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  1. Session one was great! Noelyuk - I am a busy dad so I not bothering to be super exacting with it... I just organize cards for characters and henchmen and used the Lure of Power social combat rules to run the first trial. I own literally every thing for 3rd edition so finding closely related cards hasn't been an issue thus far. I am using the Gods of Law as they are in first edition. I have actually used Solkan in a third edition campaign previously, so they have never been exorcised from my old world!
  2. I am starting to run the unofficial campaign from 1st edition in third. The trial and all the social encounters are really easy to convert by just grabbing some cards and setting up track based objectives. If there is interest I can report how it goes. If anyone has done this campaign and has any words of advice - they would be gladly accepted!
  3. Well, I enjoyed the hell out of this game, and plan to for some years to come. If the next licensee is smart, they will find a half way point between 2nd and third and start with the Elf supplement that NO edition ever supported...
  4. Just ended TEW and boy, are my players pissed off! I did the epilogue and got to the part (spoilers) where they THINK they are home... Well they all jump up and down thinking that they are going to rule the empire! Given their incouriousness about anything (there had been beers) I decided that a "isn't it a bit weird" check wasn't really appropriate. Asked them clearly if their intention was to rule the Empire... Affirmative. Three of them fell thralls to Tzeentch with one (the wizard) seeing through it, but unable to defeat the Horrors. This means a TPK really I think. Very unhappy players. It might not have been so bad if I wasn't so delighted they had taken the bait. You have been warned... Not sure if my players will be back!
  5. thanks! I am going to seriously power it all down as I am intending to bring total news through it with very few cards/talents etc... in a convention environment. No problem with a TPK at the end though! Love to hear your thoughts on a balanced party for it..
  6. Just gave these three a cursory glance - very interesting stuff! Congrats to the three who have entered! I will obviously honour my pledge (as modest as it is) for the winner. With your permission Emirikol I would like to run "one hand gives" as a demo adventure at Gottacon here in Victoria - it seem to be a good one for it with both combat and social combat as well as being able to go lower powered (until the end!)...
  7. Has anyone run the epilogue out there in the wild? Anyone?
  8. marketing Emirikol, marketing... I actually think it is a better, funner, and more cohesive campaign that the original (which is my first love, having run it as they were released!)
  9. The end is nigh! As the optional epilogue in Enemy is quite trippy and a really unexpected direction, I'm wondering if any other GMs have already run it or if you are planning to... I feel it could be great or else be such a serious change in mood that it may not be the most satisfying ending. Thoughts?
  10. Great news! I have arranged to do a couple of demos at the new games shop opening in my city... Lets ensure this game continues to have legs...
  11. Edge of Night really is fun if you are able to draw out the intrigues of the nobility and contrast the sewers, and can GM a ton of characters. Outside of an excellent Garden of Morr scene - I found GS kinda goofy and slapped together.
  12. I have a level of trust with my players such that if the fail an intuition roll and I tell them that their PC believes something to be a certain way - they will play it that way. The player is not the character so to speak, so I always let them roll everything so they can feel control and then they can act according to the world as the character sees it.
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