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  1. Well definitely keep me posted on Sindri's character sheet, I'd love to see that. The PCs just all had various sightings and visions respectively of some sort of invisible power armored Slaaneshi marine. I have to work on him now, haha. Well first thing's first, focus on getting Eliphas completed.
  2. @Morangias: Yeah I always include the power armor bonus in my statlines for ease of use. Well, a few of the main commanders were pretty badass. Crull, Bale, Carron, in specific, were mega fail. On another note, I'll hit him with about 100 infamy for a non-canonical victory on Kronus, but not ascending to daemonhood. I'm curious to see your Sindri stat lines! @Graver: That's exactly it. I can usually read sarcasm quite easily, but the way that he replied, and ending with "BYE" made it seem like "Here's your answer, get out and don't waste my time anymore". If that's a thing that he does, then whatever no big deal, but at least now I know.
  3. @Morangias: You know you helped out quite a bit! All of those talents and traits look just fine to me, and I think I'll sure them the way you say. At this moment of time, he is an ally of the PCs, as he requisitioned the group to go kill **** for him, and perhaps he'll join them later. I'm sure if someone decided to screw around with Eliphas, I'll make Eliphas fight the PC haha. Should the Infamy be raised to balance out his corruption? And should the remainder of the stats be changed up at all? @H.B.M.C: Well soooooooorryyyyyy boss, I wasn't aware there was a stat line for it. No need to be a **** about it.
  4. Hey guys, first of all Black Crusade is an awesome RPG. Secondly, I plan on using Eliphas the Inheritor in my campaign at one point or another. I've already created weaponry and gear he has had from DoW: Dark Crusade, but I'm just not quite sure what stats to give him, what talents, and what skills. I'll write down what I got in terms of all the gear he has before he non-canonically ascended to Daemonhood. I tried to make all of his weaponry and armor go as close as possible to what he had in DoW. Weapons: Accursed Crozius (1d10+8 E, Pen 7, Balanced, Power Field), Legion Meltagun (2d10+13 E, Pen 12, Clip 6, Rld 2 Full, Melta) Equipment: Banner of Chaos (Grants Fear 1), Runic Boots (Immune to stun effects), Daemonic Gauntlets (Increases Unnatural Strength bonus by 1), Daemonic Armor (Armor Value on chest is 11, increase wounds by 2), Helm of Lorgar (detect hidden enemies within 20 meters). So as I said, I'm trying to come up with suitable talents, traits, skills and characteristics to show off how badass he was in DoW. I have these stats, but I'm also making them suitable to a Word Bearer Dark Apostle that's gained (or hasn't yet in terms of talents and such) the favor of all the Gods, Abaddon, and Lorgar. WS - 65 BS - 57 S - 70 T - 55 AG - 45 INT - 50 PER - 50 WP - 50 FEL - 55 INF - 59 Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks guys.
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