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  1. The local Vancouver Island gamers have been waiting for that for many many years for pretty much all FFG games......still waiting on the expansion of the company. Over the years things seem to be getting worse, things delayed all the time, release dates horribly off, a general lack of availability of product. Smart and passionate employees can only do so much if things aren't being organized in a more efficient and larger manner. FFG just needs to expand, which costs money, time, and is risky, but if they don't soon they are going to start losing some long time supporters who are getting frustrated by it.
  2. Plus, with a dedicated Tactics/Eagles Ranged/Sentinel deck abusing Horn of Gondor, Landroval becomes a very helpful ally bringing those dead heroes back, loosing one or two early on happens, but it's not so bad because mid game you can bring them back with Landroval and that Spirit Event.
  3. My group always plays 4 player LotR. Osgiliath was tough. We built 4 dedicate decks, mono sphere (except for Aragorn's Leadership deck splashing some Spirit to help deal with Shadow and When Revealed effects, and tackling Threat). It took awhile before we understood how the treachery deck needs to be dealt with. The best way to survive first turn is to load your deck with 1 or 2 cost characters. Each player Optionally engages one of the Warg units, sacrifice the cheap guy to the Warg (Warg goes back into the deck to be dealt with later), The Spirit player generally has the lowest Starting threat and must deal with the Snaga scouts, since you can build Tactics with heavy range support /sentinel pegging them off is not hard (plus there is an Event that can take them all out in one play if needed). The deck is very tough, but doable, it really relies on having a good opening hand. The first turn Threat hit is always nasty but you can recover. Deck cycling is important. With all of the Lore/Spirit cards that hurl progress tokens onto locations in the staging area, and with a Lore card that reduces the number of cards revealed from the Treachery deck by one things are manageable, you just need an extremely tuned deck. Tactics/Eagles works very well in it when you get a Horn of Gondor first turn, so many characters bite the dust you can gain alot of Resources off of it, plus most of the Eagles really want to enter then leave play for good effect at moping up the Staging Area. Team play is just so important against this deck, but beating it shouldn't be impossible if you time things right and have good deck construction skills. We plan to play this monster Quest again with the cards from the Dwarrowdelf Cycle and Moria as they weren't out when we last played it.
  4. I'm ordering some of these for Elder Signs/Infiltration; http://www.ultrapro.com/product_info.php/cPath/64_68/products_id/347 A little bit of protection can go a long way, especially with the questionable table cleaning skills some gaming buddies/stores have Plus they are clear on the back so I can still see the nice artwork, which is a big thing for me.
  5. It's also not set in the Grimm Fairy Tales setting. Fantasy stories in media are on the rebound as of late, Once Upon A Time is on television as well. However thats not to say you couldn't run a cop procedural using the Grimm system, you'd need to overhaul character creation but that would be about it.
  6. On a side note as well we've been tossing around the idea of using 15 card side boards to let us "customize" decks between quests. The card pool isn't huge enough to really call for it, but there are definately some quests that seem to require a tiny bit of meta to get through effectively (Emyn Muil, Lore is just handy, so is Spirit).
  7. I play with a small group, we play 2 players, 3 players, and 4 players games fairly often. After spending some time running dual sphere decks we've all moved towards single sphere decks (aside from our Aragorn deck splashing a tiny amount of threat reduction, shadow/when revealed cancel events). We've found that single sphere decks work extremely efficiently in 3 and 4 player games as it narrows our focus down and lets us play off of team synergy. Several of the quests went poorly over repeated plays with multisphere decks mainly due to the lack of resource outside of Leadership (though atleast they can transfer resources now because of CP 4). But we've gone through each quest with 3 or 4 players using mono sphere decks (50 cards each) and have had no realy trouble. The only one that is tough is Massing at Osgiliath (which is just tough). We think we may start multi sphere decks again soon though, especially with Boromir and Dain, and the upcoming Khazad Dum expansions. Fingers crossed for a bit more resource gain outside of Stewards of Gondor and Horn of Gondor.
  8. Heya all, first post for me. I was able to pick up a whole swack of Mutant Chronicles really cheaply from a local store. I think I have most of the set but can't find a product list of Mutant Chronicles anywhere. Can anyone point out if I'm missing anything ? I'm a bit of a completionist and want to track down what I'm missing so my friends and I can start playing with a nice spread for all factions. So if anyone knows what I'm missing any information would be very helpful. This is what I have : Mutant Chronicles Starter Set Warmasters Legion Nepharite Overlords The Dark Wager x2 Necrotech Gommorian Hammer Striker Division Advanced Recon 13th Banshee Division x2 Vulkans Fist Venusian Command x2 Order of the Bear Furys Wrath The Book of Law The Second Directorate Divine Retribution (single figure pack)
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