose not to use said mechanic. It would also make it easier to expand and make the game more customizable. I feel like a parrot repeating myself but dials aint for me. And bringing a Death Star to the new trilogy is the worst idea ever. Bringing it back in Return of the Jedi was bad enough.
  15. AshesFall said: I can certainly understand your concern about the DS dial. It's one of the things I was/am a little hesitant about as well, it does feel a little weird with asymetrical victory conditions, where one side can wait out the clock doesnt it? It's growing on me since the deck building preview though. I'm generally for everything that allows more options, theme and strategies in the game. The preview got me thinking about all the fun stuff they can do with the DS dial. Cards to slow it down, cards that stop it's advance with an objective placed on it that the empire must destroy before it can get moving again. The trench run as already seen in the preview. Maybe the empire can get a card they can play on it to give it an enhancement destroying laser attack once the dial rises to a certain number. The possibilities are very large both for added theme and strategy. And I like that a lot . I also suspect that with the right decks and feeling you can get a hectic struggle towards the end of the game. The empire is down two objectives with two turns left, can the rebels pull off those last attacks while the empire struggles to dominate the force (weighing the possibility of loosing a powerful character to defend with on the last turn because of the double focus on a comitted character) and marshal his defenses to hasten the end of the game and defend his objective? These are my thoughts after turning the issue over for a good while in my head. Indeed. If the game would only consist of the core game would have no problem with the DS-dial. It's just i think it will hinder gameplay/theme in the future whenthe game gets larger and has more expansions. With the dial the game will force you to play basically sneaky rebels vs menacing empire. Not that i have anything against that per se, i just would like to have the option not to play it so. By having the DS-dial as an objective-type instead it would still have everything you said above but with the option to not have it (if you would want yo play bounty hunter etc). Having asymetrical winning conditions in a otherwise symetrical game just feels… odd. Also, i like how they said that the DS-dial was just an abstraction of the dark sides influence and not really the death star, yet here we have cards like trench run treating it like it's the death star. and sorry for the namecalling TS.
  16. AshesFall said: Bolfa Fluffbelly said: I love what they're trying to do with the objectives/sets. To bad i can't feel the same way about everything else surrounding this game. What dont you like about it? I ask this with all well meaning and out of curiosity, I simply dont really understand what's not to like. The art is Awesome, there will be a lot of opportunity to build thematic and interesting decks. The light side has three ways to win (so far), destroying the death star itself with an action card and attacks, attacking the heart of the empire and destroying it, or damaging the empire through destroying three objectives. The gameplay itself seems interesting, your base resources are already in play (objectives), those selfsame objectives give strategic options in themselves. The battle systems seem interesting with three types of "action icons" already on the characters to allow different strategies and tactics, edge battles for uncertainty, strategy and card cycling, other abilities, events, fate effects and so on. Yeah, the art is fantastic, i'll give you that. Almost makes me want to buy it only for the Leia card. Still, i'm not sold about the objectives themself (i love the set/deckbuilding), they feel a bit flat to be honest. The DS dial is also something that bothers me, i would rather the dial be incorporated into the objectives. What i have seen so far i'm not really digging the gameplay with space/land battles and the force, it just feels a bit generic. And as ******* pointed out, yes ofcourse it's to early to say if the game is good/Bad, it's not out yet. Going by that logic this forum would be pretty silent until release. I also know how hard it would be to make a SW game that would please all Star Wars fans… still, from what i have seen so far this is how i feel about the game in this stage of development. My biggest concern is the DS-dial to be honest. It's pretty blah. [ADMIN: Edited for content. Keep the discourse civil.]
  17. I love what they're trying to do with the objectives/sets. To bad i can't feel the same way about everything else surrounding this game.
  18. So the status has gone from 'at the printers' back to 'in development'. So there's still hope. Hope that FFG actually makes the best Star Wars game they can.
  19. spalanzani said: I agree, I think in this instance particularly they'll want to create a base game that has the base mechanics, to entice the largest possible group into the game, a large proportion of whom, I'd anticipate, aren't the sort of gamers who would be into a game that is too complex. The time for layers will come with expansions, once that massive group has been successfully enticed. So I'm expecting to see objective cards that have more about them, stuff to complete and what-not, in the expansions. So what you people (as you in the ones who're okay with game so far) are saying is, basically, that it's okay to make a simplified game, low on thematic game mechanics, just because it's Star Wars and apparently this generation of Star Wars fans are incapable of playing a game that's harder than munchkin? And i'm not trying to bash FFG, i get why they're doing it. I'm just sad that they're aiming ONLY for the cheddar and not for the big opportunity that a Star Wars LCG could be. And to be honest, i think a non-gamer would be more thrilled about going to dagobah and actually do some jedi training, messing with yoda or retreiving a x-wing from the swamps instead of getting "+1 card in hand".
  20. Yikes, this place is crawling with prequel-fans… I have a bad feeling about this.
  21. ScottieATF said: Bolfa Fluffbelly said: I vote for no prequel material. Why? Just because the movies didn't stand up to the originals doesn't mean the story and the characters aren't worth using. EU characters are one of the main reasons I'm excited that FFG went with original art. I didn't say no EU (there's plenty of EU in the core by the look of some of the art), i said no prequel ****. EU-stuff that existed before, hmm let's say May 19th 1999' is okay in my book. Not saying all EU is great or even good, but i like Zahn's books and alot of the old Star Wars videogames eu (Dark Forces series, X-wing series etc). There is really no need to go prequel for a loooong long time either. But hey, my wishes rarely materialize. Maybe you'll get lucky and get Jar-jar in the first expansion.
  22. Mattr0polis said: Bolfa Fluffbelly said: I vote for no prequel material. *waves hand* "You want to go home and rethink your life." Nah man, i like Star Wars not **** Wars. And Jedi mind tricks only work on the weak minded.
  23. But the DS dial could've easily been "just another" objective(card). It's not a make or break thing for me but i'm still in the less-dials-more-cards/objectives-corner.
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