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  1. Netrunner and conquest used deluxe expansions to add new factions.
  2. Can you provide a link to where I could see this?
  3. What's RNG? RNG = Random Number Generator. General term to refer to something not guaranteed/reliable (i.e. Rexler getting an attack roll without a focus face to allow him to use his focus token on his actual ability).
  4. Interesting to note that the title image filename has the word "revised" in front of it. Rogue One was originally scheduled for a Summer release before being moved to Christmas period. I wouldn't be surprised if this is the case and has impacted their release schedule if they are including things from the film. We've already seen from recent X-Wing releases that FFG are using a lot from the new film(s)/tv series now.
  5. What I would like to see is something similar to A-Wing Test Pilot that allows access to an EPT unless they already have one. When was the last time someone used Lt Lorrir or Kir Kanos?
  6. I brought my copy of the POD off Ebay, so my mistake if the alt Aragorn isn't actually in it.
  7. Couldn't agree more with Ecthelion. If they gave away a player card that was unique and could not be obtained anywhere else that would be mighty upsetting but they are always simply alternative art cards that in reality have no meaning or worth other than for fans of that hero that want to use a full art promo version just because. I go the other way and am disappointed that they have decided this after including the Aragorn alt art in the POD. Fellowship/Gen Con players already have benefits in obtaining and playing the quest early. It does seem fair to those players that are heavily involved in the game but don't live in the US to attend such events (I'll be surprised to find a Fellowship event running for the next quest).
  8. Which makes it a bit more difficult to do, as I'm not sure the writers themselves know the fate of the rebels characters at this stage. X-wing is a bit more time period agnostic, whereas it's something specific in Imperial Assault.
  9. That's against FFG's ethos with their LCG model and game contents structure and not something I would want to see.
  10. While I can sympathize with your sentimate on the v2 ddeck you are dead wrong on your gripe about the aces or raider. No one forces you to buy it just in order to play. You CAN run those ships without the upgrades you know....they are quite legal that way. As for needing to but a new core set? We will see what they decide...I am usually behind moves like this as they make good business sense...part of me hopes they will do a one off and sell this deck solo, but another part of me doesn't want them to set a precedent of putting out a card only pack...mostly due to the fact that the "community" will expect them to do it again. I am torn. I understand your gripe...but chances are you'll just need to suck it up and deal with it... Yes but you are giving yourself a handicap by doing as they aren't worth those points. I don't mind the rebel aces pack. They needed a balance fix for the A-Wing and so put it in a themed pack with new pilots for the B-Wing. I don't approve of putting a fix for a standard play ship into the most expensive epic ship box. I guess they didn't sell enough corvettes..
  11. Yet that's part of the reason I'm not interested in playing MTG.
  12. Also don't forget that destroying enemy ships isn't the only way to win. The CR-90 is fantastic for objectives such as Intel Sweep.
  13. Bit of a random musing, but what are people's thoughts on how the side mission deck is revealed/drawn? I've been thinking about the two campaigns that my group have run (second one has just done the two side mission in a row part which has revealed the last active side mission). In both campaigns, we have seen a minimal set of the personal missions. Diala in the current one has had no chance to try for her lightsaber and our first campaign revealed a single red mission. The rules for the side mission deck mean that you'll see a maximum of 6 available side missions from the deck during a campaign (the initial two, followed by four additional, one after each side mission to replace the one just played). If an agenda side mission is played and performed, that reduces this number and with the threat missions for the Hoth expansion, this looks to go down even further. I understand it gives variety in not seeing/being able to go for anything, but would hope that would be captured by the choice of allies, random grey missions and heroes chosen for red personal missions. It seems a shame that at least half the deck never even gets revealed, especially as this is what the ally packs add. Does anyone feel that the side mission deck doesn't get enough exposure?
  14. I just looked this up, and it's slightly confusing: So, if I'm reading that right, you can do it up to twice per activation, but it's not limited to one strain each time, meaning you could take strain up to your limit to move, then rest to get rid of them (which is your first action), the take strain again to move up to your strain limit, then take your second action. So you could move around 10 squares without doing a single action. Is that right? Edit: and your final action could be a move! Is this right?! PS We need in-game symbols on the forums - strain, hits, etc. Use the rules reference manual to check rules, not the quick start guide. Under Strain -> Strain in a campaign it specifically states may suffer 1 strain to gain 1 movement point, which you may do up to twice per activation.
  15. I hear this complaint from my Rebel players all the time, but when I look back at the Star Wars movies rarely were all the enemies dispatched as our heroes traversed on adventures. They were always on the run, whether Escaping the assault on Echo Base or rescuing a Princess from the Death Star the baddies that weren't a big enough threat were inconvenienced and ran by. This complaint comes up all the time in Descent as well but it's very thematic to the Star Wars franchise. Run away? Sure, all the time. Running past? Ok, maybe. I don't remember the heroes running through a block of enemies, especially ones that were alert and actively firing at them. - H8 Go rewatch a New Hope where Han Luke and Chewy run from troopers for a good 20 minutes on the Death star. No, that was exactly my point. They ran AWAY FROM the troopers. Like, the heroes turn into a hallway, and find a bunch of Stormtroopers at the other end. What do the heroes do? 1) Heroes go back THE OTHER WAY down the hallway, AWAY from the obvious danger. 2) Heroes run (with miraculous luck and preternatural dodging ability) ACROSS the hallway (i.e. intersection) to take a different route. 3) Heroes run charging down the hallway, directly into the hail of blaster shots, take several hits that they nevertheless shrug off, continue on DIRECTLY THROUGH the waiting squad of troopers, as if shouldering through a football play, singing "HAHAHA can't catch me, I'm the gingerbread man!" and continue on their merry way, absolutely unimpeded by the comically inept blockade. #1 and #2 happen all the time, with full admittance to plot armor, etc. #3 NEVER EVER HAPPENS. Except in Imperial Assault. - H8 You have to remember that some of it is an abstraction to fit within the mechanisms of a game. A game where one hit means a hero is eliminated (which would be more realistic as you want) wouldn't make an interesting fun game where you would be too dependant on luck. Likewise for the abstraction you can assume players to be taking cover in surrounding scenery as they move, with damage representing hits to armour, pinning characters down etc.
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