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  1. Crazy powerful. Like my initial reaction is "broken" powerful.
  2. Powerful.. do you think this effect is in addition to or replacing the standard "attack back" part of the combat phase. Like could you block, use the ability for him to attack and then after all engaged monsters have attacked attack again with any other cards not yet tapped (but not grim) Also, why is this card not getting much attention in this thread. A 2 drop that can quest, block and attack....
  3. Solo was added in the Dwarrowdelf Update. When you load themod before you start you can select SOLO or 2 HANDED... I'll be adding 3 Handed during the Shadow Cycle Update.
  4. UPDATED My LoTR-LCG mod has been updated to include all of DWARROWDELF Quests and Card Pool. This includes the two HOBBIT SAGA boxes. The Deck editor has been fixed for both RingsDB and Zorbecs Deck Builder. There is a heap of other updates and fixes as well, form the time of that original video. If anyone needs a new instruction video, just let me know! •Instructions : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Emg0FiLvYyg This mod is heavily scripted and uses HOTKEYS to automate much of the process of playing the card game. Please watch the video and read the instructions on the MOD page. Youtube Playlist of 2 handed Solo using this Mod : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-Zfezz9frI&list=PL5jEpKM7fpc_Se6OEUEYDvjpWfnmg8gPW The Mod also contains a bunch of pre-made decks I have used to beat the included quests for you to try without the need to deck building. At the moment I have only put in 2 handed Decks.. but will add Solo decks in the future. Next Update will be for the SHADOW CYCLE and should also include 3 Handed Mode.
  5. My new mod for TTS is out... This is Lord of The Rings LCG... Some of you may remember I released the very 1st virtual deckstop version of LoTR on LackeyCCG (well before OCTGN!) Now there are a billion cards for this.. so I am just releasing it in stages. This is ONLY the Mirkwood Cycle at the moment. Though I'll add more cycles as I go. The modis designed for 2 Handed Solo and 2 PLayer... it will eventually have support for Solo play (as in one handed) and 3 and 4 player. The mod also contains a deck builder that can import data from RingsDB.com and ZorBec's LoTR Deck Builder. It is heavily scripted so make sure you read the mod description or watch the youtube instructions. INSTRUCTIONS : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Emg0FiLvYyg My Steam nick is Tragic (icon is a little purple one eyed monster)... why not friend me and we can play sometime! Lord of the Ring : The Card Game (LCG) - Tragic Edition Mod @SteamWorkshop I'm doing a Progression Play Through on uTube using the mod if you want to see it in action.
  6. interesting website.. were are the nightmare quests? I can not seem to see them.. only easy mode.
  7. Looks like GITHUB has screwed up... Does anyone have a version of my plug with all the images downloaded? I am missing files. I am planning to host a RAR file you just download.
  8. Anyone know if they will be reprinting the saga boxes? I stopped playing around "road darkens" and have recently been thinking of getting all the saga boxes but I can not find them in print anywhere.
  9. You're right its not.. I made no personal attack of any kind. But I get it, it is nearly impossible to make any kind of cogent argument for the gutting of the rule system.
  10. That is just BS.. stop making excuses. i develop computer games for a living and I know exactly what is up. This is a cash grab. The rule changes are just to make the game easier to produce at a production level. Go into any digital card game community and everyone is asking FOR complexity.. not the removal of it. I mean look at the Magic the Gathering steam app.. every version they had to add more and more of the original functionality to the app to restore the game. I can live with F2P, I have nothing agaist that.. guys gotta eat and pay rent.. so that is fine... but this is NOT LoTR and it pisses me off. After all this time of waiting and hoping fora digital version. And you know what? People would play it with the original rules.. the player base would be just as large, maybe bigger as pretty much anyone who loved the game but stopped playing will get it. The idea that digital players want dumbed down simple versions of boardgames is so wrong it is beyond laughable and loops into ignorant idiocy. Respect your audience and give us the real darn game
  11. So after years and years of waiting for a digital game... WHY THE BLUE **** ARE YOU CHANGING THE RULES? Only 2 phases? Simultaneous attacks? new deck building rules? The list goes on. I mean what are you thinking? Why are you doing this.. JUST MAKE IT THE REAL GAME... Why go to all this trouble and not actually give us the game we love to play?
  12. fascinating ... going to give this a play with and get back to you.. a scenario editor is very much wanted by a large portion of the MoM community.. impressive work.
  13. Ok.. I think I have found a solution to this problem.... I am now hosting on GITHUB.... . I think this will work fine.. but there is a bandwidth limit.. so if you have errors.. just wait and try again in a few hours or the next day or something. I do not think it will ever be an issue as there are so few people who will use this plugin. The new UPDATE url is : https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Tragic-zz/lackey-CoCLCG/master/_update/updatelist.txt I found github super confusing as it is a complex site designed for subversion control and group access of programming projects... so let me know if there are any issues! have fun and ROLL HIGH --Tragic
  14. cool stuff... most of it is not my style, not liking Anime myself.. but I love seeing this kind of stuff from the community!!
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