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  1. Hey. I noticed we still haven't said anything about what Style can be actually used for.
  2. It's no more unbalanced than having a single Zeon pool.
  3. Elric of Melniboné said: CROW: You were processed by Wissenshaft to become a Crow. You are considered to have Access to Natural Psychic Power (see Advantage) and may use your Psychic Power at Difficult Level. You may buy up to 40DP of Advantages from the Essential Abilities from Creation of Beings as if you were a natural being with Gnosis 10, except for The Gift and Access to Psychic Disciplines. Each additional point spent rises difficulty level for your Natural Psychic Power as normal, gives you extra 40DP to spend in Essential Abilities, and rises the Gnosis used for buying abilities by 5 up to 20. The advantage does not modify the actual Gnosis of the character. COST: 1-7. (1-3 for Players) LIMITS: You are Addict to the Black Fluid. You can’t buy Addict disadvantage a second time. Each additional point spent adds an extra -5 penalty per day without the Black Fluid and 50 to the maximum penalty amount. You are considered as 1 Level higher when calculating experience needed for Level-Up. If you don’t have the Contacts or Powerful Ally (Wissenshaft) advantage, it’s assumed you’re a rogue from the Organization and MUST buy the Powerful Enemy (Wissenshaft) Disadvantage. This was made by a really cool dude, Elric of Melniboné. Here's the post I got this from: javascript:void(0);/*1350407351258*/ I use his stuff in my games all the time, his stuff should be stickied by default, lol. Usually it's pretty well balanced, but sometimes he errs in the direction of "nerf".
  4. A round is three seconds, so 1 minute is 20 rounds. I would be shocked if a combat lasted that long, though.
  5. Gawd, Palladium? I'm sorry. I use two of the Core Exxet rules in my games: I use the updated Spell List I use the new Natural Bonus and Major Bonus rules for secondaries. Natural Bonuses work like this: Instead of 1, there are 5. Each level, you have 5 blocks of +10 bonuses to distribute among your secondary abilities. As it is a "Special" bonus, you may only have a cumulative +50 from bonuses of this nature. The Major bonus rule works the same, except you have 1 for a "Physical" skill and 1 for a "Mental" skill. Everything relating to that is in the Core book. That's all I use, and it works fine. It works great without those rules, too, so you can ignore them entirely if you want.
  6. There's a thread on the other forum with the changes.
  7. First up, I'm fairly certain the Burn check is per-attack. Also, don't forget that it heals at half the normal rate. Second: Gnosis is a "secret" value. You don't tell your players! You use it as a defense for your Big Bads, and your players can't touch them until you say so. It's got a spot on the character sheet, sure, but I see that as an oversight. Also, Gnosis NEVER changes. The idea is that you're supposed to be able to say "oh, yeah, you always had that ability". You can adjust it, but the players aren't supposed to know it exists.
  8. Slow down, cowboy! Nemesis powers automatically draw on Ki points. There's no need to accumulate. Nemesis uses accumulations only for the Cancel abilities, to calculate how much of a certain field they cancel.
  9. I just have to know - why is this even being considered? Anima has an incredibly rich system, and I've attempted to expand on it as well. The most success I've seen was with someone who made a really nice Alchemy system - it worked a bit like metamagic, and used a Summon+Science combo to cast. I wish I could find it, it was awesome. I tried reverse-engineering the class system, too. There's something going on here that makes it harder to derive, than just guessing at point values. I'd come up with a system that could build one class or archetype, and then it would break on another. Your best bet? If you want some crazy non-Core class, just use Freelancer. It's just so flexible.
  10. As for the setting, it isn't Final Fantasy. Don't expect that. The game system was inspired by JRPGs. That's where the similarities end. The setting is awesome, but it isn't sci-fi. As for the translation, it's probably murky. If someone has a Spanish copy, then maybe they can help.
  11. By the way, and this may have been clarified already in this thread, but the rule is that you either get +1 to a stat or 1 CP every 2 levels. This is because "+1 to a stat" is a 1 CP advantage.
  12. Yeah, I was trying to recall without looking at the text. Occult is for Fable, Magic Appraisal is for Supernatural Analysis. Geez, self, why can't you remember what you wrote?
