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  1. I liked our discussions and the forum style of conversation and i hope we get back to that wherever we go now. Maybe panzerpunk forums? It surely will be better than those crappy FFG forums:P Search won't ever work and posting pics is kind of nightmare.. Of course when the forums aren't offline…
  2. Gentlemen! I am proud to invite you for first Polish DT tournament! IF you live in the neighborhood don't hesitate to come!Great fun, prizes andbonus gifts await! Promo Video : Info Site: http://cramerski.blogspot.com/2013/05/pierwszy-ogolnopolski-turniej-dust.html
  3. Hope that means better forums..
  4. I love you guys, today i'm out for a business trip. Now i will have sth to read on the road! YAY!
  5. Umm he costs 16 points, it's a old card version.. http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-gC-fOyupiQQ/UAH8WogVB8I/AAAAAAAAA-s/OaWyBG92riY/s1600/JOHNNY.jpg
  6. IMO it's a logic thing that only the big weapons need to be set up. To cut the other lines in half haven't even crossed my mind…
  7. To give the SSU a nice start to fight with. Our SSU guy always uses Yakov and it's not like he wins always the initiative. Unit like any other in my opinion.
  8. Well competitive play is around 300 points so it would be a bold idea but i saw 300 point armies witha sturmkonig so evertything is possible!
  9. After some games with Lethernecks and Choppers i just broke my habit and will order 2 sets of them. I think they will be a major element of my army in the upcoming months.
  10. We play them mostly for fun. Also we don't have a lot of multiply units so they hit the deck often and are just fun. What you guys forget is their survivability. They can withstand punishment and fight eye to eye with any unit. Also if fireball is killing your hvy walkers you are doing sth wrong in my opinion. It schouldn't get close. But i agree about the tank busters. On the other hand the Axis have their hvy lasers as major anti hvy walker weapon..
  11. Ability to fit into 2 squares would be a great thing for those units.. They are way too big for normal tournament games..
  12. I would stick to miniature market if you want to know what is avaliable rigt now, their site is pretty much up to date so far.
  13. You schould use dust chronicles vehicle buldier and that way you can do it yourself;)
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