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  1. When your warband is going to take a transport to stop a cult's wannabe god's destructive ritual off their newly acquired starship, only for the most insane among them to instead destroy the entire planet with the vessel's weapons - effectively ruining the Compact-maker's owned world. When said insane guy has long been killed, burned to ash, and the Player's new character pries the molten thrones from his previous character's still smoldering ashes.
  2. Thought about the size, and considered the +10 instead of +30 to being hit if the character has Black Carapace. Also liking the curse concept, could add lots of flavour. Really liking this train of thought. Maybe some enhanced characteristics, or in-build relic weapons? Could go for insanity for this, if anything, to help represent the immense power of the Primarch's arsenal (armor only of course).
  3. To put it as short as possible, my warband it chasing down Primarch Terminator Armor and I am in need of some rules, bonuses, benefits, and any mystical-level stuff in order to help. As of right now it is planned to be armor originally forged for one of the "unnamed" Primarchs, but was never delivered to them, and was inevitably lost amidst the fringes of the Calixis Sector and thought annihilated by the Screaming Vortex upon its appearance. I'm considering some factors, but above all, the aim is to have it be a "relic-esk magic-like" armor worthy of a grand undertaking filled with dangers, traps, and all that. Some stuff that I've considered: +30 Strength +/- 20 Interaction Tests with notable Factions Built-in Personal Force Field (60%, Overload 1 or Never) Target only grants +10 to being hit, oppose to +30~ And so on, but plenty is spitball'd, so I call upon the powers of the community: show me what you got. Go.
  4. I personally wouldn't see any problem with it, but then again I would cut out the Talent and permit a Player to do it so long as they had Two-Weapon Wielder (Melee, Ballistic). However, it would fall under the same penalties that a Gun would if in melee (assuming the Psychic power is shooting/ranged), applying any equivalent talents that would deduct this penalty. As far as the Sidearm Talent is concerned, I apply it to all weapons that may be fired One-Handed by the Player (Bolters, Plasma guns, etc.). Especially considering that a Space Marine (or Heretic with Recoil Glove) can do it to begin with (with all the penalties included mind you). For any further GM consideration, I just tend to follow the "Rule of Cool" school. Doesn't change how likely the Player is to die, only how well they can perceive their outward effects on the game (if they do too well, make them miss now and again).
  5. First off, I created the initial home rules to help give an idea of how one would be an Unaligned Daemon Prince. It bugged me that, after dedicating so much time to balancing between Chaos forces, there wasn't any payoff aside from psychic powers (assuming your even a Psyker). So I wrote up the following to answer what should have been relatively basic. It's not complete, and you may find something better on the web, but this was just my shot at it. Also note that I'm thinking of special, particular Daemonic Gifts that one could earn by only being dedicated to Chaos Unaligned (while still retaining different prerequisites to fit differing characters). Any tips of how to improve would be beneficial. Playing Chaos Unaligned should be considered "hard", compared to dedicating oneself to a singular power. I specifically wanted it to represent the potential to - in essence - allow the character to reach a "Minor God"-like status. As for how long anyone is willing to tolerate it, I'd recommend that once the Character reaches a set Favour, they essentially "ascend" to that unplayable state (assuming you want to end it). --------- Rules for Apotheosis of Chaos Unaligned Heretics By {Redacted} The following are a brief subset of rules that, upon the approval by your game’s GM, can be implemented to reward those who have stayed themselves from the temptation of appeasing any one Chaos God. This is a difficult path to walk for many and for the few who successfully walk this path, there are three methods of which the Heretic may garner their ultimate power while having absolute freedom to serve their own agendas. Such methods include: Appeasement, God-Slayer, & Ritualistic Odyssey. Appeasement The act of pleasing the Chaos Gods in their entirety is impossible without contradiction. However, to obtain the tokens of acceptance or vouching trophies of their Greater Daemons is only nigh-impossible. The Appeasement of these Greater Daemons are considerably difficult, usually resulting in a deep compact with each Daemon. Even worse, sometimes reaching these compacts could be the reward of yet another compact. Regardless, a token of acceptance is never awarded easily, as it is something that a daemon must attribute itself to fully and with its entirety. If a Khorne Bloodthirster gives his token of acceptance to a psyker, the witch must have proven himself worthy of it by completing the relevant task without the use of their psychic powers or force weapons, being