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  1. Gaming (PC,CONSOLE) have evolved together and separately at the same time. I have quite a lot of experience with both. For me, it began with 'console'. I say it like that because it was in 1975 and it was the Magnavox Odyssey. I think you could play 3 versions of Pong. We had several different consoles after that, one that was a weird triangle thing that had a gun and a steering wheel as well. The first one I remember playing extensively though was the Fairchild Videocart. I think it was the first cartridge based system, beating the Atari 2600 by maybe a year or so. We of course moved on to the 2600, and Intellivision. By the time Colecovision came along, we were into the Commodore 64. Games on the Commodore blew the consoles out of the water. Along with the NES, the PC started to flourish. They were different in that the console was more platform game based, and the PC went more simulation and story. The original MS Flight Sim was something you would never imagine on a console at the time. Consoles became pretty amazing, particularly with sports and platformer games. the PC was amazing with the Janes series of flight sim and even the original Sim City. Somewhere in the mid 80's there was a console crash. Computers were still going strong. X-Wing was a major hit on the PC. Tie Fighter and XvT were all amazing. Consoles eventually became the home of the sports game. I am not the one to write about the history of computer/console gaming, but I have lived through much of it. I do agree that tablet and phone gaming may be the death of the console. I am a gamer, no matter what. I prefer PC for some things (still can't play a shooter without a mouse!) and console for other things (Rock Band anyone?) I just hope that gaming continues to flourish.
  2. I really enjoyed the 'Infinities' comic series. Fun to see how things might have played out if Luke missed the exhaust port, or if Luke died on Hoth and Han thinks the message to see yoda was for him.
  3. They could do some significant changes just with the ship cards, not the models. I wouldn't mind this as much as a 2.0 with all new models. Maybe a box set that replaces many of the cards and dials. I do believe there is more to do with what they already have though.
  4. It would be kind of fun to have things be revealed when a ship gets within range 1. Would give incentive to either close to range 1, or stay out of range 1!
  5. You mention using several different shades of grey. Would you say, perhaps... fifty? Excellent work! I only wish I had the talent and patience to do something that even comes close!
  6. Whoops! Guess I need to spend more time in the other forums!
  7. Hope nobody has posted this yet. Using the 'SNOT' lego system, this could be used in miniature play! ISD
  8. My wife was going to order it for my B-Day (end of the month). We happened to see it in our FLGS while picking up another game (Caverna). She said grab it, she was going to get it anyway. We do like to support the store, but it was 25.00 more than ordering. We did it anyway, but man... these online prices are making it a difficult pill to swallow. I am a bit of a competitionist... I am going to want at least one of every model. That is the why for picking it up. Just played a game on Monday night where we just used the model in the middle of the field as an obstacle. Made the game pretty interesting actually! I think next time we may let it fire at each of us every other turn, just to make things interesting! It is a pretty model, and I like having it on the shelf. It helps to have a supportive wife who appreciates your hobby. Hell, we even have a Turkish ESB poster framed in our living room. Our 1 y/o grandson holds out his hand and breathes like Vader when he sees it! Long story short... Wife was going to get it for me anyway, so we grabbed it when we saw it!
  9. "Take - these broken (X) wings! And learn to fly again..." Sorry. I had to.
  10. I have one on my chest I got about 2 months ago. A blending of the Rebel/Imperial insignia. I would post, but my ineptitude is preventing me from doing so! I used the forum help, and it says to post images to a gallery that is accessible from the top of the page... can't seem to find it! BTW - OP: Great tattoo!!
  11. Really too bad you wont be here on the 17th. There is an analog gaming event (AGE) happening in May, but many of us are going to be playing games at Guardian on the 17th. (Thursday) They have a fairly regular event called 'Beer Wing' I think, in the bar area. PDXAGE info: http://www.pdxage.com/age/
  12. Well... I am very glad this thread came along. I am interested in all of the strategies being discussed, but more importantly... I HAVE BEEN USING BARREL ROLL WRONG ALL THIS TIME! I was only using the image in the rules as a guide. I would not position the 1 range guide anywhere along the side of the base. I would go only from the front of the base to the back of the base. This should help my gameplay a bit!
  13. The site GeekTyrant is very much a rumor mill. I won't believe anything unless it is confirmed by Disney or a principle actor. As for the story... I think it's pretty bad. Droids again? One rumor from that site that was a pretty cool idea (to me) was that the emperor had a new apprentice in the wings. You could tell he did not have complete confidence in Vader starting in Empire, so it makes sense that he was grooming another. Flash forward 30 years where the republic has been rebuilding confidence throughout the galaxy - the Jedi are slowly rebuilding their ranks - the new sith lord has been building an army and threat. I have no idea what that threat really could be... not another Death Star, not political intrigue, something very insidious. Planting sith within the republic, ready to strike alongside some kind of outside force. Ah well... I am sure we all have our own idea of what the next thing in the SW universe will be!
  14. Just last night I was thinking about how an app might be helpful to the game. Maybe you could utilize a devices camera. Hold the phone/pad above the playing field. Center the ship in a box on the screen and it will measure distance and firing arc. I have a laser level that I have used for firing arc. If we could design bases with laser levels built into them that would project onto the table....
  15. That exchange rate is getting pretty bad!
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