  13. "Notion of Use", "Fable", and "Power Level" are explained in Prometheum Exxet. A fan translation is kinda-sorta in the works. Basically, characters need to know how to use an artifact for its power to be used. The value used to determine how proficient a character is with an artifact is "Notion of Use". Notion of Use slowly increases as they use the artifact and it unlocks abilities for the artifact. "Fable" is used when an artifact is famous; if a character has an idea of what something is capable of, they are better at learning how to use it. Fable is a new secondary skill that is pretty similar to History. "Power Level" is a measurement of how powerful an artifact is. Here's everything I have on PE: it is not complete, and it is not 100% accurate. It is, however, serviceable. javascript:void(0);/*1337447354370*/
  14. So, after reviewing the book, the BP+60 figure was for if your essence makes it into a wound. As long as you have the ability to make a cutting attack with your bare hands - if that isn't in there, you can make something up - then the BP+60 is applied. Or, if you have Aura Extension and a cutting weapon, that will be applied. Other wise it's BP+30, or BP+20 if it's just an aura. That's pretty cool: just being near them can cause harm. See how friendly your GM is to homebrew. I'm pretty sure there's an effect that allows you to decrease your opponent's stats, so dropping their CON by a point or two could drop their VR by some points. Your problem comes when you're fighting something with high CON; 11 points in that characteristic means their VR is BP+20. Look through DE and see if there's an effect that lets you decrease their stats; if there isn't one, see if your GM will let you base it on the stat increase effect. There's no effect for decreasing VR, but there is one for decreasing PhR. See if your GM will let you base a VR debuff on the PhR debuff. If you combine CON down and VR down, your effectiveness can be doubled.
  15. Well, why don't you extrapolate? First off: remember that your Presence is your DP divided by 20, so let's see about finding advantages that might raise that… nope. Since you can only take one Blood Bond, we can't use the Blood of the Great Beasts to stretch that. Aw. Also, more on Venomous Essence: the VR check appears to be BP+60; the Poison Level is BP+30. At the same level, a character has a 40% chance of failing the VR check; for every level below, that chance increases by 5%, until the check is the Victim's BP+100, where you are 8 levels higher. At that point, you'll have pretty much ruined them just from your attacks. 800DP is a ridiculous amount of power difference, and for the most part, a single adversary is going to be several levels above the party. If there's a group, you have a chance of actually getting to use your Blood Bond's ability. Pain - the state that is forced on your opponent - is a -40 All Action Penalty. If they fail by more than 40 points, they die instantly. For an opponent of the same level, we're going to want to drop their Venom Resistance by about 20 points, which makes the Instant Death chance about 40%. Of course, the Pain chance ends up being 60%, which is nothing to sneeze at. So, once you have a technique that brings down their VR by 15 to 25 points, you should use the rest of your MK on techniques that add more states. I'd add one more level 1 technique by level 5, maybe a distance attack that can make your Venomous Essence a bit more flexible. Around level 10, you should have your first level 3 technique. Make that one a Supernatural State with a larger hit to their Resistances; have it an Area of Effect, make sure it is combinable, but give it major sustenance. The idea is to have some level 1 and 2 techniques that have the Supernatural State effect, and use it to force them to make Resistance checks every round. Keep your enemies on their toes; your Venomous Essence, from what I understand, still happens every round. You'll eventually have dropped them so low that the Instant Death effect is an inevitability rather than a chance event. Don't focus so many points in Attack and Defense; you want to have a chance to hit them, but mostly you'll want some high-Quality gear and maybe a party member that can buff you if you need it. All you need for VE to kick in is 10% damage, right? I don't have my book, so I'm mostly guessing. To answer your question explicitly, Venomous Essence can be very competitive at any level. It scales with you! As a Tao, you can design lightweight Ki techniques to help make it still more effective, and of course your Martial Arts will be a great boon to your build, as well. Pick martial arts that give you Attack bonuses, but make sure to steer away from arts that require Ki abilities that cost a lot of MK. Presence Extrusion, however, is ALWAYS a must. Again, budget your MK to focus on lightweight Ki techniques and cheap Ki abilities. I can post a sample Poison Tao build when I get to my books.
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