just one example. In Game terms, the type of compact that would garner the “vetting” of a Greater Daemon needs to be, in of itself, a great rarity or even reward. Typically, as daemons see themselves above mortals, the Heretic needs to have earned the attention of such a daemon or impressed them to such a degree. Inverse-Appeasement Typically the act of forcing a daemon to obey you and take from it what it would devour your soul for. Such acts as obtaining a daemon’s true name can also forcibly draw such a creature to obey your very command (at your own peril). Gathering the True Name of Four Greater Daemons may actually be far harder than Appeasing them, but it may be necessary for even the most stalwart of Greater Daemons that may abhor you for whatever reason, such as a powerful Bloodthirster absolutely rejecting the idea of the witch seeking its favor (akin to the previous example – it is up to your GM as to how any given Daemon feels toward their absolutely hated opposite). All things considered, it is advised that, should a Player take this route, they should be allowed to use both Appeasement & Inverse-Appeasement. It is also strongly advised that such interconnectivity with sources of the daemonic and the highly garnered secrets of powerful daemons should involve a plethora of incredibly power champions, epic battles, elusive secrets, and countless other “high adventure” concepts should come into play at this incredibly high-end endeavor. God-Slayer Among many, the greatest of servants to the Chaos Gods are considered gods in of themselves to the mere mortal. They shape their own realms, hold vast armies on the slightest whisper, and wield enormous power capable of sweep across entire worlds with ease. They stand as the greatest paragons of Chaos, regardless of the God. And yet, few mortals have ever bested one, and fewer still ever known to vanquish such a creature. The God-Slayer is not simply one such individual, but if successful, easily capable of becoming a legend among friend and foe alike. To not only vanquish one Greater Daemon, but Four – one from each Chaos God. The God-Slayer seeks to prove themselves not only to the Chaos Gods, but to the very immaterium itself. By vanquishing each of the Chaos God’s greatest lieutenants in their vast armies, the God-Slayer has effectively earned his Apotheosis without question; either by the will of the Chaos Gods, or by the very Warp energies that infuse within him from such deeds of legend. Absolute Death (Optional – GM Choice) Only when power is taken from the powerful shall a God bleed. For the God-Slayer that truly hates their foes, or absolutely seeks to be remembered as the God-Slayer without question, one must first inscribe the True Name of God upon thine weapon and not invoke the name – not until the end. Once thine God has been brought on lo, only upon the final strike shall the name be bellowed with all one’s being – thrice. Each time the name is finished, invoke thine name – the name of the Slayer. And once the name is finished, withdraw the blade and let die the once-fold god. Ritualistic Odyssey The greatest of endeavors or travels are poultry compared to the Ritualistic Odyssey. The Heretic expands their horizons not only to the Screaming Vortex, but to all of the Galaxy. They search for powers capable of empowering their very being; body and soul. Vile and Cursed Artefacts of Chaos, Sigils of power psychic energies, Exuberant Psychic-Xenos sacrifices, and a plethora more. The Ritualistic Odyssey is, first and foremost, a grand journey that will span much of the known space and force the Heretic to encounter a countless number of adversaries, friends, obstacles and beasts. Either through fulfilling an ancient widespread prophecy or fulfilling the Heretic’s personal volitions, the Heretic tests themselves in the galaxy against challenges of all kinds, gathering of trophies, artefacts, and powers beyond their former possibilities. Secondly, after the journey is complete and the Heretic believes that they have ascertained enough powerful pieces for their Apotheosis, they may then make preparations for a powerful ritual that will ensure their change. By extensively planning out the correct date, time, conditions, proper sacrifices, inscriptions, and countless other factions, the ritual rarely goes unimpeded by external forces. Either by a roaming Ork Waaagh!, Eldars seeking to prevent yet another rising force in the Warp, rival warbands & daemons, former enemies, and even the Imperium will often seek to prevent this ritual. For if the ritual is completed, it is certain that an unchained force of Chaos that possesses unknown possibilities and potential will be unleashed. In-game terms, it is advised that the Heretic be required to attain a dozen or so physical/abstract things across the galaxy, encounter dangers all along the way. Then, after this is complete, the Heretic should have to fulfill several conditions for a special ritual, such things might include: bathe a non-daemon world in an ocean of blood, break the will of several champions of faith belonging to the enemy, scry the sigils of a forgotten language across the ritual site, have everyone on a planet ritualistically