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  1. Johann Rowlocks

    Private Wars

    Session one was great! Noelyuk - I am a busy dad so I not bothering to be super exacting with it... I just organize cards for characters and henchmen and used the Lure of Power social combat rules to run the first trial. I own literally every thing for 3rd edition so finding closely related cards hasn't been an issue thus far. I am using the Gods of Law as they are in first edition. I have actually used Solkan in a third edition campaign previously, so they have never been exorcised from my old world!
  2. Johann Rowlocks

    Private Wars

    I am starting to run the unofficial campaign from 1st edition in third. The trial and all the social encounters are really easy to convert by just grabbing some cards and setting up track based objectives. If there is interest I can report how it goes. If anyone has done this campaign and has any words of advice - they would be gladly accepted!