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  1. It's both. We see that Yoda trains them up to a certain age, at which point they're ready to be considered for apprenticeship. No, it doesn't make sense that someone who was essentially raised within the Order would be angry, the way that Kenobi describes himself, but them's the breaks.
  2. I'm pretty sure it's only the Grey Knights who get their memories/personalities completely wiped during recruitment, at least officially, and even then they get extremely hazy memories of their prior lives (see The Emperor's Gift). Certainly there's some memory and/or emotional connection to your former life. After all, the Deathwing formed by returning to their recruitment planet and finding it overrun by Genestealer Cults.
  3. Example: Yes, you have this correct. No, it doesn't really hinder them. Remember that these are minions after all and that their lot in life is to be cannon fodder. Next Bit: In your example, when the minion group suffers 5 wounds, one trooper would die and the die pool would adjust accordingly. In this specific example, they would drop down to a 3 man squad and as such would only have 2 ranks in Ranged Heavy, so their new die pool should be 2 Yellow and 1 Green. Example 3: That would work just fine. The sergeant has a special ability to help the minion squad, too, so don't forget to use that. Last Bit: It's really a judgement thing. More groups will mean that the party will have to split fire, which may be a nice way to keep the combat from being ended by one lucky roll.
  4. Well no, but it's not like 2+2 = 4 is debatable. You know, you'd think that, but this is the Internet after all...
  5. I don't know about anyone else, but "who kisses who in an elfgame" seems like it should be pretty low on most folks' list of priorities.
  6. There isn't any particular Mandalorian human variant, though. There's a common culture independent of planet of origin. Sure, many Mandalorians are human, but there have been Togruta, Rodian, Togorian, Wookiee, and even Twi'Lek Mandalorians. If FFG wee to put out a Human (Mandalorian) variant, it not only puts out the false impression that being Mandalorian is a Human-specific feature, but also that Humans from other origins can't become Mandalorians.
  7. Why Athletics? It should be Pilot (Planetary). It should definitely be Pilot (Planetary), and I speak from experience when I say that believe me, this is not a check you want to result in Despair. Else you will turn into a burp joke during a battle on Tatooine. I managed to ram my character's face into the ground from a vertical height of Medium range. I don't recommend it.
  8. You mentioned it yourself, really. They're a Speed 2 vehicle. There really isn't any more to it than is laid out in that equipment listing.
  9. Why Athletics? It should be Pilot (Planetary). It should definitely be Pilot (Planetary), and I speak from experience when I say that believe me, this is not a check you want to result in Despair.
  10. If you're in the timeframe before the events of The Old Republic (MMO), I think you just use the founding of the Republic as your starting point. If your campaign is set during or after the MMO, you use the Treaty of Coruscant as your fixed point, and after that it seems like the Great Resynchronization becomes the next fixed point. An example: anyone living before the Treaty of Coruscant, discussing the Jedi Civil War waged by Revan and Malak would refer to it as beginning in the year 21094. After the Treaty of Coruscant, they would refer to Revan's invasion as starting in the year 306 BTC (Before the Treaty of Coruscant). Someone born after the Ruusan Reformation would refer to this same event as occurring in the year 2959 before the Reformation. Someone referring to it after the Resynchronization would call it 3924 BrS. To make matters more confusing, some Imperials used the founding of the Empire as a starting date.
  11. Not all Gand characters are Findsmen. As far as droids, technically it says (or perhaps, at best, suggests) they're fourth degree droids but there's literally nothing to back this up mechanically. You can build a droid to be pretty much any degree you like.
  12. Of course, if it's an organization based out of Alderaan there's a pretty good chance that this organization is tied to the Rebel Alliance. Strikes me as a great place to seed Diplomats from Age of Rebellion should you decide to get that book.
  13. Mine says that classic Dracula collars (and most importantly, Gene Colan's "Tomb of Dracula") are pimp as HELL.
  14. Knowledge (Underworld) is academic knowledge, like reading a book about the Mob or looking up street gangs on Wikipedia. You'll be able to know certain facts, such as "Black Sun enforcers tend to wear the teeth of their enemies in a circlet on their heads" or "Bubba the Hutt deals in alien slaves to the Empire." Streetwise is more practical knowledge. You might not know the details of a particular criminal organization, but you know where to go to buy space crack and you know when someone's trying to covertly tell you that he's got a good line on some smuggled military surplus.
  15. It's close but not quite the same. The map in the book is rotated about 90 degrees counterclockwise. You could certainly still use that map in the link though as the actual information contained in it is more or less the same.
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