sacrifice themselves while whispering your name, etc. In general, the circumstances must be hard to ensure they are unabridged by anyone particular. This would likely greatly involve the fellow Heretics in the warband to accomplish, while also allowing the perfect betrayal of a fellow Heretic. Daemon Prince Abilities The Chaos Undivided (Unaligned) Daemon Prince gains all the benefits of the typical Daemonic Stature, but gains the following special rules for being Unaligned. Daemonic Presence – The Daemon prince effectively grants the same penalties to those within its ranges, but as for its effect in-game it is best to negotiate how this penalty is bestowed upon those affected (as with Daemon Prince of Khorne and the sense of uncontrollable rage). Chaos Empowerment – Gain a +10 to any two Characteristics of your choice. They may not be the same. No Strings On Me – The Daemon Prince imposes a -10 to all Tests made by Aligned Chaos Daemons within 20 meters, and -20 to all Tests made by Mortals within 20 meters, which are opposed/Hostile to the Daemon Prince. Free Reign (Choose Two) – The Daemon Prince may re-roll failed tests using the chosen Characteristics, must take the second roll. Unshackled Form – The Daemon Prince may change their Appearance and Size at will while in the Warp. If in destabilized reality: +20 WP to perform. If in stable reality: -10 WP to perform. Earning Favor (Gods, Mortals & You) A Daemon Prince of no particular alignment sparsely earns Favor from all/any of the Chaos Gods, and while it possible for forming compacts and deals to earn Favor, it is never as much as those truly devoted. Favor earned from any Chaos God is halved. However, Favor may be earned from external sources, such as the devotions of Mortals. This is earned in a different way than from the Chaos Gods as Mortals benefit the Daemon Prince from directly witnessing their epic deeds and thus empowering their prayers to you. In effect, the earnings of an Unaligned Daemon Prince are cut in half, rounded up, from the Chaos Gods while the Favor earned from Mortals is considerably on par with the typical rewards – however are not earned unless the actions are witnessed or carry great effect to the Mortals who beseech the Daemon Prince’s name, or simply Mortals who come to heed you in one way or another (Friend and Foe alike). However, for Favor to be lost from those who lay claim to being their own master, it is somewhat different. Unaligned Daemon Princes may only lose Favor while servicing another Chaos God’s forces, or has the benefits of said Chaos God, and even then the losses are halved, rounded down (min. 0). But when Favor would be lost in front of Mortals, the loss is the full value. Such losses in Favor may be far different than the typical Daemon Prince, but general failings are to be considered typical losses in Favor (such as failing objectives, being defeated, having plans being foiled, etc.). As for how a Daemon Prince would directly earn such Favour given their Unaligned status, consider general acts of Infamy, but far amplified in scope and course. While a Heretic may seek to form a Cult and fell a world to the Whispers of Chaos, a Daemon Prince may seek to start a religious insurrection on a Shrine World that is home to fanatical believers and past saints, maybe even a home world for a sect of Battle Sisters. If a Heretic would seek to dedicate the bloodshed of war during a skirmish between factions by assassinating key figures on the battlefield, a Daemon Prince would either introduce another faction to make the bloodshed more rampant, or even ensure the violence continues by securing reinforcements for both groups and then seeing to the war’s zero-gain results; effectively making for a promisingly long, drawn-out discourse for the enemies of Chaos. In essence, the actions of an Unaligned Daemon Prince should both further their own goals while, at the same time, being far more grand in scope than the acts of aspiring Heretics. NOTE (How Unaligned Daemons Gain Power) Daemon Princes who are essentially untied from any Chaos God also must derive their power from the very same form that the Chaos Gods benefit from themselves; effectively making a Daemon Prince a Minor God with only themselves to support their power – unlike other Daemon Princes. For this to be so, the Daemon Prince essentially must either spread the worship of Chaos in its most general form (to feed from in a small, indiscriminate format), or spread the worship of themselves directly (usually conflicting with other Chaos Gods & their followers). As such, an Unaligned Daemon Prince typically must see to their continued worship and that their power base grows. This is usually done by accomplishing grand deeds and pursuing power still – for no immortal is truly that. Mechanically speaking, these formats should be one-in-the-same, however they may take assorted differences in how they are done, depending on the Daemon Prince. It is advised to work with your GM as to how to go about doing this. Daemonic Minions Either choose some particularly unaligned daemons or create your own. Work with your GM to refine this into having the most ideals spawn reflect your Daemon Prince’s most ideal