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  1. Feedback: I think ID's are an oxymoron to the rules as listed in player conduct. When you spell out in the player conduct rules, players cannot collude to manipulate points, then discussing points and standing to arrive at an ID is the same as collusion. Do we really need to have ID's? This same issue resides in MTG and while it has been widely accepted by Judges as being a legitimate action, it is still the same thing. You are not playing to win. Professional Basketball, Football, Baseball, hell even eSports do not have ID options to determine who wins a championship. So why have this? The idea of playing a game of skill is to do just that, play the **** game. Win or lose and whether or not the math says you are in the cut or not.
  2. If I have 3 characters in my deck and one in play that gets killed, are the rest in my deck unplayable? Thanks!
  3. I am looking to spend some time doing live action demonstrations of LOTR and COC LCG's. Anyone have any suggestions on the best way to do a 15-20 minute demonstration that gives the basics? --JD
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