qualities (typically the one’s chosen upon becoming a Daemon Prince). I may seem lazy here (because I was), but it is pretty straight forward considering your own character and their personality. Daemonic Gifts Daemonic Gifts belonging to the Unaligned category may be purchased at half price, rounded down. However, every other Daemonic Gift (of assorted Chaos Gods) has its cost increased by 5, but are available for purchase for an Unaligned Daemon Prince. However, if such a Daemon Prince wishes to purchase a Chaos God’s Favour, they must instead earn it as a Compact reward – as their individual Favor cannot earn such a sought prize of even the Chaos God’s greatest champions. The Compact must be dedicated to the chosen Chaos God you seek to earn the favour of. You cannot earn the chosen God’s favour by dedicating the compact to all/any other Gods. I am trying to think of some diverse and respectfully mutual Unaligned Daemonic Gifts that would be exclusive to Unaligned, such as items that tend to different or more concentrated ideals within Chaos or in general. Open for suggestions. NOTE For gifts that would rely on a dedicated alignment, or would require choice, the Unaligned Daemon Prince may pick any Alignment – this doesn’t not effect the Daemon Prince’s alignment.
  6. InquisitorAlexel said: What you wrote here is very interesting, Alekzanter. On the other hand, Inquisitor Balthazar, I don't think creating a scenario where the only objective is to kill your players' characters is a good thing. You can create them a hellishly hardcore mission in which their survival is unlikely, but creating the mission with the express objective of killing them, I don't think it is a good idea. That is a fair enough statement. After all, I've kind of left my plans for "HE MUST DIE" in lieu of just having some fun myself by playing my own rediculous Famulos Protege who's suspiciously beautiful, has glowing hair and feathered wings (needless to say I rolled rediculously well…and for several odd reasons he has regeneration, Unnatural Strength/Toughness x2, Flyer(15), etc.) Don't ask… I only figure that if I am so narrow-sighted as to attempt to kill everyone regardless of feelings or anything that our little group might find ourselves hating me from their on; not as far as being an ass but more as to being a bastard that only wanted their destruction to the point where I would just have them walk off reality's cliff (literally). But in contrast to that, I've slightly altered my position, that being: I feel that if a player has no influence at all (being on the behalf of the Inquisition) they lose a sense of authority that would allow them to do many things the game calls for. If they affect the setting too much, good unto them, they made a difference (at most) to the sector (something that I feel that many, including myself sometimes, forgets that it's a good chunkc of the entire Imperium), but not so much so as to effect the events of novels and such in other sectors. And thus almost seems the purpose of the Calixis Sector in my eyes as a GM; somewhere to make the Imperium incredibly different, but not so much so as to be a displaced setting. I figure that if a PC of any kind (successfully or not) designs an STC over the progress of only 1 year then they should be commemorated on a rediculous task in such a stand-still setting. Of course reprocussions should pop up due to it though in the event word get's out. But even more importantly, I can't help but see that the Imperium isn't nearly as Grimdark as many mention; it's more like a kitchen in a middle-class home. Sure there are plenty of dark, grimey spots but there are plenty of lighter ones to compensate for how bleak everything is, regardless if its grime is only "less disgusting". Sure there are worlds like the iconic Cadia, Catachan, Dusk, and Krieg, but all of those worlds (most often in Cadia's mention) are used as template worlds for the majority of the universe as far as the nieve thought process goes. Not every world is at war, not every world kills to survive every day; and not every world has seen conflict (some not seeing any for hundreds or even thousands of years). In common place, I guess the best way to look at everything is not through the Grimdark filter, but taking a step back and just looking at it from a basic sci-fi setting, not allowing personal opinion to sway all because of favour for one brand or another. In conclusion, I guess I do believe that PC's should have an impact. Why? It's the Calixis Sector, filled with opportunities and possible changes at the pull of a trigger. Does that it mean will impact the Imperium? Probably not. Kill Governor Hax of Scintilla? A Lord of Terra just signed a partchment assigning a new one after a few years; moving on. Grimdark is only Grimdark if you put close your eyes to all the other awesome things in the universe. In essence, if you don't focus on the beaurocratic bull*%@#, religious confilcts, and agonizing agenda's of the Inquisition, then maybe there is a difference that can be made…elsewhere. P.S.: I understand that this might be a bit much for the topic but as far as I'm concerned, you can never go too deep into Warhammer 40K mythos & concepts.
  7. What an intriguing little guide. I always found investigation missions impossible to run effectively, but now with this; it almost sounds similar to how a friend of mine is constructing an open-ended sand-box style mission (as far as the construction of events and story is concerned). I'll need to reference this for later looking back during my first "real attempt" at building a investigation/conspiracy adventure. Note: Your notes are helpful but I also do believe Dark Heresy makes a Prime knife-edged action RPG, that being; players dancing with death at the slightest wrong movement or not the best decision. Although your notes on adventure construction for this type are to be commended.
  8. YES or NO and WHY? Myself: Yes, I've known the universe of WH40K for just over a decade now and have become bored of the supposedly "unique" setting and "Grimdark" nature. Video games and certain novels have already made way for a much more interesting story. (personal opinion) Sandy Mitchell's Ciaphas Cain novels embody this with an actual sense of humor and action whilst retaining setting and suspense. What most people seem to forget when loving their disgusting "Grimdark" setting is that, regardless of any setting, universe, rediculous faiths, cults threats to humanity, mutants, etc., that humans are still human. Often people cite that any form of love-making is instantly involving Slaanesh, or enjoying the slaughter of your enemies is on grounds of Khorne worship. Too often do I find other forum surfers spouting their bull about how "this is heresy" or "this is right because that is what makes Warhammer 40k unique". They sound the voracious radical Inquisitors that hinder the Inquisition. (also opinion) Note: Warhammer 40K was unique in the 90's. With the progressive medium of good videogames and excellent writers, sci-fi fantasy is mainstream…in essence.
  9. On a slightly seperate subject, but still retaining to the idea, I am currently drawing up a special mission for Fral Leman and retinue dubbed Man of Legend. I am planning to make this the most demanding, and partially impossible adventure possible. At this point in our group there is kind of a running theme of the GM (me) trying to kill Fral Leman with the most Die-Hard, no chance, "never coming back" mission possible. I am simply going to give a slight overview on my plans in order to get some advice for this. It starts with several Inquisitor's, after extensive scrutinizing of Fral & retinue, discovering that Fral is apparently not an average human being; as to what he is exactly can't be said for certain. He maintains some sort of Warp resistance and, in additon (I didn't really mention this in the above but it was concluded in his time with the Warp Beast and the Chaos Lord Krale) to resisting the Warp forces, Fral contains a gift capable of reflecting Warp energies to a limited degree. Or in other words, the guy seems to have resisted the impossible and (due to a moment of dumbness on my part by allowing him to "reflect" a Chaos Lord's Warp attack on a 01) reflect said impossible. All of this, yet for the odd reasons inexplicable, Fral cannot manifest Psychic powers of his own. Regardless, said radical Inquisitor plans on surgically implanting an acient relic/rosarius into Fral's anatomy as "additonal aid from the God-Emperor". Fral, being deemed a tool of the Emperor by a radical Inquisitor, decides it's best to send him on a mission, into the Formless Wastes of the Warp. The goal: recover an STC long lost drom the Dark Age of Technology that the Inquisiton refuses to talk about (not even sure if it still exists) that a daemon stole during the chaotic fighting on a certain Forge World. Turns out that, said landing area for the Warp incursion is not in the Formless Wastes, but in the domain of a Daemon Prince yet they are still in the corect location. Turning the attention towards the Daemon Forge, the group will make their way to the Soul Furnace, there they will meet a special Chaos Marine who resides in a Chaos Dreadnaught. The only way for the party to find the location of the STC is to interrotage him (Make or Break), of which is revealed that the STC resides in the gullet of the Daemon Prince but only a special ritual can sever it from his form without destroying it. I've decided to be a real **** to the group by making the ritual a lie conceived by the Daemon Prince to keep any of his followers distracted long enough to be decimated by his mind, seeking their intents out in his domain. Needless to say I'll allow the other "non-amazing" players to use Grey Knights in this special occasion but I am thinking about permitting Deathwatch instead. I didn't make an ending because I plan on killing them regardless of what they do. Anything they do off the path to progress will simply be free-hand game mastering. Thoughts & Tips? (other than I'm a **** and that I should be fair and blah, blah, blah…etc.)
  10. Just to re-iterate a slight bit, I guess it may have been partially my fault as far as the Planetary Governor's "true" self and Fall Damage. I originally had the set-piece become an immense trap: they go in, kill the guy but not before the thing takes off and comes crashing towards the planet. So if anything, I had partial thoughts about making it instant death but, for the sake of a "lesser-minded" player in the group, decided the best solution would be common sense in a crashing situation but with implemented creativity. Now as far as the whole "daemon" situation goes, I have to take the blame for that one. Originally a spin-off move to avoid one of the player's "glory-hogging" if you will, and somewhat as an intended after-thought, I turned the governor into a daemon once said player got an incredibly lucky shot on the leg, scoring 20 damage with a grenade launcher (frag). Needless to say, I was a bit "aggravated" by his success. Mind you, this is the same "lesser-minded" player that sought nothing more to do in the game other than scream "FOR DA EMPRAH!!!" like a good little guardsman (He already died once before, apparently not learning his lesson). I'm not against character themes, but let's just say that he's a real ass in the universe, but I digress. I forgot, in terms of the actual story, to make all of his bodyguards cultists and such. So when the governor showed himself all of his guards immediately freak. Normally I would have let them stay in-game, but considering the ship's immediate descent, I figured the difficulty of a daemon might draw things up to the time-limit if you will… Que Fral Leman… Game Over for the daemon, and not a single blood-curdling rending to anyone either
  11. I ask this question with some trepidation, for you see, I have a player in my group, Fral Leman: Man of Legend, formerly Man of Action, who has done the impossible; on more than three occasions. It all started during an assassination mission, a planetary governor of a fridge world (with more than it's fair share of lore) has committed so much heresy that the Acolytes are being sent in to take care of it. From stripping the Ecclesiarchy of power to forcing techpriests to commit tech heresies, Gov. Barbarossa Helhand was one evil guy. Skipping several hours of play, the PC's eventually reach Barbarossa in a critical assault after everything goes to hell. Even worse, the governor's palace-fortress is actually the salvaged wreck of a rogue trader ship that is partially functional, elevating the fight several kilometers in the air before a speedy fall. But I digress. The party, composed of a Biomancer, a Guardsman, and Fral Leman (A guardsman), encounter the governor who turns out to be a lesser daemon in the guise of the governor. Everyone manages to keep their cool but Guardsman A gets blasted out of the armor-glas by a noise blast, sending him off and away. Lucky him, he was still alive and activated his "parachute" (a device I reluctantly accepted him to find). Fral Leman, coming up with his second insane idea of the day (the first to suppressively fire upon over 50 army thugs after stabbing their boss in the throat, detonating their Chimera and killing them all) and takes his two grappling hooks, run at the daemon, hooking onto his leg, running out the window after hooking onto the ledge; and pulling the daemon outside to fall to his doom. As the ship falls Fral Leman gets back inside while the Biomancer bloats like a balloon and flies away (still surprised that they left him to die). Falling to certain doom, Fral Leman secures himself against the broken control console and lites a Lho-stick on the way down. He is joined by the Prince just before impact (who was essentially a space marine). As he falls he puts on his "Indestructible sunglasses" as the sun sets. I roll Impact damage (5D10 + 5, it is lessened from his secured fastenings). I then proceed to roll: 1, 1, 1…..1…………1!!!! Fral Leman survived a crash that leveled the city while taking only 1 wound. Mission 1 End Now before I ever continue on to the more rediculous things that had been accomplished, the Question of the title must be addressed: Should Players be alloowed to change the universe? Namely Fral Leman. A man who has killed everything so far: from Nobz, Chaos Space Marines, Orks and Daemons to Mecha Nobz, a Chaos Lord and a Warp Beast that devoured an entire ship.He even retains a single point of corruption and not a single Insanity Point. This may seem like endearment but if you had seen the things Fral Leman has done in-game, I can't help but wonder what he ISN'T capable of (which kinda scares me a a GM). I have thrown almost anything and everything I had. The only thing that the player admits that Fral Leman wouldn't do well at is investigation. Although, he does say that, and I quote, "Fral is all about getting **** done, no excuses, no fears." I could talk much longer about what Fral has done but I must keep this about the post question. Note: currently Fral Leman has attracted the attention of several Inquisitors for investigation based on his deeds (considering he is only a regular former guardsman turned mercenary).
  12. I would like to correct myself on one note as to say that the Players still have fun regardless of my "Over-psychopathic-insane-impossible-Overpowered" Inquisitor. The overall main reason that I did this (to correct myself yet again) is to make my Players not feel like total cannon-fodder. In other words, I tried to make them at least think that the Inquisiton was important enough to choose them for some special purpose, or atleast distinguishing skill. They do have pre-Existing notions of the 40K Universe and some feel that anything short of a Space Marine or Commander will be next to pointless. I can admit, I did over do the character itself and I have broken most of every rule in the enitre fiction that is 40K. The only excuse I have for this is that in such a grim world where my players feel depressed most of the entire time, I merely tried giving them someone of great influence and in turn, by being selected by the Inquisitor, they would at least think they have a spark of something important about their character (ergo: the Fate Points with emphasis.)
  13. My PC's keep dying...a lot. I know the game is suppose to be hard but lets just say that one encounter usually kills about 1-2 of them. That and they are getting tired of constant death, any tips?
  14. I have been having some disruptions inside my Campaigns due to the PC's constant questioning as to why my Inquisitor (Balthazar J. Skult) has become nearly god-like in dealing with Daemons and daemon-ilk. They also believe I have gone too far with the character and that I need to pull back some. So I decided to share what he is about and ask for the opinions of others. Balthazar Jeremiah Skult, A.K.A. The Edict of Fire. Skult has no known past after purging his homeworld of an alleged "deep-seeded genestealer infestation". Details on him are minimal (age: atleast 200, looks 51.) except that his record in service for the Inquisiton is beyond "normal". He earned his nickname The Edict of Fire by "purging" a thousand worlds, some actually infested while others had nothing wrong at all. Upon the last world that was purged records show him talking to a massive dark figure. The figure inserted a purple-glowing crystal into his chest before disappearing into nothingness. From there Skult became a disturbingly knowledgable person. Even though he was of the Ordos Malleus he could recall key facts and details about Heretics and Xenos, as well as many other dark things. Whenever Psykers near him they become increasingly disturbed, up to the point of total insanity. What no one knows is that the dark figure was merely a Warp entity that existed before the corruption of the Warp. It had survived by constantly moving from psyker to psyker avoid as much Warp corruption as possible in order to maintain its own consciousness. It gave him a shard of pure un-corrupted Warp, the last of the untainted Warp. The creature seeks to use Skult's own ambitions to advance Skult through to the highest possible seat of power. There, the creature plans on using Skult to wage a grand war against the forces of chaos in meager hopes of purifying the Warp (of course this won't happen). Skult has already been led by the creatures influence to a warring world between Guardsmen and Orcs, discovering a Dark Age (Eldar-Tech) Portal device that allows him to flow from one side of the universe to another within a moment. He used this device (and the special aid of the Warp creature) to retrieve a special tome from the Black Library that has given him sight into his previous major investigation: The disappearence of the Ordos Chronos. He remains secret about what he has learned. To be honest, I get the feeling this is probably breaking atleast a couple hundred rules and events that have already taken place within the universe but it seems like the only way to get some genuine respect out of my PC's (some even fear him). That and I am a total writer at times. So I ask for your thoughts, have I really gone too far? *.*
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